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What Does Beard Oil Do: A Comprehensive Guide

What Does Beard Oil Do: A Comprehensive Guide

Oils are everywhere. 

There’s motor oil for our cars so we can drive like we’re in the Batmobile. There’s heating oil to warm our homes so that we don’t freeze like we’re in Antarctica hanging out with some penguins. There are even oils for aromatherapy, which are just straight-up nice-smelling oils that can relieve stress or help improve sleep. 

There’s also beard oil, which, in our opinions, is the most important oil of all. It smells fantastic and provides the three S’s: it smooths, softens, and strengthens your beard, ensuring that there isn’t a brillo pad on your face. 

There are different types of oils with so many uses — so why not have an oil specifically designed for your beard? Let’s take a look at what beard oil is, what it does, and how to use it.

What Are the Origins of Beard Oil?

Throughout the history of man, different oils have impacted our world in countless ways, including beard oil. 

Surprisingly, even before oil was used for powering cars and ships, our friends, the ancient Mesopotamians, created oils for many uses, including for facial hair. As a sign of masculinity and strength, these guys wore their beards thick, long and proud, just like many of us do at The Beard Club

With so many products out there, it’s sometimes difficult to know what works for you. It often depends on the length of your beard and your facial hair type. Whether your beard is as long as Dumbledore's or as short as Professor Lupin’s, we’ve got you covered. With our expert advice and guidance, we can take you on a journey that ends in beard heaven.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

That’s the age-old question: Why use beard oil, and what does it really do? Well, let’s break it down a little bit: 

Hydrate Your Beard and Skin

Our bodies produce a natural oil from the sebaceous glands called sebum, which is found within the top layers of the skin near the hair follicles. This oil helps protect the skin and naturally moisturizes it as well.

You may be thinking, “If I already produce natural oil, why should I waste my time putting more oil on my beard and skin? Wouldn’t that make my pores clogged?” We hear you, but here’s the difference with beard oil: it supports your skin and hair to be as comfortable and strong as possible without inhibiting your body's natural processes.

Once the oil hits your skin, it acts like a protective foundation, blocking out potential itchiness, redness, and even beard dandruff. With the incredible ingredients in beard oils, it aids in softening the skin underneath your beard to prevent damaged skin by providing intense hydration rich with nutrients. 

Here’s the bottom line: If your skin is healthy, your beard is healthy. So, let your beard soak up the oil and watch the magic happen.

Our Miracle-Working Beard Oils

We have three beard oil options, all designed to grow, enhance, and help your beard become the best it can be.

They are:

Cedar Beard Oil

Our Cedar Beard Oil is perfect for a boost of nutrients and hydration while giving off a forest scent. It’s like you are camping deep in the thicket, all while chopping some wood. Cedar Beard Oil is powered by sweet almond oil, Cedrus Atlantica wool oil, jojoba oil, and more. 

Sandalwood Beard Oil

Our Sandalwood Beard Oil is also filled with nutrients and provides much-needed hydration. It contains most of the same ingredients as our Cedar oil but has a distinctly beachy smell. Once you rub it in your beard, you’ll feel like you’re about to take on some massive waves, thanks to coconut oil, beeswax, and all the other mighty ingredients. 

Beard Growth Oil

The last of our oils differs a bit from Cedar and Sandalwood. Our Beard Growth Oil also helps with hydration, but there’s more to it than that. Beard Club Growth Oil also nourishes those facial hair follicles to promote hair growth with a major kickstart. 

Using our Beard Growth Oil should be one of your first steps in bulking up your beard and keeping it nourished and hydrated. Plus, it helps banish that “new beard itch” that gets in the way of growing your dream beard. 

What Ingredients Should Be in Your Beard Oil? 

Beard oil contains tons of vitamins and nutrients for your skin and facial hair to absorb and use. See below for some of the best ingredients in our beard oils.


Each one of our beard oils contains a combination of organic compounds called tocopherol. 

This ingredient is an integral part of our beard oils because tocopherol contains Vitamin E. The “E” might as well stand for “Essential” because each and every one of our cells contains this nutrient. It helps protect the skin from any damage, supports natural moisture, and softens your skin and hair. 

Jojoba Seed Oil 

Sounds like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, right? 

Jojoba oil is an exceptional substance made from the jojoba shrub that grows in warmer temperatures in the Southern United States and Mexico. Its uses include clearing acne, soothing sunburn and psoriasis, and helping to maintain healthy skin and hair.

This hypoallergenic oil won’t clog your pores because it looks so similar to sebum that your skin doesn’t see it as suspicious.

Sweet Almond Oil 

Our Cedar Beard Oil and Sandalwood Beard Oil both contain sweet almond oil, which comes from the prunus Dulcis tree. This plant is most commonly found in Mediterranean countries. Its oil is both a moisturizer and antioxidant that sticks to the surface of your skin.

Castor Oil 

This powerful oil is made from castor plant seeds. It contains vitamin E and omega 6 and 9 fatty acids (the building blocks of lipids, the favorite, high-energy snack of cells). Castor oil aids in hair growth and can help alleviate fungal infections.

Beard Oil for Everyone

Reading this whole article might make you think, “Wait, what if you don’t have a full beard yet?” or “Can I start using beard oil if I only have stubble?” The answer is — size doesn’t matter! 

You probably never thought you’d hear that phrase without feeling a bit weird inside, right? Well, luckily, anyone with facial hair of any length or style can benefit from using our beard oil.

What if I Don’t Have a Beard… Yet?

Let’s start with the basics: What if you’ve got no facial hair at all? We’re not saying that you haven't hit puberty — we’re just saying you kept the “clean” look for a long time but want to change it up a bit. Where do you start?

You can begin by using our Beard Growth Oil once a day. Just put a little dab on your fingers, rub them together a bit, then rub the oil around your cheeks, chin, and jawline. Then, you’re good to go. 

Since a little goes a very long way, especially at this stage, make sure you don’t use too much oil. A pea-sized amount should be more than enough.

How Much Beard Oil Should I Use?

Depending on the size and length of your beard/facial hair, make sure you always start with just a few drops of oil. Overdoing it will not only build up too much on your skin (but also waste the precious product).

Start off with about three drops and apply to it your beard and the skin underneath as evenly as possible. Before you know it, your beard will feel like new velvet and smell nice and fresh.

What if I’m Struggling To Grow a Beard?

If you have trouble growing facial hair, we’ve got you covered. 

You can pair using our beard oil with some of our other beard-boosting products, like our Beard Growth Vitamins or Beard Vitamin Spray. 

Beard Growth Vitamins are supplements specifically for growing out your beard. With these vitamins, beard growth starts from the inside out thanks to ingredients like vitamins A, C, D, E, and biotin. These nutrients will kick your beard growth into gear. 

Not a big fan of taking supplements? No problem, man. Our Beard Vitamin Spray is the perfect topical product to add extra hydration and vitamins straight onto your skin and facial hair. Plus, it smells amazing.

Beard Oil That Does It All

Don’t leave your beard hangry — give it some juice! A healthy beard is a happy beard, and a happy beard is a manly beard. With some help from our beard oil, you can take your beard’s hydration and health to the next level within days. Plus, you’ll see and feel the results if you stay in the habit of using beard oil daily. 

Caring for your beard takes some time and effort, but so does everything worth doing. Instead of dealing with a scraggly, dehydrated mop of facial hair, transform your beard with a hard-hitting combination of beard oil and TLC. 



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