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Isolation Beard Care: Essential Tips You Need To Know

Isolation Beard Care: Essential Tips You Need To Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the entire world on its head, effectively placing society into a holding pattern until the virus subsides. For the majority of us, that means hunkering down in our homes. This mandated isolation may tempt you into taking less care of your beard, but buddy that would be a huge mistake.

Sure, the people you love to hang out with won’t be seeing it in person for a while, but maintaining the beard you’ve put so much care into is essential not only for the beard but for you too. Getting into a rut and letting self-care habits lapse is not good for your health - both physically and mentally - so we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Hygiene and Hydration

OK, so maybe you’re not showering as much as you used to. That’s understandable after all none of us are hanging out much these days, just make sure you’re not getting to dangerous levels of poor hygiene.

Where beards are concerned, though, hydration really matters - and not in the way you might think. Weird as it sounds, hot water and ordinary shampoo can actually dry your beard out by washing away the natural oils that keep it healthy. So while cleanliness is still important, don’t just wash and go.

Man facing a mirror washing his beard

After a shower and a beard wash, a good beard oil or beard balm rubbed into the chin and beard hairs will help maintain its texture. Using this routine once a day will go a long way in maintaining your chin’s peak look. You may not be showering right now, but don’t let the habit lapse and always make those moments of beard nutrition part of the ritual - clean body, clean beard, healthy mind.

Keep On Brushin’

How many times a day did you comb and brush your beard before all this started? Once or twice? Good, keep doing that. One of the most important things you can do to maintain your sanity right now is to keep to a normal routine as much as possible, and there’s no reason why you can’t run your beard comb or brush through your whiskers daily. Keeping that chin hair straight and groomed is pivotal in keeping it up to snuff, especially if you’re taking this time to grow your beard out, but will also help you feel better about yourself in general.

If you are growing it out, remember that the longer your beard gets, the more important it is to keep it well-groomed otherwise you risk ending up with a tangled knotted mess rather than a lustrous mane you can be proud of. Just be sure to use a comb or brush designed for facial hair - dragging any old hairbrush across your chin will only risk tangling or even damaging the hairs in your beard and the skin underneath.

Man combing his beard

Unlike the moisturizing process, brushing or combing is something you can do anywhere in the house at any time, so keep your Beard Club brush and comb with you next time you get into a Netflix binge session and use it while you’re sitting on the couch being shocked by Tiger King. Maybe do it while watching the late night talk shows in their strange new filmed-at-home format, or even while waiting for your next Call of Duty: Warzone match to begin. There are ample opportunities to keep that beard brushed, so take them!

Trim When Needed

No matter how much you keep up your beard routine, at some point as it grows things are going to get unruly, and while you may not be having face to face meetings right now, this is the sort of detail that will stand out during work team meetings on Zoom or family FaceTime sessions. You wouldn’t let it get out of hand under normal circumstances, so don’t change that now.

Stray hairs, patchiness, uneven growth - you name it, no beard ever grows perfectly without guidance, that's why we have everything you need featured in our beard growth kit. Just like with brushing and combing, having a pair of beard scissors in close proximity will help you even out those dead spots and freshen up your beard whenever you need it. From a psychological point of view, this is the sort of attention-demanding task that can help you maintain equilibrium in these uncertain times.

Think of the Japanese bonsai tree. The pruning and care of these tiny trees is considered an important method of meditative relaxation and, weird as it sounds, looking after your beard isn’t all that different! So don’t be afraid to lean into that, lose yourself in the details and take as long as you need. It’s good for your emotional state as well as your beard!

If your beard is ready for more grooming than your scissors can handle, it's probably time to invest in a powerful and versatile beard trimmer. We just so happen to know where you can get one. Our PT45 Precision Beard Trimmer will deliver a crisp clean and even result across your chin line, letting you start over from scruffy scratch for a change in style. And, since you’ll also probably need a haircut before this is all over, it’s worth noting that with 45 unique cutting lengths, the PT45 works just as well for the hair on top of your head as the hair on the front.

Always Have A Style In Mind

Grooming and maintaining your beard is all well and good, but you should always be working toward a specific style. It’s not enough to simply put some oil in your beard and run a brush through it, you have to know what your end goal look is going to be.

Man with royale beard touching his hair

Hapless grooming without a goal in mind is still better than not grooming at all, but without an end goal look, you may be prone to leniency on your beard. “I don’t know what I’m going for,” you may think to yourself, “and nobody is going to see it, so why even take the time?”

By putting thought and effort into your beard maintenance, you’re setting a precedent for the rest of your hygiene that will make self-care easier and more achievable. It’s a good habit, so let your beard lead the way. As long as you picture the ideal beard for you in your mind, we bet you’ll have a lot of success reaching it even in isolation. 

Keep Your Routine

Look, we get it. Being forced to stay inside, whether alone or with family, can take a serious toll on a person. The temptation to neglect things is very real, but keeping with as much of the old routine as possible will make this strange time go faster, and before you know it you’re back in the world again looking your best. Follow these tips, keep that beard fresh, and that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about. 

It’s easy to feel like you’ve got no control over things right now, but when it comes to your beard we’ve got you covered.