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Eating Healthy for a Better Beard

Eating Healthy for a Better Beard

Nutrient deficiencies are a big factor in how healthy your hair and skin appears. It goes without saying that what you eat is going to affect how you look and feel. No surprise that diet and quality of beard growth are closely related. Eating healthier comes with a whole host of benefits to both your body and your beard. Cooking and eating something healthy for yourself isn’t that hard to do – especially considering we all have to eat! Let’s shift ourselves away from restaurant hopping and ordering take-out for just a minute and look at how we can start eating healthier for the mane.

Tenants of a healthy diet  

Maturing into a man means that you’re going to have to learn how to cook and eat right for yourself. Daily dependence on others is no longer an option. Cooking and creating a healthier diet will make you more independent and start affecting your body in a number of ways. Time to take it from the top. Breakfast.   Get breakfast done right. Eggs are the first thing that come to mind in the morning, and they very well should be. Eggs have a load of biotin in them which is a godsend for hair growth. It turns brittle bristles into burgeoning boulders. Pair those eggs with a healthy serving of lean chicken, steak or salmon and you’re off to a great day.
salmon with salad on plate
Ditch the coffee, hop on some matcha. Then make sure you’re drinking water - the lifeforce of your body. Straight water will do. Stay away from sugary drinks and pour yourself a couple of glasses of water throughout the day. Sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty. Staying hydrated will make you feel like your firing on all cylinders. Focus on vegetables and fruits. Countless amounts of studies have shown that the more you eat your greens, the less you'll have to worry about many chronic preventable diseases. Avoid processed meats and cut back on added sugars. By cutting these foods out you'll lower high blood pressure (hypertension), risk of heart attack, and certain types of cancer. Longevity is just a couple good meals away.

Benefits you’ll start seeing

bearded man cooking spaghetti

When you cook for yourself and you know it’s healthy, you are now in control. There’s no limit to what you’ll be able to do. But let’s talk about the beard. Promoting beard growth can be as easy as shifting your dietary focus toward fresh foods that have components in them that will get your facial hair follicles moving in the right direction. A lack of folic acid can do a lot of terrible things to your body, including limiting its ability to properly grow hair on both your head and your face. Fortunately there is a plethora of foods that are rich in the substance, so if you feel like perhaps a folic acid imbalance is the cause to your lack of beard growth you can turn to these nutritious staples. Asparagus is a vegetable that is not only dense in nutrients, but packed with folic acid as well. Just one cup of boiled asparagus contains approximately 65% of your recommended daily folic acid intake. Asparagus is packed with folic acid. This goes great with a roaring grilled steak.

grilled steak on fire

A lot of fruits also contain folic acid as well, but fruits of the citrus variety will give you the most folic acid for your buck. One orange contains more than 10% of your recommended daily folic acid intake, and a glass of orange juice is likely to contain even more. Another nutrient to look for in your food that will help promote the healthy growth of your beard is the B complex vitamin biotin. The name biotin comes from the Greek word meaning “life” and is critical to naturally converting the foods you eat into the energy your body needs to do things like grow hair. Eating raw, or at least less-processed, nuts like almonds and peanuts can give your body a healthy supply of biotin. In addition to nuts, biotin can also be found in whole grains, cereals, and even bananas. Almonds and peanuts contain biotin. Ensuring your body is getting enough of these two nutrients from the foods you choose to eat and drink is just one way you can encourage natural growth in your beard.