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Your Complete Guide to the New Beard Club

Your Complete Guide to the New Beard Club

Have you ever woken up, looked in the mirror, and decided it was time for a change? At The Beard Club, we know that feeling perfectly well—which is why you’re looking at a glossy new version of the website. Like everyone else, we gave ourselves a thorough once-over and have decided it was time for a change. 

But what does our facelift mean for you, our loyal customers? The short answer: A better and more amazing Beard Club experience in every way, shape and form. The long answer? Well, read on.

Why the overhaul?

The Beard Club is all about providing you with the ultimate one-stop shop for all your beard care needs. We want to offer the best beard care products money can buy, the most helpful information on beard grooming, and the ultimate user-friendly experience. We've been working toward that goal since day one, but we knew we could do a better job of bringing it all together. So we’ve torn down the old and rebuilt it from scratch to create a more cohesive and enjoyable experience for you.

Is the website’s new look really that big a deal?

Absolutely! We want to give Beard Club members the best possible experience, and that includes reworking every single part of our website. The new coat of paint is part of making the site easier to navigate, which is essential now that our site is so much more than just a shop. We want it to become an essential resource, too. From the more readable fonts to our classy new logo, visiting The Beard Club should be a great experience every moment that you're clicking around the site.

A reworked Account Portal

Of course, the redesign doesn't stop with eye candy. If you've bought beard care products from The Beard Club before, that means you have an account with us. Now your account will serve as your main point of interaction for our many Beard Club products. We've done an insane amount of research to figure out how you like to use the Account Portal, and we’ve done our best to overhaul it to give you a smoother, simpler experience.

When you log into your Account Portal, you’ll get a rundown on the Beard Club products you've subscribed to for delivery. On top of that, we’ve added a new way for you to manage your subscription. You can now seamlessly add products to your subscription plan, and you can remove them just as easily if you need to. Whether you really love a product and want more of it or need to put a product on pause for a month or so, the Account Portal lets you tweak these options with just a few simple clicks.

All you need to do to take advantage of the new Account Portal is sign up with an email address. If you're already a proud member of the Beard Club and want to continue the relationship, you simply need to register the same email address you're already subscribed with. Doing so will move over all your subscription information automatically. Either way, you're good to go!

New Kits inside and out

While the Beard Club tech team has been busy rejuvenating the website, our whisker wizards have been hard at work crafting new ways to make sure you have the best beard on the block. That’s why we’ve introduced a wide selection of new Beard Kits tailored to exactly what you need to keep your beard game at its best.

The older kits aren’t going away, though. If you've already built a kit that perfectly meets your needs, you'll be happy to know that those are sticking around. Once you migrate your subscription over to the new Account Portal, absolutely nothing will change if you don’t want it to. You'll get your favorite monthly kit on your doorstep as always, albeit with brand-new packaging. Be on the lookout for our slick new labels, which come complete with helpful hints on how to use each product!

But if you’re looking to change things up, you’d better believe we've cooked up all new Beard Kits that can match any possible beard need. These kits have been assembled by our expert staff to ensure you and your beard can always get what you need. Whether you're looking to foster a brand-new beard or keep the one you have in ship-shape, our new Beard Kits will do much of the heavy lifting for you. You can start out with one of our base Growth or Grooming Kits, and then go through a bit of customization to create the ultimate personalized product.

Looking to add some new Beard Club products to your box? While we can't share specifics yet, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for some new accessories in the near future, as well as extra bonus kit swag. We don’t want to spoil the fun of what you'll find—just think of it as a little extra treat on us.

Pricing Updates

Some of our pricing has changed, for the first time in more than four years. But we’ve also updated out shipping policy and now offer FREE shipping on any order over $30. We want to make both new and existing customers feel like part of the Club! U.S. shipping on orders under $30 will be $3.99, while shipping to Canada will remain the same flat rate of $7.99.

If you're a current Beard Club customer and want to keep your current subscription package, you will see zero change in your monthly bill. Your loyalty has not gone unrecognized, and we want to extend our gratitude to you for being a long-time customer. We're honored to have had you with us for such a long time, and it's our pleasure to keep our relationship strong moving forward. Just note that if you cancel an item or revamp your subscription plan, you will be moved to the new pricing setup.

Looking for a little more bang for your buck? You know the Beard Club always has your back, so we certainly weren't going to stop with new kits and call it a day.

Introducing The Beard Club Rewards

This is where things get really interesting. We're out to give you an experience you won't find anywhere else, and Beard Club Rewards are a big part of that. Now that we’ve flipped the switches and the dust on our new site has settled, we can talk about the perks of Beard Club Rewards.

Our Rewards program starts with three easy-to-remember Tiers based on your activity and subscription history with The Beard Club:

  • Silver Tier: Newsletter subscriber and non-customers
  • Gold Tier: Active and previous customers (with less than 4 purchases)
  • Platinum VIP Tier: Customers with 4 or more orders

Tiers should be self-explanatory, but what do you actually get for belonging to a Beard Club Rewards Tier? Well, how would you feel about:

  • Discounts on upcoming orders
  • First access to new products
  • 15% or more off all products
  • Birthday Gift
  • Anniversary Gift
  • And more!

Sounds like a pretty sweet program, doesn't it? We happen to think so too, and all it takes is you signing up. Lucky for you, enrollment couldn't be easier. The second you become a Beard Club member, you're automatically enrolled! From there, simply make your first purchase or sign up on the Loyalty page to start earning Points.

What are Points?

Points are what make the Beard Club Rewards program really shine. As we said, making purchases or signing up on the Loyalty page will help you to collect Points. You'll still earn Points if you check out as a guest, but you'll get a lot more if you complete your purchases while logged in.

Points allow you to get extra goodies from The Beard Club Rewards. Once you've activated your account, you can start spending the Points you’ll be earning on Rewards. Every 100 Points you earn will net you $10 in Rewards. It's easy to see just how quickly these Points can add up, which means even more savings—and even more Rewards for you.

Interested in learning more about The Beard Club Rewards? Check out our launch feature that details every aspect there is to take advantage of. You'll learn more about the Platinum VIP Tier, our Referrals program, and info on how to really rack up the Points.

...And more to come!

The Beard Club relaunch is a serious undertaking. Everyone here on the team is working day and night to make this a giant leap forward for not only how we present ourselves, but what we can do for you. We'd be nothing without our loyal Beard Club brothers! You're the lifeblood of what we do, and we're always striving to give you the best we've got.

There are even more exciting things to come in our revamp, and we can't wait to share the details. We'll keep toiling away on the next great Beard Club feature, but for now, we're excited for you guys to dive into our latest offerings. Together, we'll take The Beard Club to heights unknown!