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The Best Celebrity Quarantine Beard Transformations

The Best Celebrity Quarantine Beard Transformations

Since mid-March, COVID-19 has kept us mainly inside the house adjusting to the new normal. Beards are sprouting up everywhere, from your friends, family, and co-workers to the celebs you follow on Instagram. We're definitely liking what we're seeing. 

Here are some of the transformations we've been most impressed with over the past few months:

Steve Kerr

Man in polo shirt with white beard

Kerr has been having a moment recently. Known now as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, Kerr’s playing days have been in the spotlight in the last few episodes of the Michael Jordan documentary, “The Last Dance.” As seen on the court, he’s normally clean-shaven, but at home, Kerr is letting his hair run wild. Here’s a screen capture of Kerr on an Instagram live chat. If he keeps it going, he’ll slowly morph into the 76ers head coach Brett Brown. 

Pauly D

Pauley D’s new-found beard has shed new light on the Jersey Shore celebrity. We got to say, we approve of the new look. 


Snoop Dogg

Snoop has been rockin’ facial hair since he was sippin’ on Gin & Juice, but lately, his thin goatee has been having a lot more salt than pepa. 

Snoop Dogg in white shirt
Source: Instagram

Jim Carrey

The comedian made us all so proud when he announced that he was growing out the beard again back in March. 

 Almost two months in, Ace Ventura was looking fantastic. 

 Only to crush us with disappointment a few short days later. 

LeBron James

Speaking of Diddy, he hosted an Instagram Live and LeBron James decided to crash the party sporting a much larger beard than when the NBA was still in-season. 

Russell Crowe

We think he's trying to take over Tim Allen's role as Santa Claus. 

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments and we'll keep adding to the list. Also, share your quarantine beard transformations by sharing with us on social media @thebeardclub.