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10 Long Beard Styles for Men

10 Long Beard Styles for Men

If you’ve been blessed with Gandalf or Yosemite Sam’s genetics and your mustache/beard hair is able to grow down to your knees, then you probably like to embrace your scruff and let it all hang out. But keeping your beard well-manicured is especially important for men with longer facial hair.

Having a full beard is a full-time responsibility, and that all starts with deciding which type of beard style you want for your face. Here are some of our favorite long beard styles for men who don’t have much of a problem growing it all out.

How To Grow a Long Beard

While some men might not be able to grow a beard as long as some of their bros, there are some factors that can affect your beard growth.

The main factor that you really can’t do anything about is genetics. Your dad and your grandfather’s facial hair are the main indicators of what your hair will look like. If they both have long locks, you’ll probably have that too. But if they were both smooth in the face, then you probably can expect to keep it pretty short.

There are other underlying reasons why you might not be able to grow a long beard, like conditions such as alopecia areata, your ethnicity, your age, or unhealthy habits like a poor diet and lack of exercise.

While you can’t do much about some of these factors, you can make some changes to try to make your hair grow longer. First and foremost, use the right products.

Beard Growth Vitamins can help give your facial hair the nutrients it needs to grow into oblivion. Not only does this multivitamin give your beard the minerals it needs to grow, but it can also help fortify your entire body. It’s a multivitamin specifically tailored for your beard.

Next, make sure you have the right beard balm for styling. Growing your beard out is one thing, but then making sure it is properly fashioned and maintained is a completely different story. Our Beard Balm is specifically designed to shape and hold even the toughest of flyaways on the longest beards. 

Once you get your beard long enough, it’s time to do the fun part of deciding which style suits your style and face shape. 

1. Lumberjack Beard

When you envision a lumberjack, three things come to mind: a flannel shirt, an ax, and that signature beard. (The fourth might be High Jackman’s Wolverine.) A lumberjack beard is an urban, outdoorsy vibe that features a burly beard that is well maintained but a little messy, coupled with a thick mustache.

To make this work, you’ll need a flannel, boots, and some worn-in jeans. This style is fantastic for round or oval faces as it elongates the face and covers up the jawline (just in case it’s not as defined as you’d like).

2. The Viking Beard

Viking beards aren’t just for Leif Erickson and his ragtag crew of ship sailors. The Viking beard can be a fun, unique long beard style that is perfect for guys who can’t seem to get their beard to stop growing.

Viking beards are a variation that helps you look and feel like a Norse god. These long beards aren’t as maintained as a professional or polished variation, but they are still cleaned and should be brushed to properly maintain. If you want to braid your beard, the Viking is for you.

When it comes time for a beard trim, exercise the restraint of a Viking sneaking into the enemy territory. You don’t want to accidentally shave too much of your iconically bushy beard. When it comes to hairstyles, we often think of long hair with shaved sides. This might look like a top knot or a braided ponytail with an undercut. For modern styles, grow your hair out to medium length (with layers) or keep it long (maybe with a half bun). 

3. The Harden Beard

This is a fairly recent long beard that was popularized by the Brooklyn Nets player James Harden. Infamously, he set the value of his beard at $10 million. 

Though considering his signature style took hold, the value holds up. We can’t lie: He’s got a nice beard. If you dream of such a full beard style but aren’t quite there yet, no stress. According to friends and family, Harden’s thick beard was nowhere to be found while the star was in high school.

This beard is meant to engulf as much of your face as possible. It’s sort of like a lazy man’s beard, as you don’t need to shave your cheeks or mustache in order to pull it off. Just be sure to manage flyaways and trim your neckline so it doesn’t look too messy.

4. The Faded Long Beard

We’re not trying to be smart about it. There’s a real beard style called the long beard, and it’s one of the most popular options for men wanting to style their lengthened locks. A fade means that the hair on your chin gradually gets shorter as you move up your sideburns until it connects with the hairline on top of your head.

It’s a subtle, slimming look that highlights your facial features. Some men also like to take this look to a new level with faded sideburns, which visibly disconnects the beard from the hair on your head. 

There’s no right or wrong here – it’s whichever one feels best to you. This style requires regular barber trips to make sure the hair on your head and sideburns don’t get too long, but it’s worth it in the end.

5. The Polished Beard

Long beards and professional beards usually can’t go hand in hand, but the full polished beard is a variation from the normal. This long beard grows longer at the chin and is a bit shorter on the sides, accentuating the jawline and giving the face a more pointed appearance. This is one of the best beards for round faces.

This beard requires you to maintain it regularly, managing flyaways and ensuring the look is professional on all ends: A uniform length is essential here. Beards like this can tend to cause a bit of dryness on your skin, so moisturize your beard and the hair underneath.

A healthy beard is a sexy beard. Level up your beard care routine with nourishing tools like the Sandalwood Beard Oil for a softer, smoother beard. 

This is a great beard style for round or square faces, as it can help enhance the jaw and cheek lines.

6. The Power Beard

Long beards not only help a man look insanely handsome, but they also exude a sense of power and poise that short beard styles just can’t really match. Prehistoric men used to grow long beards to protect their bodies from cold while protecting their mouths from insects. As such, men with shorter beards were at higher risk of injury from temperature or disease.

The power beard is a variation of the polished beard that is fuller and more rounded on the bottom. This variation is about four to six inches in length and is well-kept and trimmed frequently. It’s one of those beards that will instantly garner respect from the people around you.

No matter which of these ten best beard styles you pick, you’ll need a trimmer that accommodates a shorter and longer beard — and the many layers in between. The PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer is the answer. This beard trimmer has 45 different lengths and a 7,000 RPM motor for a totally custom look and no pulling. 

It has a three-hour battery life, so if your desired shape is taking a bit longer than you expected, you have all the time you need. 

7. The Long Goatee

The goatee is perhaps one of the most famous (or infamous, depending on your preferences) beard styles out there. It features shaved hair on the cheeks followed by growth on the under part of the chin. It’s like how a goat looks, hence the name.

A long goatee is one of the boldest mustache and beard combinations out there. With this, you let the hair on your chin grow out about three to four inches while shaving everything else. It’s a unique style that can help make your face appear longer, making it good for round or square faces.

For this beard look, stray hairs are the enemy of style. Cut that negativity out of your life — literally — with Beard Trimming Scissors. Our beard scissors are made from stainless steel to last as long as that 5 PM meeting you’ve been dreading. (PS: These also work for perfecting the mustache style of your dreams.)

8. The Garibaldi

The Garibaldi is as close to a short beard as a long beard can get. This style showcases a clearly defined cheek area and a bushy natural beard that all comes together with a well-groomed mustache, usually one with some handlebars at the edges.

It’s a steampunk-style look that’s representative of the 1940s and 50s. It’s one of those facial hair styles that not many men can pull off, but if you do, you’ll be talked about for days. Be sure to have a nice pair of round glasses to wear with it.

9. The Wave

Sometimes a beard is all about shaping and trimming it to perfection. Other times, it’s all about actually styling it to look exactly how you want it. The wave is a classic look that embraces the natural waves of your long beard, making it look like a river from the chin to the collarbone.

In most cases, you can do the styling at night and go to sleep knowing that you’ll wake up with the perfect wavy look. Be sure to have a beard brush and beard comb handy for this one, as well as a good bottle of beard shampoo and conditioner.

10. The Braided Beard

Very few men have the luxury to be able to braid their head of hair, let alone their facial hair. Braided beards are a super bold look that is great for going out, staying in, or showing off. It’s one of those styles that shows you’re fully comfortable in your appearance and you’re ready to start breaking style norms.

Check out our easy-to-follow how-to-braid-a-beard guide if you need a little help getting started. The hardest part of pulling off a beard like this is getting people to stop complimenting you all the time.

In Conclusion

Having a long beard is an end goal for many men, and while some guys will never be able to achieve some of these styles, those who are blessed with long, luscious locks have the freedom to amplify their style with some new facial hair variations.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to how you want to style your beard. No matter what you pick, the styling products you use are the most important part.

Don’t know where to start? Join the club and take 15% off your first order (plus a free item) when you take the beard quiz and get your personalized beard plan.


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