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What Your Beard Says About You

What Your Beard Says About You

They say clothes make the man. It’s a centuries-old adage, but is it really true? Sure, clothing may enhance your look, it's not the be-all and end-all of what defines your appearance. We'd argue that your choice of facial hair makes a bolder, clearer statement about who you are and what you’re about than skinny jeans or a fancy suit ever could.

If you’ve been considering taking your look to the next level by growing a beard, keep in mind these messages as you upgrade your appearance—and be sure to sign up for a subscription to The Beard Club’s expansive line of growth accelerators and grooming products to keep your new beard looking incredible!

bearded man with eyeglasses

Stubble Beard: “I’m well-groomed but totally rugged.”

Once considered a scruffy look for vagabonds without regular access to running water and shaving kits is now seen as one of the most attractive styles a man can adopt. Recent studies have shown that a majority of women find a stubble beard to be quite irresistible. Perhaps it has something to do with the vibe, which rides the line between carefree playboy and nine-to-five blue-collar working Joe. If you're interested in a little extra attention from the ladies, a stubble beard might be just the way to go.

Man with beard in grimace look

Chin Strap: “I’m a busy, active kind of guy.”

The chin strap style was actually extremely common back in the late 18th century. While the look fell out of favor for many decades, it’s made a serious comeback in recent years thanks to pro athletes looking for a way to balance their preference for a beard with the challenges of their vigorous lifestyle. It turns out more extravagant facial hair can get in the way for many athletic activities, which makes chin straps a perfect compromise. If you want a style that won't get in your way, a chin strap might be your best play. Don’t forget to freshen up with a little Beard Spray to help keep your whiskers smelling great even after a day of hard play!

man with muttonchops beard style

Mutton Chops: “I can’t be tamed!”

Want to make a truly bold statement? Mutton chops could be the way to go! When people today think of mutton chops, images of Civil War generals (or maybe the X-Men's most popular mutant hero, Wolverine) probably come to mind. It’s an uncommon look that stands out out in a crowd. Of course, you could certainly go the tamer route with a trimmed pair of chops, but why would you? Go all-out with these bushy beasts and let your wild side show!

clean shaved man with long hair

Soul Patch: “I’m a free spirit.”

A Soul patch is the perfect look for someone who marches to the beat of their own drum. The style took off back in the 1950s with beatniks who were aching to rebel against all sorts of things… including the clean-shaven standards of the past. Even now, soul patches speak to conformity, of bucking trends and avoiding boring social norms. If your passions in life revolve around arts and entertainment, a soul patch can definitely drive home that point. Plus, they look totally chill, man.

man with horseshoe beard cut

Horseshoe Mustache: “Quirky is cool.”

Some styles of facial hair will always be tied to certain iconic images, no matter what the generation. When people see a horseshoe mustache, the first thing that springs to mind will probably be Hulk Hogan… or maybe a walrus. And that’s fine! There are certainly worse things in life to be associated with than pro wrestlers and majestic sea creatures. Keep your horseshoe ’stache neatly groomed with one of our Sandalwood Mustache Combs and live the life you want to, brother!

man with long hair and beard holding his chin

Handlebar Mustache: “Extra-quirky is extra-cool.”

Looks go in and out of style over time, but perhaps no other type of mustache has made as wild a comeback as the old-timey handlebar. What used to be a cartoonish fashion seen only in vintage daguerreotypes of velocipede riders, boxcar boxers, and young Edwardian dandies is now a favorite look among modern urban hipsters. Want people know how much you love craft beers? Want to broadcast your affinity for clattering away on a manual typewriter as you create the Great American Novel? Invest in a little Beard Club Beard & Mustache Wax and create a perfectly-twisted handlebar mustache to do the talking for you!

bearded man smiling

Short Boxed Beard: “I’m a classic man.”

There's no more universally-accepted facial hair than the short boxed beard. It's a 100% inoffensive style, even among people who claim to hate facial hair. This is the perfect beard, whether you’re a young go-getter, a business professional, a retired dad—or just about anything else, really. A short boxed beard is the vanilla ice cream of facial hair, but you know what? Vanilla ice cream became the standard because everyone loves it.

Bearded man smiling

Full Beard: “I’m living life to its fullest.”

You're the type of guy who doesn't let anything stand in your way. The Man is never going to hold you down. You're going to run wild and free, and no one can tell you what to do. If you're passionate about being your own person and not holding back, the full beard is the way to go. Much like the fire deep inside your soul, a full beard simply cannot be tamed. Let your soul burn and your beard flow!

What does your facial hair say about you? Bring the conversation over to our social channels and let us know!