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Beard Brush

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Beard Brush
Beard Brush
Beard Brush



We believe you should be brushing your beard hair more than your teeth-- and we brush those twice a day.

Not only does our Boar Bristle Beard Brush smooth and style your beard, but it also helps distribute any oils & balms effectively.

Whether you are rocking a shorter beard or a longer beard, our birchwood brush uses boar bristles to gently tame beards of all lengths. Stay at the ready, and make sure a beard bristle brush lives in your beard care arsenal. 

As you may have already caught wind of, proper beard care is essential for optimal beard growth. Along with using a boar's hair beard brush, consider incorporating additional items to your routine to further your beard along its healthy growth journey. Products like the proper beard oil, beard wash, and beard vitamins can help accelerate your facial hair growth.

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