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4 Weird Questions People Ask About Your Beard

4 Weird Questions People Ask About Your Beard

Beards make for one of the best conversation-starters around. With beards appearing in so many different styles, such diverse textures, and even distinct colors, it's little wonder people are eager to interrogate their wearer. Most of these questions are totally straightforward and harmless. For example:

“How long did it take to grow your beard?”

“Is it annoying to grow a beard?”

“What made you decide to grow a beard like this?”

But you won’t always field such run-of-the-mill questions. Every once in a while, a truly bizarre question will hit you out of nowhere and leave you wondering what the person you’re talking to could possibly be thinking... or if they’ve ever heard the word “boundaries.”

Here are a few of the strange, out-there beard queries you’ll encounter once you decide to let your whiskers grow out—and how best to respond!

Bearded man with hammer resting on shoulder

“Do you really like it?”

You’ll actually hear this question quite often. While we at The Beard Club are obviously big on beards, not everyone is a fan. Sometimes, you'll find someone who can't fathom the idea of another person preferring facial hair. They're put off by beards—maybe even repulsed!—and the site of someone sporting one boggles their mind.

But it's kind of a bizarre question to ask, right? When you see someone with a beard, shouldn’t it be obvious they've put some time into growing it? Would a person really go to the trouble of completely transforming their look if they didn’t like it? Would someone power through the itchy early stages of beard growth with a daily Beard Cream application if they weren’t enthusiastic about changing their style? Outside of, say, an acting gig, it’s not like there are many jobs that require someone to grow a beard! It’s pretty safe to say a man with a beard digs the way he looks.

What should you say?: “I love it! Don’t you?”

Man with disheveled hair and beard

“Do you shampoo it?”

Can you imagine asking someone a question this rude? Everyone with hair on their head goes to the trouble of keeping it clean. Whether in the morning or at night, we all hop in the shower, wash it down with shampoo and water, and then go about our day or call it an evening. Why on earth would this routine be any different for someone just because they wear a beard?

Beards may sit a little lower on our heads, but they're still made of hair. And they’re right there on our faces—right below our noses, where we’ll definitely notice if they become untidy! A beard needs to be washed and properly cared for. Regular shampooing is essential to keep a beard in tip-top shape. If you're still out there trying to find the perfect cleaning solution, our beard shampoo will do the trick.

What should you say?: “Of course! It takes a little daily TLC to look this good, my friend.”

bearded man in bowtie touching his mustache

“Can I touch it?”

We're not quite sure what this is all about, but some people feel an undeniable desire to stroke others’ beards. Is it because they can’t grow one themselves? Are they simply curious? Are big beards simply that hypnotic? Whatever the reason, anyone whose beard has reached moderate length will undoubtedly have experienced this question at some point.

Is it bad etiquette to ask to touch someone's beard? Well... while there's no hard-and-fast rule about it, it's definitely a question that encroaches on your personal space. Ultimately, the answer comes down to what you as a beard-wearer are comfortable with. Some guys don’t mind in the least, while others find it deeply invasive. If you come down on the latter side, it’s OK to politely refuse! This question involves crossing certain social boundaries, so don’t feel bad if you’re not ready to give the go-ahead. It’s your face, after all.

What should you say?: “Yes! Isn’t it glorious?” —or— “Sorry, I’m not really comfortable with that. But isn’t it glorious?”

Bearded man with looking inquisitively

“Have you always had a beard?”

Of all the puzzling beard questions to come our way, this one might be the biggest head-scratcher of them all. It doesn’t take too long for most people to grow out their whiskers! You probably won’t need to put in a lot of time to get a neatly trimmed beard or mustache, as a couple weeks' worth of growth should get you there (especially if you work our Beard Growth Vitamins into your daily routine!).

But some people don’t seem to grasp the impermanence of a beard. They way they talk, it almost seems like they think you're locked into a beard forever once you grow it. No, random stranger, our beards weren't always there, and they may not always be. They can be shaven at any time, grown into different styles, or taken off completely!

What should you say?: “Of course! Want to see my baby photos?”

What sort of weird beard questions have you been hit with? Reach out via our social media platforms and let us know!