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Folding Beard Comb

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Folding Beard Comb
Folding Beard Comb
Folding Beard Comb



Sometimes even an immaculately groomed beard needs a touch-up during a hard day's work. Our amoora wood folding comb is designed to be a pocket beard comb that makes smoothing out and styling your beard in the middle of the day effortless. Look great wherever you go with our folding wooden beard comb like ours. 

It’s the perfect tool for detangling, styling, and everything in between.

The sleek design is perfectly portable and easy to whip out whenever you need to tame some nasty flyaways or stray beard hairs. It’s the perfect size for slipping into a pocket (How else do you think Clark Kent’s hair always looked so flawless?).

The folding design is one of the huge draws — you can confidently reach into your pocket without stabbing yourself on the poky saw cut of your regular comb. 

A Mustache and Beard Grooming Must-Have

You use a hair comb on your head almost every single day, so why should the hair on your face be treated any differently? This comb has fine teeth to help you effortlessly detangle even the curliest and waviest beard & mustaches. Then, grab it to touch up your facial hair in a snap.

It’s not only for your beard — you can use this great comb for the hair on top of your lip as well, thanks to the innovative teeth spacing. It’s a comb for every part of your face that will help you feel like the best version of yourself. 

A Full Beard’s Lineup

The best comb will help you achieve near perfection for your facial hair, but other great products will help you get over the finish line. Because both shorter and longer beards alike require the necessary beard care and maintenance, the tools for your best beard yet don’t stop at the folding beard comb. 

Enhance your collection with items like these to enhance your skincare and facial hair regimen:

• Beard Oil: Beard oil helps you hydrate your beard and the skin underneath, which promotes healthy hair growth while also giving your beard a fresh, soft feeling. It’s almost like a conditioner for men’s beards. 

• Beard Brush: While a beard comb is excellent for short and mid-length beards, you might need the extra power for bigger ones. Using both a mustache comb and a brush is the best standard.

• Beard Balm: After you comb your beard, lock in your style for the whole day. Our Sandalwood Beard Bomb will help you style while also giving your beard a fresh scent.

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Does your beard need help?


Does your beard need help?
Does your beard need help?


Does your beard need help?