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The Beard Club Sponsors Scythe Esports Team

The Beard Club Sponsors Scythe Esports Team

The Beard Club is proud to announce its sponsorship of Scythe Esports, an up and coming team that is rising through the ranks in games such as Starcraft II, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Brawlhalla. Beard esports have arrived. In keeping with the spirit of bearded excellence, we at the Beard Club caught up with Team founder and manager, Anthony Williamson, better known around the gaming scene as “Toast.” With a rich history in the early roots of the esports competitive sphere, Anthony has taken this love and knowledge of gaming to the next level. The Scythe Team boasts an ever growing roster of professional players. With new additions like renowned player, Joo “Zest” Sung Wook to the team, Scythe is set to make its mark in Starcraft II professional scene and beyond.  

The Rise of Scythe

For a team that’s only been around for 8 months, it has some serious experience backing behind it. Anthony has run an interview and talk show channel for Starcraft II related news for well over three years and has also been recognized by Blizzard Entertainment. From a passion to a profession, the love of competition between friends and local gamers has ballooned into the digital megasport we now call esports. With thousands of games and millions of prospective and realized professionals, Anthony “Toast” is carving out his place in the scene. Millions of spectators now gather around the communal viewing screen and watch as gamers battle it out for cash prizes, fame and prestige. Anthony believes that:
“esports are now on par with being as popular as traditional sports.”
There is no doubt that this phenomenon is here to stay. With coaches, superstars, agents and the lively atmosphere of a spectator sport – the industry is only going to continue to grow. Anthony takes the approach of being more of a life mentor than just a straight strategic gaming coach. His philosophy is that if he can provide his players with a proper mindset and positive environment then the rest will take care of itself. He likens himself to being more of the “over-prepared dad” who will make sure that his team plays at the best of their ability and can focus on what matters – the game. With competitions around the country and world, the wild west of competitive gaming needs supportive teams and mentors to see them through.      His first and foremost advice to young players is this:
“Find a game that you love and the rest will follow. Once you have this, it’s all about keeping up on the grind and practicing with a purpose. Master the game mechanics, look deeper into strategy, analytics and novel ways of playing.”

The life of a competitive gamer is filled with tournaments, streaming, communicating with your fanbase most importantly being able to do what you love. Anthony is all about work-gaming-life balance and ensuring his players don’t get enveloped by a constant demand to be playing 24/7. He excels at dealing out advice for everyday life, acting as an agent and manager to secure his players deals, tournament spots and sponsorships.   

Supportive Brotherhood

Scythe’s camaraderie and vision resonated with us over at the Beard Club. We throw our full support behind a team that is going to continue to achieve great things. Their position will continue to grow in the gaming field and we hope their beards do too! Catch Scythe at Dreamhack in Montreal on September 7th to the 9th as they compete in SC2, Brawlhalla, and Hearthstone tournaments. Make sure to follow the latest updates for the team on their twitter @ScytheEsports_ Read more about the Beard Club’s vision and how the company is helping bearded men all over the world grow into better versions of themselves so they can lead more happy and fulfilled lives.