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How To Trim Armpit Hair for Men (and Why You Should)

How To Trim Armpit Hair for Men (and Why You Should)

There’s something ever-so masculine about armpits that are shrouded in mystery. And by mystery, we mean tons of hair. While many men love to embrace the potential of the pits, some people would much rather go clean. If you’re part of the latter, we’ve got you covered.

Here is everything you need to know to learn how to trim your armpit hair safely (and properly) to help you achieve your perfect body goals.

Why Does Armpit Hair Grow?

There are evolutionary reasons why we grow hair all over our bodies, and our armpits are no different. For one, armpit hair might actually help you catch a mate.

Maybe not necessarily from the looks of your pit hair, but the smell of them for sure. We’re not making this up. Your armpits release an odor called pheromones — a naturally occurring chemical that plays a role in sexual attraction. Your armpit hair can trap these odors and make your pheromones smell even stronger. 

Your armpit hair can reduce friction and chafing. When you walk or run and swing your arms, the skin under your armpits rubs up against each other. Your hair almost acts as a cushion, giving you more comfort during these activities.

Benefits of Shaving Your Armpits

While your hair under there can have some benefits, removing it has some benefits. The bottom line is that deciding to shave your armpits is a highly personal decision (with some probable influence by a special someone in your life). But you can’t really go wrong either way.

If you do decide to shave your pits, you can find comfort in knowing that you’ll sweat less. Your armpit hair actually holds onto moisture and can cause you to sweat more. Plus, less hair means you won’t get as hot as easily, either.

Your underarm sweat can also result in body odor as the result of bacteria breaking sweat down. Since your hair holds onto this moisture, you can reduce your body odor by removing your pit hair in the first place.

And for some people, an entirely clean-shaven look can look a little bit better overall. Again, there is no right or wrong way to treat the hair on your body. But if you do want to get rid of your pit hair, or at least trim it down, here’s how to do it right.

How To Trim Your Armpit Hair Correctly

Your underarms aren’t exposed to the outside world often, and because of that, they can be a bit sensitive. This makes it even more important for you to take extra care during your shaving sessions.

First, decide on a comb length. If you want your armpit hair completely gone, go with the straight blade. But if you just want your hair to be slightly shorter, then select a higher comb. Next, gently run the razor along the underside of your pits. It’s not too much area, so it should be nice and quick.

Now, most people can stop there, but if you want to get a really close armpit shave, then there are a few more steps to take.

The Best Razor To Shave the Armpit

After you trim your hair, take a shower to soften the underarm hair to make it easier for a razor to glide over the skin. Beard Club’s Body and Groin Trimmer is waterproof, so you can even do your trimming while you’re in the shower.

While you’re still in the shower, lather up with some shave gel to protect your skin and enhance the glide of your razor. Be sure to use a sharp razor blade and shave with light, gentle strokes. Pull your skin taut with the opposite hand to reduce the risk of any nicks.

Rinse your blade often, about once every three to four strokes, to enhance the life of your razor blade. Once you’re all done, rinse, dry, and moisturize the area to prevent razor burn and chafing.

Note that you might feel a little bit of discomfort under your arms as your hair starts to grow back. It might feel a tad prickly or spiny. You can ease discomfort by continuing to apply moisturizer or by wearing tight-fitting clothing that acts as a cushion.

Armpit Etiquette

Even if you don’t want to shave your armpits, you still have a duty not to make everyone around you want to flee in the opposite direction. 

Take your pit etiquette (pitiquette) to a new level with these helpful tips:

1. Wear Deodorant

No matter whether or not you have some armpit hair, you still have the potential to smell pretty bad, especially after a grueling workout. Make sure you’re not messing up anybody else’s reps by wearing deodorant every single day to help block out that body odor smell.

Deodorants and antiperspirants aren’t the same things, but some people tend to use them interchangeably. Here’s the low-down:

  • Deodorant eliminates odor but doesn’t stop you from sweating. They’re technically alcohol-based. 
  • Antiperspirants stop you from sweating by blocking the sweat pores. They are usually aluminum based. 

What the day requires will usually dictate what you need to roll on. 

2. Dress for Success

You’ll want to wear clothes that let you air out during intense sweat sessions. Clothes with moisture-wicking fabrics can help you stay fresh for longer as opposed to clothes made of polyester, which basically absorbs that moisture and keeps it there until it gets super smelly.

3. Get in the Cologne Zone

Finally, you can amp up your scent by wearing cologne across your whole body to mask that body odor scent no matter what. Cologne can amplify the benefits of deodorant or can be a great way to smell great if you happen to have forgotten your deodorant at home. However, don’t forget that there is such a thing as too much cologne — proceed with care. 

In Conclusion

Trimming your armpit hair is definitely not a necessary move for every man. However, if your armpits turn into a jungle and start to smell like one, too — this might be your sign to give them a trim.

If you just want to shorten your pit hair, you can use an electric trimmer in the same way you’d shave some other parts of your body. However, if you want to get a closer shave, you can take extra care and use a razor. Just know that it might cause a little pain as it starts to grow back in.

Your pit hair can get smelly no matter how long or short it might be, so take extra care to use some deodorant, particularly before a heavy gym session. You also want to make sure that you’re wearing appropriate clothes to reduce sweating and stay fresh for longer.

Manscaping means taking care of business on and off of your face, and The Beard Club can help you accomplish everything you need to look like the perfect man. Discover your best body and beard with 15% off and a free item when you take the quiz and get your personalized beard plan.


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