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Get Your Beard Ready For Summer

Get Your Beard Ready For Summer

Everywhere you look, you see the signs. Neighbors are scrubbing their grills. Kids are bouncing off the walls. The air is getting hot and heavy. Before you know it, you'll be smack-dab in the middle of summer.

It's time to get yourself ready for the warmer weather—and that includes a bit of beard prep, too! Here's some tips on how to keep your beard looking its best for the dog days ahead.

bottle of shampoo

Summer Scrubbin'

Combine summer’s blistering heat with intense humidity and you've got a recipe for your own personal facial-hair hell. While you waste away shvitzing, your beard will be soaking up all your sweat, grease, and grime. It doesn't make for a good look by the end of the day. Thankfully, there's a super simple solution to keeping your beard in tip-top shape regardless of the weather.

Make sure you stay on top of the situation by giving your beard a good scrubdown in the shower. Our Beard Shampoo is the perfect way to get your whiskers back on track. Beard Shampoo is made with dozens of natural oils like coconut, castor, and jojoba oil, and it serves double-duty as regular shampoo. But since it's formulated specifically with your beard in mind, it'll have your face feeling moisturized and refreshed in no time flat—all while getting your beard itself squeaky-clean.

Why not go the extra step and give our Body Wash a try while you're at it? It's a wonderful complement to our Beard Wash, and it's 100% natural.

beard oil and brush

Oil me up

Millions of people look forward to summer as a chance to get a natural suntan. They slather themselves in tanning oil from head to toe, then sit outside to bake in the sun. While suntan oil is a sure-fire way to get the "George Hamilton" look, you need to be sure to snag a little Beard Oil for your face fuzz as well.

Spending time soaking up the rays can result in a dry, crunchy mess of a beard. Using our Original Beard Oil after you shower every day is a great way to keep your facial hair nourished and fight the effects of summer sunshine. Our Beard Oil can help repair damaged hair, as well as stave off itchiness from the sun's onslaught. It's just as important to hydrate your beard in the summer as it is the rest of your body!

Beard products on sea rocks

Primpin' Ain't Easy

Summertime and hair can be a dreadful combo. Women and men spend their time perfecting their look only to have their ’do fall flat from the damp, oppressive heat the instant they walk out the door. For those of us who sport beards, humidity poses a double challenge. Like it or not, your beard is going to need a bit more attention in the summer months.

Once or twice a day, take a minute to give yourself a beard check. Run your fingers through your beard to liven things up, and then give everything a quick combthrough to get it in order. Finally, hit your beard with some of our Beard Spray to take things to the next level. Beard Club Beard Spray will not only give your beard a fresh, clean scent, it'll also provide a quick bit of nourishment to keep things going (and growing) strong.

Beard products by the riverbank

Summer of Shaving Time

If you rock a big, bushy beard all year long, we salute you! You're stronger than most, and your bravery is admired! For others, having a sizable beard 365 days a year can be a trying experience. Summertime is especially challenging, when you're sweltering away under all that shag and swagger. So if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen… and into the barber's shop.

There's no shame in giving your beard a slight trim for the summer months. You'll be surprised at how much of a difference clipping off just a few centimeters can make. A lighter beard on the face makes your whiskers far more breathable, which goes a long way toward keeping things cooler at the very least. Keeping your beard sharp will also work wonders for the skin beneath it. Really, what's the harm in a few months with your beard dialed down to a 9? That just means you can kick things back up to 11 for the Fall!

What's your summer beard style? Got any tips or tricks for keeping cool? Hit us up in the comments below, or share the good word on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts!