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When and How To Use Beard Cream

When and How To Use Beard Cream

Every beard enthusiast knows the drill: the excitement of fresh growth, the impatience for that perfect shape, and — unfortunately — the dread of the notorious “new growth beard itch.”

Let's not even begin on the sneaky dry skin that often lurks beneath that luscious mane. Enter the savior of many a bearded brother: Beard Cream. More than just a grooming accessory, this cream is your trusty ally in maintaining a beard that looks as good as it feels.

The Power of Moisturization

Whether you're a beardsman sporting a rugged look or someone who keeps it neat and tidy, the health and vitality of your beard play a crucial role in its appearance. Moisturization goes beyond just enhancing the aesthetics; it's about comfort, resilience, and setting a strong foundation for every beard style.

By deeply hydrating the skin and hair, the Beard & Scruff Cream ensures that the beard remains soft and pliable. This not only makes your facial hair look more lush and voluminous but also eases the styling process, allowing you to achieve and maintain your desired look with minimal fuss.

And those pesky flyaways? Consider them tamed. A well-moisturized beard acts as a natural barrier against external factors, reducing frizz and unruliness.

Moreover, a hydrated beard also means fewer breakages and beard split ends, which can often detract from the overall appearance. Beard cream nourishes the hair, reducing brittleness and minimizing the occurrence of split ends. It also strengthens the hair follicles and promotes healthier growth, reducing the likelihood of breakage. 

The right amount of moisture ensures that your beard retains its natural oils, giving it that healthy sheen — not a greasy shine — and making it easier to style, whether you're shaping it for a special occasion or simply keeping it neat for daily wear.

In the world of beard care, moisturization is more than a luxury; it's essential. With the right beard cream at your disposal, you've got the power to keep your beard game strong every single day.

The Perfect Application Ritual: When to Use Beard Cream


The effectiveness of any product is as much about its quality as it is about its application. Perfecting the art of applying beard cream can maximize its benefits, ensuring that every strand of your beard receives its nourishing touch.

Starting With a Clean Canvas

Before you even think of reaching for that Beard Cream, it's paramount to begin with a clean face. Did you know the average beard contains more bacteria than the average dog’s fur? 

The Beard Club's Beard Shampoo Wash, powered by nature's finest ingredients, ensures your skin and beard are free from dirt, excess oil, and any other impediments. This step ensures the cream can penetrate deeply and work its magic without hindrance.

The Art of Massaging

With your face fresh and clean, it's time to bring out the Beard & Scruff Cream. Depending on your beard's length and density, take a generous amount onto your fingertips. Gently massage the cream into your beard, ensuring you reach from root to tip.

The aim here is to coat every hair while nourishing the skin beneath. Whether you're sporting a stubble or flaunting a full-grown mane, the massaging technique remains key.

How to Use Beard Cream With Different Beard Lengths

Whether you have short stubble, a medium-length beard, or a long, full beard, incorporating beard cream into your grooming routine can help you achieve healthier and more manageable facial hair.

Short Stubble

For those with short stubble, beard cream is essential for maintaining a clean, polished look. It helps moisturize the beard and the underlying skin, preventing the dryness and itchiness that often accompany short facial hair. Beard cream also softens the stubble, making it less prickly and more comfortable to touch. 

Medium-Length Beard

Medium-length beards require extra attention to prevent common issues such as frizz, tangling, and lack of shape. Beard cream provides the necessary moisture to keep the hair and the skin beneath healthy and nourished. 

By coating each strand of hair, beard cream reduces frizz and adds weight, making the beard more manageable and easier to style. Moreover, beard cream helps to maintain the shape and structure of the beard, promoting a neat and well-defined appearance.

Long, Full Beard

Long, full beards require intensive care to remain healthy and free from tangles, split ends, and unruliness. Beard cream is the perfect ally for such beards as it moisturizes deeply, keeping the hair soft, hydrated, and less prone to breakage. It helps prevent split ends, resulting in a more luscious and well-maintained beard.

Partnering Beard Cream With Other Beard Grooming Essentials

When and How To Use Beard Cream

Your beard is a reflection of your commitment to its care. While the Beard & Scruff Cream is a significant player, it’s part of a broader ensemble of products designed to offer a comprehensive grooming experience.

Once your beard is luxuriously moisturized with beard cream, it's time to seal the deal.

Beard Oil

Think of beard oil as a protective layer. Post-cream application, a few drops of beard oil can help lock in the moisture, add an extra layer of nourishment, and give your beard a gentle shine.

Sandalwood Beard Balm

Sometimes, your beard needs a bit more discipline, especially when you’re looking to style it in a particular manner. After applying the Beard Cream, using our Sandalwood Beard Balm can provide your beard with the hold it needs without compromising on nourishment.

The Beard Club’s extensive grooming collection is all about synergy. Each product complements the other, ensuring that from the first step to the last, your beard receives the royal treatment it deserves. When you understand the role of each product and how they harmonize with one another, you're not just grooming; you're curating an experience for your beard.

The Commitment to Quality and Health

At The Beard Club, we're more than just about beards; we're about the men behind them. Our unwavering commitment to quality and health underscores every decision, every product, and every ingredient.

Clean and Conscious

Our renewed Beard Cream boasts credentials that would make any beardsman proud. It’s vegan, so only the best of nature for your beard. It’s also cruelty-free. Our love extends to all creatures. 

There are no nasties either. No parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or harmful chemicals. Just pure, natural goodness. Our promise remains unchanged: to help you nurture and flaunt the best version of your beard while ensuring your overall well-being and the health of our planet.

Beard Cream Can Transform Your Beard

Every beard tells a story, and like any great tale, it deserves the finest care and attention. The Beard Club's Beard Cream isn't just another product — it's an essential chapter in your beard's journey. By focusing on nourishing the often-overlooked skin beneath, our Beard Cream ensures that the foundation of your beard remains as robust and radiant as the beard itself.

But a beard is not just about appearance; it's a shield, a protector. Whether you're braving the biting winds of winter or the relentless sun of summer, our Beard Cream strikes the perfect balance. It doesn't merely protect — it enhances, giving your beard a lustrous look and feel that's bound to turn heads.

Join The Beard Club

With The Beard Club by your side, you'll have all the right men's grooming products, tips, and tricks at your fingertips to keep your beard looking and feeling its best. Now, go out there and wear your beard with pride — you've earned it!


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