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How to Have the Perfect 5 O'clock Shadow Every Day

How to Have the Perfect 5 O'clock Shadow Every Day

It’s always five o’clock somewhere — even on your face.

That’s right. We’re talking about that five o’clock shadow. Many men can shave off their facial hair, and in just a few days or even hours, those little hairs are poking through again. After so much work went into cleaning up your face, it can be discouraging to have to shave off all your facial hair again the next day. 

However, others want to trim their facial hair daily to achieve the classic five o’clock shadow look. For them, it’s a ritual worth repeating.

The best thing about this look is that it is easier to maintain than a beard while still subtly giving the illusion of fullness. This style is excellent for men who don’t like a lot of facial hair. 

Whether you want to tidy up your short facial hair after a clean shave or trim your beard to create a more subtle style, we have the steps and tools to grow and perfect the classic five o’clock shadow.

What Is a Five O’Clock Shadow?

The five o'clock shadow is the subtle growth of facial hair that appears on your face after your last shave. The term was coined because many men who shave in the morning already have facial hair growth by the end of the day, hence the phrase “five o’clock shadow.” 

For some men, this stubbly look can take a few hours to achieve. For others, it can take a few days. Regardless, the look has come back with a vengeance for a number of reasons. It’s an easy way to maintain your facial hair and enhance facial features and structure, which is enough to convince many men to hop on the bandwagon. 

How Do You Grow a Five O’Clock Shadow?

Read below to learn how to grow your own five o’clock shadow in just a few easy steps:

Grow Out Your Facial Hair

If you are already clean-shaven, the best thing to do is to grow out your facial hair for two to four days. 

We recommend you let your facial hair grow out before trying to rock the classic five o’clock shadow look because a grown-out beard is easier to trim and shape to a symmetrical length. The best tool for this task is our PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer

This trimmer has eight interchangeable length settings to make it as easy as possible to get a perfectly even five o’clock shadow. 

If you have a hard time growing your facial hair quick and thick, we recommend rubbing some Growth Oil directly onto your cheeks and upper lip each day as you let your beard grow. This oil helps moisturize your skin and hair follicles for healthy facial hair growth. Moisturized skin is happy skin. 

Skincare: It’s a Must

Whether you are trimming your beard or growing your facial hair out, make sure your skin gets cleansed and moisturized each day. 

Because the five o’clock shadow look shows the skin beneath your facial hair, the last thing you want is a patch of huge razor bumps poking out from under your scruff. Use a gentle facial wash or exfoliator to avoid clogged pores and other common causes of breakouts and bumps in the beard area.

If you are experiencing an irritating beard itch, try our Beard Cream. This revelation in a bottle transmits nutrients and hydration straight to your skin, no matter how long your facial hair is. Just pop it open, pick up a bit with your fingertips and rub it right onto your mustache, beard, or stubble.

Pick Your Five O’Clock Shadow Style

There are a few ways to outline your beard for a subtle stubble look. It all depends on the five o’clock shadow look you are trying to achieve. 

The first area to consider is your neckline. You can either shave the hairs off your neck or keep a bit of neck scruff and blend it with the five o’clock shadow style and length. 

Shaving your neckline gets you a neater and cleaner look but takes more to upkeep than just keeping the neck hair aligned with the rest of your beard area. 

If you want clean, sharp lines on your cheeks and neck, pick up our Straight Edge Razor. This handy tool is a one-blade razor that is perfect for outlining the shape you want and keeping it that way.

How Do You Trim Your Beard To Get a Five O’Clock Shadow?

Once you’ve grown out your beard, you can head to your bathroom sink and get ready for a trim. We recommend washing your face with a gentle cleanser before trimming to clean and soften your facial hair. 

After you’ve cleansed, go ahead and let your face air-dry or pat it down with a clean towel. A dry, soft beard is way easier to trim than a wet, scraggly beard, so you won’t regret taking the extra few minutes to dry off.

Now that your beard is clean, soft, and dry, take a second to make sure your shaving station is as it should be. Ideally, you should shave under a bright light source so you don’t miss any hard-to-see hairs around your chin and neckline. In addition, you can minimize the mess generated by shaving by laying a towel over your sink to catch the beard hair as it drops.

Trimming Your Five O’Clock Shadow

Grab your PT45 Trimmer with the interchangeable head you would like to use. Not sure which one is best for you? The easiest way to find out which unit you want to use for the style you are going for is by beginning with the longest guide and working your way to one of the shorter lengths once you reach your desired length. 

Once you’ve selected the right length, start by trimming your facial hair against the grain and move upwards towards your cheeks. This motion makes it easy for the trimmer to cut through even your thickest and coarsest hairs, giving you the best chance of a clean, even trim.

If you’re unhappy with the length after this first trim, now is the time to change your guide to a shorter option and try again. You can always trim your hair shorter, but if you start too short, you’ll have to wait for it to grow back. That’s why we recommend moving from a long guard to a shorter length if necessary — it’s all about trial and error.

Shaving Your Neckline

When trimming your neckline, it’s vital that you do not trim too high up. Trimming too high will make your five o’clock shadow seem unnatural, and this common trimming mistake adds the illusion of a double chin. No one wants that, so let’s avoid it at all costs.

The general rule is to use your Adam’s apple as a marker that lets you know where to shave. Tilt your head back to see your Adam’s apple properly. Using your trimmer or razor, start to cut right over the top of the Adam’s apple. This look provides definition to your jawline by adding a clean final touch.

Aftercare and Routine Maintenance

After trimming, shaving, or straight-razoring, the best thing to do immediately is to supply moisture to your skin. Two handy products for this step are our Cedar Beard Oil or the Sandalwood Beard Oil. 

Each of these aromatic oils provides extreme hydration straight onto your newly-cut hairs and skin to avoid bumps. The Cedar Beard Oil helps fight against the dreaded post-trim itch and has a refreshingly woodsy smell. On the other hand, the Sandalwood Beard Oil softens and conditions your skin and facial hair and has a clean, fresh, beachy smell.

In addition to using beard oil, setting up a trim maintenance regimen helps you manage the five o’clock shadow look for as long as you want. Every few days, depending on how fast your hair grows, you can go back to trimming to return to your original length. Razor off the hair growing on your neckline and continue to shape your beard’s outline for a crisp, fresh look. 

A Final Word

Perfecting the five o’clock shadow look has never been simpler, thanks to our beard care tools. If you’re a beard beginner and need help getting started, we’ve got you covered. Let us guide you on your beard journey!

Check out The Beard Club for more articles, tips, and tons of accessories for your beard and mustache needs.



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