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Ways to Combat Beard Bedhead: 5 Tips

Ways to Combat Beard Bedhead: 5 Tips

Everyone with a beard has experienced it at least once. You wake up one morning and your beard is in a tangled mess. There’s tufts of hair sticking out in six different directions, expertly tied knots, twirling whirls of scruff and what’s that.. Has your chin started growing octopus limbs? Both beards short and long have to contend with beard bedhead. Some beards might get lucky and wake up unscathed. But for those of us who wake up in this disheveled mess, there’s a few easy ways we can fix it.

How to Combat Beard Bedhead

Beard bedhead can be both a pain mentally and physically. Sometimes a tangled beard can cause you some physical discomfort. A lot of guys just want to roll out of bed and get going on their day. But first you’ve got to deal with that unruly beard.

Take a Shower

You won’t have to adjust your grooming habits if you’re one who takes a routine morning shower. Steady water pressure will calm stray hairs and put your beard in a uniform state. A morning shower will also tame the hair on your head too. Lather up with your beard shampoo and the water and rinsing will get rid of any tangles. Proceed to dry off by patting your beard with a towel. This is the simplest way to get rid of beard bedhead. It’s the option that takes care of everything. No matter how messed up your beard is you can be assured the shower will act as a reset for the day.

Switch Up Your Pillow Case & Blankets

Sometimes we either don’t have time to shower in the morning or we do it before bed. One of the reasons we get beard bedhead in the first place is because of the way we sleep at night. We’re intermediately moving around and adjusting ourselves while we sleep. A regular pillowcase grabs onto your hair and changes the way our hair strands sit. This results in frizzy and drier beard hairs and our natural oils being lost to the harsh fabric.   We can stop beard bedhead in its tracks by changing our pillowcases. Silk or satin will absorb less of your hair’s natural oils. If that’s not your style, you can alleviate bedhead by not going to bed with a wet beard. Make sure to towel dry your beard off after a nighttime shower and before bed.  

Brush Out & Oil Up

Brushing your beard is not only good for getting your style into shape, it’s healthy for it too. A good brush in the morning is all you may need to get rid of tangles and the mess from the night before. You need to use a boar bristle brush to even everything out. Make sure to get your first round of beard oil on your beard before the day starts. You’ll replenish oils lost from the tossing and turning over night and rejuvenate yourself for the day.

Wash Your Face

Also known as the sink shower. If you don’t have time for a full shower, the sink will do. Get the water at a lukewarm temperature before you start. Cup your hands and bathe that beard. Soak it until it’s completely wet. You’re getting the same treatment from a shower, but just for your beard. Follow up with the usual towel dry and then apply your necessary beard care products.

Style Before Bed

Another preemptive measure is to style your beard before going to sleep. A little balm will go a long way. Overnight your style will hold. If you don’t like the prospect of putting wax or balm in your beard – either put some cream or oil on right before bed. Your beard will be able to withstand any sleep moves throughout the night. You can combine a number of these tips to make beard bedhead a thing of the past!