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How to Start an Exercise Program & Stay Physically Fit

How to Start an Exercise Program & Stay Physically Fit

Physical fitness should be a priority for any bearded brother that wants to live a more fulfilling life. Living healthier and being more fit correlates to happiness. While eating healthy and getting your fair share of necessary vitamins will make your beard stronger, working out can be the extra pump you need.   Routine exercise is great for developing a stronger body and mind. Who doesn’t love a good sweat? Think about it this way. If you enjoy working out in some shape or form, you’ll want to get better at it and be able to last longer. The best way to gain endurance is by fueling yourself with a nutritious diet and staying hydrated. This domino effect of health will translate to all areas of your body – including your beard.
Pump up the Volume
bearded man lifting dumbbell
There’s a few guarantees for any type of workout. You are going to sweat. Your pores open up when you sweat and release from the buildup inside them. Sweat actually purges and cleanses your body of toxins. This can help clear up blemishes and have your beard secreting more natural oils. These skin benefits apply only during moderate sweating. So make sure to towel and wash up still.   While you exercise, you’re also increasing your blood flow and transporting oxygen throughout your body faster. Men who exercise more are also less prone to stress and therefore produce less cortisone. This has a direct affect on how luxurious and thick your hair can be.
 Steps for Creating a New Fitness Lifestyle  
bearded men in yoga meditation
Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your beard. It takes hard work and the most important piece of the puzzle – time. 1) Make sure you’re doing this for yourself. Don’t compare your progress or results to others. Get motivated because it’s something you want to do. You’ll learn to love the feeling you get from working out. 2) Ease into it and start small. You wouldn’t start practicing for a marathon by running it all in one day. If you start too fast you’re going to end up sore, injured and dejected. You’ll be defeated before you even start. 3) Keep it fun and interesting. Do different kinds of workouts that you’re interested in. It doesn’t have to be just going to the hamster wheel at the gym and doing the same thing over and over again.   4) Enlist a bearded brother for help. Starting a workout with others is a great way for you to stay motivated and keep you honest. It’s easy for one missed day to turn into a week and then the next thing you know your new workout dreams are over.  
Creating SMART Goals
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time bound

Your goal should have a clear purpose. Something like I want to grow a beard. Well, how about I want to be able to lift this amount of weight, or lose 10 pounds. It's important that your goal can be measured and put into a quantifiable form. You know how much you'll be able to lift or how much weight you want to lose. Or maybe you want to be able to hold a complicated yoga pose. All of these goals can be seen and measured. Is your goal reasonable should be your next question. It has to be something that can be of course physically attainable and not out of the question for you. Make sure that every step of the way you're in charge of making your goal come to pass. The next question answers itself. Any goal that will bring your physical fitness to the next level is one worth pursuing. Finally, you'll want to give your goal a timeline of some sort. Maybe you'll be able to lose that weight within the next 6 months. These are all the components of creating a SMART goal. Now you can decide how you want to get fit.
Different Types of Workout Disciplines
bearded man extending his arms
This is by no means an exhaustive list. But it’ll give you a taste and some resources to start your fitness journey. Resistance Training One of the premier places bearded bros like to congregate is within the gym. Resistance training is great for hypertrophic development and overall strength increases. Proper stretching, warm ups and taking it easy at the start is a must for any beginner weight lifter. These popular workout blueprints will assist you with picking up the iron and putting it back down again.   Yoga An ancient art that’s proliferated throughout the culture. Yoga can be practiced alone at home or within a studio. All you need is a mat and the will to learn. These basic poses will start you out on the right track. Sports General athletic activity is not only healthy, but fun too! Whether you’re playing basketball or going out for a run, you can relive the high school glory days one rep at a time. Everyone remembers gym class or practice drills before the big game. These are some of the best bodyweight exercises you can do before you play. Now put down the phone and get off your chair. Your beard wants to sweat.