The perfect gift for any bearded man

The ideal set of products to cover every man's grooming routine from beginning to end.

The essential Grooming Kit

What comes in the box?

Sandalwood Beard Oil


  • Softer and smoother beard
  • Minimizes beard itch
  • Looks shiny but not greasy
  • Repairs damaged beard hair

Growth Vitamins

  • Botanical Blends Of Extracts & Multivitamins
  • Banishes Beard Patchiness
  • Obliterates Beard Blotchiness
  • Facilitates Faster, Thicker, Fuller Beard Growth
  • Provides Rich Texture & Luster
  • Prevents Dreaded “Baby Beard” Syndrome

Beard Shampoo

  • TBC’s Best-Selling Product (A Great Value!)
  • Cleanses Without Dehydrating
  • Moisturizes & Refreshes
  • Detangles Even The Hoarsest Mane
  • Eliminates Beard Dandruff
  • Leaves Your Mane Hedge Silky & Smooth  

beard spray

  • Freshens and invigorates hair with a light aroma
  • Enhances your mood and boosts your confidence
  • Adds hydration and nourishment to soften hair
  • Convenient spray bottle, can be easily applied throughout the day in any environment
The Beard Club Body Wash

Body Wash

  • All natural hydrating formula keeps skin moisturized and smooth
  • Scented to impress, not to overwhelm
  • Blasts away dirt and odor with healthy lather
  • Built tough for the lumberyard, but loved by the ladies  
Sandalwood Balm

sandalwood balm

  • The ultimate cure for bed beard
  • Give your beard shape and control frizziness
  • Reduce patchiness and soften whiskers

hair pomade

  • Provides a long lasting, firm hold
  • Delivers ideal balance of control and flexibility 
  • Gives hair shine without the greasiness 
  • Suited for all hair types

Beard Brush

  • 100% Pine With Geniune Boar Bristles
  • Detangles Without Pulling Out Your Precious Chin Locks
  • Straightens & Shapes Even The Most Unruly Beards
  • The Essential Beard Grooming Tool
  • Looks Great On A Nightstand, Lets Women Know They’re With A Real Man 

Beard comb

  • Perfect for grooming on the fly, our comb will make sure you look your best at all times. Not a whole lot of science behind this one. Get our signature comb designed to help you even out your beard on the go!

sandalwood mustache comb

  • All of our sandalwood combs are made from 100% sandalwood. Raw materials can produce variations in colors (from brown to green). Welcome it - that's nature!

customer testimonials

"I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and it was the perfect grooming introduction for him. He loves styling his hair with the pomade and I LOVE the scent of the beard spray!" - Mercedes B.  

"Had our work Christmas party and my beard was the hit of the party. Thank you Beard Club for making it look and feel great!" - Benjamin B.

"I had no idea what was needed to keep my beard clean and healthy until my girlfriend bought me this beard kit. The brush is amazing and the oil makes me smell like a lumberjack that just saved a schoolhouse from a burning fire!" - Jeffrey V.

essential grooming gift

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