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How to Grow a Beard In 3 Weeks

How to Grow a Beard In 3 Weeks

Even If You Never Been Able to Grow One or It’s Growing Uneven...

First of all, good beards don’t just grow! And if you think they do, you’re not ready for one...

Let's talk about guys with beards that don't even grow, and if they do, they are uneven and they look like you just hit puberty. If this hits home hard, forget everything you know about beards!

You’re not alone. This hit home for Jake, a 29-years-old Beard Club customer who was never able to grow a beard until he tried our growth kits…

Jake’s Beard Growth Story

"Hi! I’m Jake and I can proudly say that now, at 29, I was able to grow a full beard.

Since I can remember I always dreamed of having a beard. My friends started growing ones when we were like 16 or 17... I thought I was a late bloomer and never really dwelt too much on it…

Then I turned 20... still nothing. Then 24, 25, 26... still no beard.

Some might take this as a joke, but it was depressing. I have such a baby face and women always thought I was 10 years younger than I actually am. I started giving up on dating, going to events, and even going out with my friends.

Not having the full beard I wanted was putting a toll on my relationships and life overall. 99% of people wouldn't understand me, but if you're someone struggling to grow a beard, you know what I'm talking about…

It all changed when I got my growth kit for my 28th birthday. My dad got it for me for Christmas because he knew how much I was struggling with growing facial hair. I was skeptical, but the kit looked promising. It contained growth vitamins, a beard brush, a shampoo, and a couple more items.

To be honest, I was skeptical because I tried things like these in the past and never worked. But since it was from my dad, I gave it a shot... what was I about to lose?

Long story short, in less than a month I had a full beard. Not like a Santa beard, more like a Jason Statham beard but it was exactly what I wanted!

End everything in less than a month!

All I can say is thank you dad, and thank you to The Beard Club! You have changed my life!

Relax... We Have Your Back (or beard)

There are thousands of men like Jake, and the bad thing is that most of them give up.

They give up on waiting, and hoping…

And you should give up too... Yes, I said that! Give up on waiting and hoping and start taking action.

Growth Kits

It’s Doesn’t Cost a Fortune (but it’s worth one)

You always wanted to grow a beard, but have you ever wondered why? Why do you want to grow one?

To look thinner?

Because women are attracted to beards?

Just for the joy of having one?

Or maybe other reasons... and let me tell you something, they are all legitimate reasons to have a beard! It also gives you that boost of self- confidence and respect you always wanted.

Why Our Kits?

Because we are the most quality-oriented beard growing, and grooming company out there.

  • Our beard growth vitamins contain more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals, including Zinc and Vitamin D to support your healthy Testosterone production.
  • Our blend of growth oils, such as Castor and Coconut oils helps stimulate healthy facial hair growth.

The Derma roller, the Growth Vitamin Spray, the Beard Shampoo, the Beard Brush, the PT45 Trimmer, have all the same purpose; to help you grow that beard you always desired!

Change Your Life With one of our Growth Kits!

Imagine how your life would be if you had the beard you always wished for. No, I’m not talking in terms of how it feels, or how it looks. I’m talking in terms of how YOU would feel.

Imagine that boost of self-confidence, imagine liking to see yourself in the mirror, imagine friends and women complimenting you on your beard...

All that is possible, and it’s one click away.

Stop imagining and take action as soon as NOW. Your desire can turn into reality within 3 weeks!

Get your growth kit now!