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How to Keep Your Beard Styling On a Night Out

How to Keep Your Beard Styling On a Night Out

Everyday we have to groom and fix up our beards. It can fade into the background of everyday life and become as commonplace as brushing your teeth or combing your hair. But there seems to be special attention paid to grooming for the night out. You’re wearing your best clothes, heading to your favorite places in the city or around town and meeting up with the crew. You want your best beard style to last throughout the night.   
Style at Home
Let’s say it’s the weekend and you’re either coming home from work or waking up and preparing for the big night. Your beard is going to need some before heading out. It’s always recommended to start fresh. So go ahead and take a shower. There’s a few things you’ll want to avoid to keep your beard smelling right.
  • Don’t eat anything with garlic, onions or something that will leave a powerful stench.
  • Careful to wipe up any liquids that spill in your beard. Something like milk could leave a sour smell later on.
  • Watch out for where your tooth paste lands! You’ll have to set the reset button on your beard styling and thoroughly wash it again.
  • Avoid any syrups that might stick to your beard as well.

Basically, you’ll want to make sure that none of these food or other substances have a lingering odor in your beard. The only thing you want to smell is your beard oil.

Last Minute Go-Time
Guys don’t usually take that long to get ready. This works in your favor. Your beard is going to be up against the nightlife elements – and that can take quite the toll on your carefully groomed style. You should apply your balms and styling gels last, right after you jumped out of the shower or washed your face. These steps will work best and keep your beard holding its style all night.
  1. Wash your beard in the sink or shower.
  2. Pat down and towel dry.
  3. Shape and style with balms, creams or waxes.
  4. Get ready to roll for the night out.
  5. Splash on one last round of beard oil before heading out.
While you’re out and about is when the real damage to your style can come in. Don’t be opposed to bringing your beard comb with you. Keep it in one of your pockets. Between drinks and revelry and going to the bathroom – use that mirror time and comb out any destruction your beard might have suffered. If you have a napkin handy, wipe that craft beer flowing from into your roots. By the end of the night if you’re able to walk out with that beard glistening and still styling – you’ve succeeded.