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Beard, Hair, and Skin Care: Essential Advice For a Healthy Life and Look

Beard, Hair, and Skin Care: Essential Advice For a Healthy Life and Look

At the Beard Club, we’re all about great beards—but we also believe it’s important to foster a healthy lifestyle for the mind, body, and soul. Just as you care for your friends and family, you also need to take the time to focus on your own health and well-being. 

We'll leave the mind and soul aspects to the professionals, but we certainly do know a thing or two about the body… including, of course, beard care. From a beautiful beard to healthy skin, here are some essential suggestions for keeping your whole self in top condition.

Man leaning forward to the hands washing his beard

Take Care of Your Face...

If you're looking to cultivate an impressive set of whiskers, you'll need to take a two-pronged approach. Obviously, it's crucial to care for the beard itself. There's a lot of work to be done when you’re maintaining a full beard, but you also want to create an environment where your stubble will be primed for optimal growth. What we’re saying is that it's essential to pay attention to the skin beneath your beard. Without a good base to grow from, your facial hair will flounder rather than flourish.

The first step to great skin is keeping your face hydrated. This means drinking lots of water, of course, but it’s also essential to keep your skin nourished with vitamins and oils. Hydration couldn't be any simpler when you give our Beard Cream a shot. Slapping on a little of this sweet-smelling salve each day replenishes your skin with critical nutrients like Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil. Beard Club Cream is going to make your face smell great and keep your beard looking shiny and new, and that’s reason enough to use it. But our Beard Cream also works behind the scenes to fortify the skin beneath your beard. 

Man with beard in shower washing his hair

...And the Rest of You, Too

Don't stop with just skin treatments, though! The rest of your body needs just as much TLC as your face. Our Body Wash will give every inch of your skin the deluxe treatment it deserves, thanks to its 100% pure natural ingredients. Throw in a bottle of our Beard Shampoo while you're at it and you've got the tools for the ultimate skin and hair care regimen, covering you from head to toe.

Shampoo. Body wash. Beard cream. If it all seems pretty simple, that's because it is! We supply the tools so you can get the job done. These three items combined will lay the foundation for healthy skin, a sanitary body, and the best beard you've ever worn. Now, the question is: How do you keep this new “Beard 2.0” in perfect condition? Don't worry, because we have even more tools to help you out.

Man checking his beard on the mirror

The Fortifying Touch

Again, keeping a beard at its maximum power level is a two-step process. Caring for the beard itself is just as crucial as attending to the skin beneath it. And when you're looking for the basics of a long-term, deep-down routine, there's no better option than our Beard Growth Oil. Daily application of our Growth Oil will give your beard and skin a dose of all the good things they need in order to thrive. Beard Club Growth Oil helps smooth out the feel of your beard while empowering your skin to more effectively retain the moisture it needs to look and feel vital. As long as you stick with your oil routine, your face will be able to bounce back from exposure to harsh environments, and your beard will be softer than ever.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of using our Beard Oil, consider incorporating some of our Beard Growth Vitamin Spray to your routine as a way to really kick things up a notch. A few spritzes of our spray can give your facial hair a quick burst of much-needed vitamins while strengthening the follicles at the base of each hair. A strong beard is a happy beard, and it doesn't hurt that our Growth Vitamin Spray will leave you smelling great thanks to its all-natural ingredients like peppermint and lavender.

Finally, if you truly want to build a beast of a beard, consider giving our Beard Growth Vitamins a try. You may already take vitamins for all sorts of health benefits, so why not do the same for your beard? Beard Club Growth Vitamins work to better the overall health of your skin and hair, and they do so with all-natural botanical extracts. After all the work you’ve done to put together a killer beard and skin regimen, our Growth Vitamins are the perfect addition to that routine to help lock in a truly killer look.

Who knew caring for your beard could be so easy? With our tips and products, you can apply self-care to your beard until it turns it into the absolute finest version of itself. Feed your skin and beard, and come out on top of the world. You'll look great, feel even better, and find yourself ready to take on any challenge ahead of you. When you put your best face forward, nothing can stand in your way!