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10 Common Comments Every Bearded Man Hears

10 Common Comments Every Bearded Man Hears

Facial hair is a daily topic of conversation for bearded men... in large part because everyone else seems to have something to say about their beard, be it a comment or a pressing question. Stop us if you've heard this one before...

"Did you forget to shave?"

This comment is usually directed a someone sporting a freshly sprouted beard. It's a rite of passage, really. Of course, you may hear it a lot more frequently if you're a fellow who likes to rock the scruff rather than going all-in on your growth.


"How long have you been growing it?"

Once you answer this question, you'll receive one of two reactions: People will think it sounds like you've been growing for an incredibly long time, and people who'll tell you it hasn't been long at all. Ultimately, though, truth is in the eye of the beard-holder. But we can all agree that a yeard is serious business.

"I wish I could grow a beard like that."

When someone says this to you, they're expressing their beard envy. Which raises the question: What's stopping them from growing their own facial hair? Encourage your bare-faced brother. Inspire him to get started on a whisker-wearing project of his own.

"Do girls like your beard?"

"You know, I haven't asked any. But women love it."

"My workplace won't let me grow it any longer than this."

Politely suggest they reconsider their occupation. 

But seriously, though, if you really want to grow your beard, make it a reality. Talk to your employer about changing their backward, outdated policies. It's 2019, after all! Shouldn't we be ready to move beyond the dark ages?

"You look like Grizzly Adams."

An excellent reference. But whatever handsome, rugged celebrity you get compared to, it's all good. Take it as a prime-grade compliment.


"Hell of a beard, brother."

This common greeting from one bearded man to another is simpler and more effective than a secret society handshake—which is appropriate, because it's hardly a secret that you belong to the fraternity of the bead. Feel free to take this opportunity to exchange beard care secrets. Let them know you belong to The Beard Club, and so should they.

"Just shaved mine off a while back."

A heartbreaking confession! But it's never too late for our fallen brethren. Encourage them to get them back into the game. They've left an essential part of their identity back on the barbershop floor.

"I've been thinking about growing mine out for a while."

Encouragement. Again, get these guys to take the right step. This isn't a solitary journey by any means. There are beards at all different levels that could do with a moral boost. We are a brotherhood after all.

"My dad used to have a beard like that."

Or maybe not dad. Maybe cousin, brother, boyfriend—some manly bearded figure in this person's life. It simply means that you and their family or friends share a bond the beardless can never understand....