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When and How To Trim a Beard With Scissors

When and How To Trim a Beard With Scissors

Every man has pondered at some point what exactly is so special about a trip to the barber. 

Sure, the conversation is great, the efficiency is evident, and the environment is nostalgic. However, the real reason that comes to your mind when you dig deep is probably precision. 

Barbers have immense skill when it comes to cutting hair, but equally as important is their access to high-end tools. Skill can come with time, but they’re lost without the right tools. Of course, the right tool for a precision beard trim is a pair of beard scissors. 

Once all this adds up in your mind, there are only two logical questions left to ask: “Where do I get a pair of scissors? And more importantly, how do I use them?”

Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with quality beard scissors, and the rest of this article will focus on how to properly trim your beard. Banish those stragglers poking out of your beard and gain barber-level precision from the comfort of your home.

These scissors are ideal for cutting down strays, chipping away at hard-to-reach areas, rounding out a beard style, and of course, doing all of the above with incredible precision. It takes some practice to get fast with a tool like this, but the best thing about beard scissors is that you’re not going to completely ruin your beard with one bad snip.

Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of trimming a beard with scissors. You’ll be on your way to barber-level trims in no time.

Why Use Beard Scissors?

As mentioned above, whether it’s getting rid of stragglers, trimming hard-to-reach places, or shaping your beard, you’ll want to do it with precision. That’s what a decent pair of beard scissors gets you. To keep the health benefits of a beard, trim it instead of shaving it all off!

Precision is paramount with scissors. It’s the main benefit scissors offer that an electric trimmer doesn’t have to the same degree — although you can get some impressive precision with a high-quality beard trimmer, too.

Snipping off individual hairs to affect the shape or thickness of your beard is a powerful ability to wield. With beard scissors, there won’t be any major blunders that cost you your beard.

In addition, scissors’ ease of use is a major plus. All you need is a mirror, the scissors, and some time.

Lastly, the multi-faceted benefits of beard scissors make them useful for any length or type of beard. They’re an essential tool for every man’s complete grooming kit. Whether it’s a long beard, a short beard, or even some body hair, they’ll do what they do best: trim with ease.

How Do You Trim a Beard With Scissors?

Before jumping into the specifics of trimming with beard scissors, let’s take a look at the ideal preparatory stages that need to take place before you snip off those strands. You need to make sure you’re covering supplies, cleanliness, and strategy.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Before you start trimming, use that beard shampoo to thoroughly wash your beard. Detangle it with the beard comb after (in case anything tangles). A clean means a soft beard, and a soft beard is much easier to trim and shape. Cleanliness is key.

You’ll also need a strategy and plan before going wild with those scissors. A good rule of thumb is to put a picture on your phone of what you’re going for and place it by the mirror you’ll be using. This picture provides a reference, helping you to avoid over-trimming.

How To Trim a Long Beard With Scissors

Trimming a long beard is a much different process than trimming a short beard, which we’ll delve into in a minute.

A long beard can be easier to trim yet requires more time. On the other hand, a shorter beard can be tricky to trim but often takes less time.

With a long beard, you have a lot to work with. As long as you take your time, there won’t be any serious trimming blunders, and you won’t cut it too short. Again, this is why a point of reference is important. You can always cut your hair shorter, but you can’t cut your hair longer.

Whether you’re just cleaning up your beard’s appearance or going for a shorter look in general, beard scissors are the tool for the job. The more you need to trim, though, the longer it will take. This is why having an electric trimmer for the initial sweeping cuts is a major time-saver.

Follow this guide when using trimming scissors to cut long beard hair:

  1. Comb out your clean beard to separate the longer hairs from the shorter ones.

  2. Use the trimming scissors to cut off stray hairs poking out.

  3. If cutting down the length, use an electric trimmer for any amount of more than two inches. If less than two inches, use trimming scissors. Either way, cut incrementally, not all at once.

  4. Work from bottom to top (under the chin to cheeks).

  5. Comb out loose hair when finished.

  6. Apply beard oil and brush it evenly with a beard brush.

  7. Use beard balm for some extra hold.

If you follow these steps and practice often, you’ll be wielding beard-trimming scissors with the skill of a barber in no time! Scissors are the ideal tool for longer beards.

How To Trim a Short Beard With Scissors

To clarify, we’re not talking about stubble or that five o’clock shadow you’ve been perfecting, but rather, a beard that’s grown up to at least half an inch and does not exceed six inches. This is a fairly broad definition, but that’s the ballpark.

The buzzword we’re going to stress here is “taut.” 

Making your skin taut when trimming a short beard with beard-trimming scissors is a life-or-death situation. Okay, maybe not life-or-death, but it is the difference between accidentally cutting yourself or not. 

We’ve put together another guide to help deal with your short hair. It’s fairly similar to the previous guide but with several key differences:

  1. Snip away any obvious strays.
  2. Hold skin taut and use the comb to push up hair and see uneven growth patterns. Even them out by trimming away excess with the trimming scissors.
  3. Work from bottom to top (under the chin to cheeks).
  4. To clean up the neckline, tilt your chin up and hold the skin taut as you line it up and blend it with the scissors.
  5. Hold cheek skin taut as you line it up and blend the cheek lines.
  6. Comb out loose hair when finished.
  7. Apply beard oil and smooth it evenly with a beard brush.
  8. Use beard balm last if needed.

When it’s all said and done, you should have a short beard you’re proud of! If you’re struggling with the neck and cheek lines, then substitute for an electric trimmer.

When Shouldn’t You Trim Your Beard With Scissors?

While scissors are an essential part of every man’s grooming repertoire, there are occasions when using the scissors might not be the best idea. 

Don’t Scissor-Trim Stubble

As you saw earlier, we covered times when an electric trimmer might work better than scissors. Furthermore, you should not trim with scissors when you’re dealing with stubble, are low on time, your tools are dull, or you’re not ready for intricate trimming.

Scissors on stubble can quickly lead to complications. Not only is trimming stubble with scissors impossibly time-consuming and difficult, but at some point, you’re going to cut yourself. No amount of tautness will save you from this inevitable fate, especially if you have beard bumps or pimples.

Don’t Trim With Dull Scissors

Did you know that hair can dull even the sharpest of steel blades over time? If you’ve been trimming with scissors for a while already, your tools might be on the precipice of dullness. If this is the case, don’t use your scissors until they’re sharpened or replaced because that is an easy way to cut yourself or damage your hair.

If you’re a novice with your trimming scissors, then don’t try to do too much early on. The nooks and crannies around your neck, ears, and nose require a bit more handling expertise.

Get the Beard You Want

If your beard isn’t looking the way you want it to, you may just be using the wrong tools. Beard scissors can make a world of difference when it comes to training your beard. When used with care and precision, your scissors will define and perfect your beard, leaving you feeling and looking your best.


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