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How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

Washing your beard regularly is an important part of beard care. How often should you wash it? Most men wash their beards one to three times a week. 

However, your beard's needs can vary depending on several factors, such as your beard type, skin sensitivity, and environment. Some reliable sources recommend washing your beard a couple of times a week to remove sweat, dirt, grime, and excess oil from your facial hair and skin.

A long beard can easily collect more debris, so it needs washing as much (or more) as the hair on your head. A shorter beard needs fewer washings since regular brushing with a beard brush helps keep it healthy and clean.

Furthermore, a man with overactive oil or sweat glands should wash their beard more frequently. On the other hand, if you have a particularly dry beard or sensitive skin, you may want to wash your beard less often. Overwashing your beard can strip it of its natural oils, leading to more dryness and irritation — which is never fun.

If you live in a pollution-heavy or highly humid environment, you may need to increase the number of times you wash your beard. This goes hand in hand with having an active lifestyle. Those who live in a dry climate — states like Arizona or Nevada, for example — should focus more on moisturizing their skin and beard.

Let’s explore in more detail how beard type, skin sensitivity, and environment affect how often you should wash your beard. Then we’ll give you a quick and simple guide for getting your beard nice and clean.

Are There Different Types of Beards?

Here's something they might not teach you in grade school: there are different types of beards. 

Some beard types require more frequent washing, while others may require less frequent washing. Either way, every beard needs at least one wash a week. 

If you have a thick, full beard, you may need to wash your beard more frequently than those with thinner beards. This is because a thick, full beard traps more dirt and grime since it soaks up more oil than normal. 

That dirt and grime can lead to tangles and knots and give your beard a dirty feel. In this case, deep-cleansing your beard at least twice per week may be sufficient to keep it clean and healthy.

On the flip side, those with thinner beards can wash less frequently. A thin or patchy beard tends to be less prone to tangles and knots and may not require as much maintenance. Once a week is sufficient for them.

How Does Skin Sensitivity Affect Your Beard?

Apart from beard type, skin sensitivity also plays a role in how often you should wash your beard. People with sensitive skin often struggle with beard dandruff, but that doesn't mean folks with sensitive skin should wash their beards more. This may surprise you, but there are reasons for it. 

Men with sensitive skin require less frequent beard washing, while others with tougher skin can tolerate more frequent washing. Furthermore, products like beard shampoo can dry out your skin when overused. Even though dandruff can be annoying, you don’t want to irritate your skin with frequent washing.

Stick to a beard-washing schedule to avoid stripping your beard of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. Washing your facial hair once every week may be sufficient to keep it clean and healthy. A consistent, intentional beard care regimen is key to keeping that dandruff away. 

If your skin tends to get oily or sweaty quicker than other people’s, wash more frequently. Thrice a week is a maximum. Any more than that, and you may damage your beard.

How Does Your Environment Affect Your Beard?

The frequency at which you wash your beard can also vary depending on your environment. 

Growing a beard in the desert is far different from growing a beard on a tropical island or in a polluted city. Furthermore, the activities you involve yourself in dictate your washing schedule, too.

Someone growing a beard in the desert, or any arid climate, has to be careful since their skin already gets worn down from the sun, air, and wind. For these men, a rough wash can do more harm than good. Men in these environments need to frequently moisturize their skin — but only thoroughly wash their beards once a week. Tropical climates call, on the other hand, for frequent washings.

If you live in a dirty or dusty environment, you might need to wash your beard more frequently than other men. This is because dirt, dust, and debris can get caught in your beard and make it look and feel dirty. In this case, washing your beard twice per week should be sufficient.

Activities can impact your beard's needs as well. You'll want to wash more often if you work out regularly or do anything that could dirty your beard. Whenever you do something that calls for a shower, it’s okay to wash your beard. Grab some body wash and an exfoliating loofah to keep your overall hygiene in check. Add in a body trimmer, and you’re (almost) all set. 

A Proper Beard Care Routine Changes Everything

Beard care is an essential tenet here at The Beard Club, and we're happy to share all our knowledge about how to wash your beard.

Here's a quick rundown of a basic beard-washing routine:


Use lukewarm, rather than hot, water. Hot water can cause problems for a moisturized beard and skin. The heat can also irritate your skin, leading to dryness and flakiness. Instead, use lukewarm water to gently cleanse your beard and avoid damaging or drying it out. Finish with a splash of cold water to constrict your pores and refresh your face.


Make sure you have 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner when washing your beard. Regular hair shampoo and conditioner are way too harsh on your facial hair. Lather the nourishing product into your beard like you would your normal hair.


You can wash your beard like you would the hair on your head. However, when washing the skin beneath your beard, grab a clean rag or loofah and use a circular motion across your beard. This evenly distributes the shampoo and conditioner throughout your beard as well as stimulates the hair follicles, promoting healthy growth. 


Upon exiting the shower, or whenever you finish washing your beard, grab a Pearwood Beard Comb and work it through your mane. Begin below and behind the beard (depending on how long it is) and work your way up. This prevents tangles and knots. 

Dry Off

Gently pat your beard dry with a clean towel to soak up excess water. This is the safest way to dry your beard and is much better than letting it air dry.

Rub In Beard Oil

The washing process strips a lot of your natural oils. Beard oil will replace these and keep your hair moisturized. Grab a small amount, depending on the size of your beard, and apply it to your face after washing it.

Brush Your Beard

Use a Boar Bristle Beard Brush to distribute the oil evenly throughout your beard. Brush your beard, starting at the roots and working to the tips. The brush also stimulates your hair follicles, helping them produce natural oils throughout the day.

Apply a Beard Balm

Check for any missed spots and reapply oil to those areas, then repeat the brushing process with beard balm if you so desire. A beard comb can help you evenly distribute the balm throughout your beard.

Every Beard Is Different

Ultimately, the best way to determine how often you should wash your beard is to pay attention to your beard and skin and see what works best for you. 

If your beard feels dirty, oily, or tangled, it's probably time to wash it. If your beard feels dry, itchy, or irritated, wash it less. Every man is different — and so is every beard.


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