First off — Welcome to the Club, Bearded Brother!  

In just a few short days, your beard will be stocked with the MOST LEGENDARY beard products known to man.  

Now, until then, I want to clear something up with you…  

The Beard Club was established out of necessity. Out of the sheer need to help an incredible bearded community AND put an end to the wildly overpriced epidemic that is the beard oil and beard grooming industry.  


You see, over the years I’ve done nearly anything and everything possible to keep my mane looking (and feeling) like the beard of Zeus - from almond and jojoba oil to essential oils that smelled like Mother Nature herself, I’ve lathered it all on.  

Here’s the thing — these oils are not expensive, couple bucks here, couple bucks there.  

I remember the first time I ever saw “Beard Oil” in the store, I couldn’t believe it. $26 a bottle!!  

I had to see what made this “Beard Oil” so special and worth paying so much more for so I caved and bought that SOB…You can probably guess what happened next.  

Did I see a difference? No. Did I smell a difference? Not really.  

All I was left with was a lingering question of: “Why the hell am I paying so much more for the same exact thing?”  

I mean, really — I would be absolutely bat sh** crazy to fork over upwards of $30 for for something that would cost half as much to make myself.  

Total Madness.  

Personally, I’m all about giving back to others, ESPECIALLY my fellow bearded brothers.  

So why charge a fellow beard $26 for something costing a 1/10 of the price? Offering anything but rock bottom prices would be absolutely ludicrous.  

So the moment I realized what was going on in the beard oil business, I knew I needed to step up and stop this from happening.  

Thus, The Beard Club was born.  

No man, woman, or (especially) business is going to chop off my manhood from the wallet out.  

Sure, we’re a business but we’re easy — all we want is to fill our bottles with oil, keep our guns loaded, and our axes sharp.  

So as long as we’re covering the basics, we’re golden.  

In close, we promise two things —  

We promise to make affordable beard products you are excited to use month after month.  

We promise to not waste your time. Emails take time to write, so these better be damn well worth reading.  

In other words, keep an eye out! We’ve got a bunch of videos coming in the next couple weeks that will keep you laughing your ass off.  

Congratulations on joining the bearded elite and welcome to the club. We’re proud to have you.  

Stay manly Bearded Brother, Chris Founder, The Beard Club  

P.S. Keep growing your beard. Your manhood depends on it.