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Rating the Beards of Baseball

Rating the Beards of Baseball

We’re now a few weeks into the 2019 baseball season, and every strikeout, pop fly, and home run brings fans around the country to their feet. The men that take the field are all shapes and sizes—and so is their facial hair. We’ve scoured Major League Baseball for the best beards we could find, and the list below is the cream of the bearded crop.

bearded Bryce Harper

Photo Credit: Kim Klement, USA Today Sports

Bryce Harper (Philadelphia Phillies)

The toast of the City of Brotherly Love, Harper has reinvigorated the Phillies with his potent bat and indomitable swagger. That attitude is certainly helped by his full-faced beard, a neatly trimmed piece of excellence from moustache to chin.

bearded Craig Kimrel in baseball

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Craig Kimbrel (Atlanta Braves)

The closing pitcher has one job: Strike fear in his opponents, finish the game, and bring his team the victory. When you have the type of grizzled chin that Craig Kimbrel sports, with a massive red beard jutting from his face toward the ground, intimidation comes easy.

Bearded Matt Kemp in baseball uniform

Photo Credit: Sam Greene, Cincinnati Enquirer

Matt Kemp (Cincinnati Reds)

Kemp has played for a long time for a lot of teams, but one thing has remained constant throughout his 13-year career: His full and thick beard is always on-point. We wonder what his secret is. Could it be our Beard Comb that helps him keep that well-shaped piece of artwork properly groomed?

Nathan Eovaldi with beard

Photo Credit: Kim Klement, USA Today Sports

Nathan Eovaldi (Boston Red Sox)

This Red Sox starting pitcher boasts the quintessential beard of baseball: A short boxed beard that extends all the way up the chin line. A beard like that needs proper care, which is nothing a bit of our Beard Oils can’t handle.

Nelson Cruz with beard in baseball uniform

Photo Credit: David Berding, USA TODAY Sports

Nelson Cruz (Minnesota Twins)

Cruz’s dominant right field play and clutch hitting make him a delight for Twins fans to watch on the diamond. His thick chinstrap mane makes him a delight for us to see out in the field. It’s a beard worthy of envy for the top Twin in Minnesota.

Bearded Ben Zobrist in baseball uniform

Photo Credit: Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Ben Zobrist (Chicago Cubs)

Ben Zobrist sports the kind of full-faced beard we’d expect to see worn on a Game of Thrones Wildling, but instead of steel swords Zobrist brandishes a wooden bat. Perhaps a quick once-over with our Beard Spray could tame that mane...

bearded Rougned Odor in uniform

Photo Credit: Jae C. Hong, AP

Rougned Odor (Texas Rangers)

Rougned Odor once made headlines for throwing down with Jose Bautista, but honestly we don’t know who’d be crazy enough to fight a guy with a tough-looking beard like Odor’s. Punching him in the chin seems like it would be like taking your life into your own hands!

Dexter Fowler with beard in baseball uniform

Photo Credit: Scott Kane, AP

Dexter Fowler (St. Louis Cardinals)

Another 10-year plus veteran of the MLB, Fowler made a name for himself as the leadoff hitter for the 2016 World Champion Chicago Cubs, although now he applies his trade in St. Louis. Wherever he goes, his fresh moustache/full-beard combo always has him looking clean and ready to play.

bearded Adam Eaton in baseball uniform

Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell, USA TODAY Sports

Adam Eaton (Washington Nationals)

Few are the beards that make us genuinely jealous, but the mane Adam Eaton currently sports is one we want to sing to the heavens over. Some Sandalwood Oil from our collection might make it the best beard in baseball, full stop.

bearded Pablo Sandoval pitching a ball

Photo Credit: NBC Sports Bay Area

Pablo Sandoval (San Francisco Giants)

The power-hitter the Bay Area lovingly calls Panda continues to wow crowds with his pop-filled bat, and the dense stubble beard he brings to the plate is so well-kept we can bear-ly stand it. A dab of our Beard Cream could get it to shine even more the next time he hits one into McCovey Cove.