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7 Struggles of Growing a Beard

7 Struggles of Growing a Beard

Growing a full-fledged beard isn’t going to happen overnight. There’s a few things you should absolutely know before you embark on your journey towards growing a beard. There are going to be some beard struggles along the way you need to look out for. Any issue you’ve faced, we can guarantee that another bearded brother has fought that same battle. Not only have we struggled with the same bearded woes, we’ve also made it our business to alleviate any issue you might face.   These issues hit us whether we’re growing a beard for the first time or we’re letting that designer stubble take root and blossom into a massive mane. Your quest to achieve the best version of yourself will garner its own unique set of challenges, give you a new perspective on life and show you how to live a different way. All of this just from growing that mighty beard! Here are the seven bearded struggles we’re going to help you face together.

An Itchy Beard

Beard itch can affect any type of beard, from the one month newbie to the yeard. While you grow and nurture your facial hair, there are going to be phases where it itches. The first month is the most trying, as your face isn’t used to those hairs finally being allowed to breathe in the fresh air. Your skin produces sebum and when you have a beard, it’ll need to produce more of that. If you aren’t producing enough, then you start to get an itchy beard. That’s where things like oil and cream come in to help get rid of that itch.  

Dry Skin & Beard Dandruff

An unholy brother to the beard itch is the dandruff and dry skin. Some of us are more prone to dry skin than others. Big burly and curly beards have to make sure that they’re getting the proper nutrients and daily care. With some added moisture from your favorite beard oils or balms, you’ll be able to stop this before it even becomes a problem.

You Need to Adjust Your Routine  

There’s no getting around this when you’re entering into a new program of self-care. Disciplined beard care routines are the way towards progress and bettering yourself. We don’t think twice about brushing our teeth, taking a shower and staying groomed and smelling good. Now some guys might think they can get away with the same laissez faire grooming routine with the same haircut they’ve had since elementary school. It’s going to catch up with them eventually. Taking a couple minutes out of your day might seem like a struggle at first, but you’ll learn to eventually love it.   

Beard Patchiness & Awkward Growth Stages

Not everyone is blessed with a connected beard that blooms like it’s nobody’s business. Sometimes we have to contend with some gnarly patches and just outright strange growth patterns. There’s still a whole lot we don’t know about beard growth. We know it’s based heavily on genetics and our reaction testosterone. But there have been scientifically proven studies regarding a number of essential oils and biotin supplementation that assist in growing healthier and fuller facial hair. Take a look at our growth products that are jam packed with all of these vitamins and oils. You can augment your genetic bearded output by healthy eating and using the correct product.

Learning how to eat again

Eating with a beard can sometimes prove to be a struggle. If you get a little excess drink spilled on your shaved face, you can just wipe it off. On the other hand, if you let that seep into your beard too long – it’s going to be trouble. By making sure your mustache is trimmed or trained to not drip over your lip, you can get rid of eating mustache sandwiches for lunch. Eventually it’ll become second nature to you while you’re pounding down a few drinks or chowing down on some barbecue.   

A whole new perspective in social settings

While some guys might not find this as a struggle, it is a definite change to take note of. Beards change how we look, that’s just a given. Don’t be surprised if your beard becomes the centerpiece or introductory point of the conversation from now on. You earned it and it’s something to be proud of. Embrace this new status and know that it has now become part of your being.

Learning how to style your beard

After a couple of months of beard growth, you’re going to have to figure out what type of style you want. You can decide to keep growing it out and just combing it, or trim it for a variety of styles like goatee, handlebar mustache or pointed beard. No matter what your style is, you need to use some balms and waxes to keep it in place against the fierce elements. So be prepared to battle the beard bedhead too while you’re at it.