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The Amish Beard: How To Grow, Style, and Maintain

The Amish Beard: How To Grow, Style, and Maintain

Amish men use their beards as a symbol of marriage. If a man has a clean-shaven face, it means he is single and ready to mingle, which is important for the ladies to know. However, if he’s got a beard, he’s taken. Back off, ladies.

These beards work pretty much the same way wedding rings do, but since The Amish do not believe in jewelry, beards are the perfect emblems to let the world know your marital status. Not only does the grown-out beard mean a marriage has occurred, but it shows that a man is fully mature in the eyes of his family and peers. 

This man has taken the responsibility of being head of the household for his wife and future children. As we know, The Amish view the world very differently from the rest of the world, so marriage and a beard mean the utmost honor and respect.

Now that you know what the Amish beard symbolizes, let’s talk about what it looks like.

What Does an Amish Beard Look Like?

Notice that we’re using the word “beard” constantly but not “mustache” or “soul patch.” There is a reason for that. The Amish do not let their mustaches grow, ever. This tradition dates back hundreds of years and connects to the fact that the Amish refuse to enlist in the military.

The Amish are non-violent people, and back in the day, mustaches were associated with the forces — in which they wanted no part. The Amish are sticklers for tradition and resistant to change, so hundreds of years later, mustaches are a big no-no. 

The look of the Amish beard is typically a full beard that connects to sideburns and is over five to six inches long, with (of course) no mustache or soul patch. The cheeks and area around the mouth are typically clean-shaven, giving even more of a distinct appearance to the beard itself.

How Do You Grow the Traditional Amish Beard?

The Amish beard started as a beard with no mustache or soul patch and branched off into many different styles that you’ll see outside of Amish culture today. However, the basic premise is still the same — a thick, long, and healthy beard without a mustache.

Let Your Beard Grow

Where should you start? Let your beard grow out. Depending on how fast and thick your facial hair grows, you will need to make sure you are shaving off your mustache and soul patch frequently to properly emulate the traditional Amish beard.

Using a Straight Edge Razor, you can remove your mustache and soul patch and create clean beard lines along your cheeks. This single-blade razor helps you shave your facial hair with precision, control, and ease. 

 If a straight edge isn’t quite your speed, an electric razor will get you the look you need without any trouble at all. 

Boost Your Beard Growth

Once you start to grow your beard, it could take a long time to reach the long length an Amish beard requires. 

If you are having a bit of trouble growing your facial hair properly or want to boost your growth rate, give some of our growth products a try. They include our Beard Growth Vitamins, Derma Roller, Beard Growth Oil, and Beard Growth Spray. 

Each one of these products helps your beard grow thicker, fuller, and longer, all while looking and smelling amazing.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of each:

Beard Growth Vitamins

In order to grow the best beard, you need to get the best nutrients for your body.

These vitamins are the perfect supplement to kickstart your beard in the growing season, starting from the inside out. Filled with essentials like Vitamin A, C, D, E, biotin, and more, the Beard Growth Vitamins can support the rest of your beard care routine. 

Derma Roller 

Our Derma Roller is a powerful tool for opening up your pores and stimulating your skin for stellar beard growth. Its 540 titanium coated .5mm needles (yes, needles but not the painful kind, don’t worry) will penetrate your skin and hair follicles gently to provide guidance for optimal facial hair growth.

Just roll and watch! Don’t think there will be a bloodbath — the needles simply open your pores, so there’s no need to fret about nicking your skin and bleeding everywhere.

Beard Growth Oil 

You’ve heard of beard oils, but what about Beard Growth Oil

This potent substance goes straight onto your beard and skin, no matter the length, filling them both with hydration and nutrients. Not only does it promote healthy beard growth, but it helps your skin soften and stay smooth and bump-free.

Beard Growth Vitamin Spray

If you’re not a fan of taking pills but still want to boost beard growth, we’ve got you covered. Our Beard Growth Vitamin Strategy spray provides intense hydration, vitamins, and nutrients right onto your beard and skin for a growth boost throughout the day.

Maintaining the Amish Beard With the Beard Club Tools

The Amish beard style requires little to no maintenance. Just let it grow, grow, grow, and trim it here and there. Here are some tips for keeping your Amish beard fresh and clean.

Wash Your Beard

Just like the hair on your head, you need to wash your beard. 

No, not with soap, body wash, or even facial cleansers. You need a beard cleanser. Beard Shampoo is an ideal product to use for all beard lengths, but it’s even better for long beards like the Amish style. 

Unlike regular hair shampoos, our Beard Shampoo doesn’t strip the natural oils from your skin. In fact, it aids in conditioning your beard while gently washing it for a clean look and feel. The powers of Jojoba oil, coconut oil, rosemary leaf extract, and more will leave you smelling as fresh as you feel. 

Keep Removing Your Mustache

If you want the look of the traditional Amish beard, you gotta keep removing that ‘stache! 

That means no stubble and no soul patch, either. Keep using a straight-edge razor to remove any unwanted hairs growing on your mustache, soul patch, and cheeks. 

Wait until your beard is dry before shaving your mustache.

Use Beard Oil or Balm

Another perk of the Amish beard is you can let it grow wild and free. However, if you want to tame it down for a neater look, we recommend using our beard oil or balm.

Unlike the growth oil (which you can continue using if you desire), Cedar Beard Oil and Sandalwood Beard Oil don’t directly boost beard growth. However, these products hydrate your beard and skin to give you the perfect texture and scent.

Depending on the length of your beard, you will only need a few drops of oil to massage right onto your skin evenly. Remember that a little goes a long way. 

Beard balm works in the same way as oil, but it’s used to tame, shape, and style beards. Unlike oil, the consistency of the balm is neither liquid nor solid, which makes it the perfect tool for shaping. Our Cedar Beard Balm and Sandalwood Beard Balm provide hydration and moisture to your beard and skin while helping you get your desired look.

Brush Your Beard

Now, with a long Amish beard, the last thing you want is a coarse, wire brush-feeling, octopus-looking beard (unless you are into that — no judgment here). You’ve already got your beard oil and your beard balm, but you need something else to tame the beast. This is where a beard brush becomes a lifesaver.

Our Beard Brush is made with boar bristles that not only shape your beard for a tidy, clean look but evenly spread any products you use into your hair. That way, you won’t have any sections of your beard that miss out on the hydrating and conditioning power of our beard oil and beard balm.

How Do You Trim the Amish Beard?

Don’t get us wrong, we want you to grow out your beard as far as the eye can see — but we also want it to be pleasing to the eye as well.

A perfectly-shaped Amish beard is only a shave away by using our Straight Edge Razor. This razor will help you cut and shave the excess, unwanted facial hair to style the Amish beard as you like with precision and accuracy giving you a clean look. Plus, it gives off “non-electric” vibes, just like the Amish! Depending on the growth of your facial hair, you can shave everyday (or every few days) to maintain the style.

For those of you who want to keep it modern and use a trimmer - no problem! Trim away when using our PT45 Beard Trimmer. The PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer will get you nice and smooth without pulling any hairs. This trimmer is designed to clean and shape all beard lengths and styles.

There is no major trimming involved with the Amish look, so just a quick touch-up for uneven hairs will do just fine. Using one of the eight interchangeable guides, our trimmer will keep your Amish beard tidy and perfectly presentable.

The Amish Beard for the Modern Man

The Amish beard may have been adapted and shaped into different styles, but the traditional look will live on. 

Try it out today if you want a timeless, unique, and ultra-manly style. Using all of the products listed above, which can be found in our Ultimate Growth Kit and Trimmer, you’ll have the best beard on the block in no time.


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