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Writing a Letter to a Loved One

Writing a Letter to a Loved One

Think about the last time you wrote an actual handwritten letter. Yes writing a letter, a real handwritten letter. Probably can’t remember can you? It used to be a way to show that we cared or just a way to check up on someone. Sure, technology has brought us into the age of lightning fast communication. We can shoot a text, double tap for a like or even call. But there’s no denying that there is just something still so special about sitting down and crafting a handwritten letter. It’s a great way to show a loved one you’re thinking of them. More than a kind gesture, though, writing letters is a way to uphold age-old traditions that technology has dehumanized. Putting your hand to the paper and letting the thoughts flow makes us engage in the here and now, the immediate presence around us.    Writing a letter is a new way to feel and connect with one another again. In getting back to our Roots, we at the Beard Club want to help you rediscover a lost art of human connection. Letter writing can repair wounded relations, spark creativity and improve our sense of well-being. 

Get back to your roots by writing a letter

Writing a letter can be the first step to reforging and creating stronger family ties. Sitting down and taking the time to write one signifies that you care a whole lot. Enter into this with an open mind, clear away any old grievances you might have had and start fresh. If you haven’t spoken with them in a few years, fill them in on your life and ask them simply what’s new. All you’re going to need is a paper, pen and your thoughts. Write a few rough drafts before you send out your letter. The time and effort you put into this will show. Leave a return address and the best way to contact you through the phone if you haven’t seen this relative in a while. Maybe you’ll even get a letter in return.
Man with thick beard resting his chin on his hands

Scientific studies on writing a letter

According to a recent study at the University of Chicago, researchers found that although most people find writing a letter awkward or are apprehensive to do so, people who receive letters are a lot more appreciative when they receive one.   In the study, 107 students were asked to write a letter to a loved one or someone who had affected their life in a positive and meaningful way. Following this the students were given a questionnaire after they sent the letter. Then the recipients were sent a questionnaire two days after they received their letter.   Both sender and recipient were thank asked to rank their feelings about the whole process. It was found that people’s anxieties about expressing thank you were proven wrong and the supposed awkwardness were unwarranted. The people who received the letters were genuinely happy about handwritten letter.     Overall, it was found that these types of social connections are a powerful source of well-being and help create connections easily. For those people that engage in these actions they’ll see stronger social bonds and greater displays of gratitude. Essentially, writing a letter is a great way to bring a positive social impact to both yourself and your loved ones.

Types of letters you can write

Old man with beard writing a letter
There are a lot of different ways to go about writing your own letter. But that’s also the beauty of it! Go ahead and send a kind thought, simple words of appreciation or maybe a long-drawn out manifesto! It’s your paper man. A simple letter could be just the thing somebody needed and you don’t know how much you could be brightening up the world. Your letter doesn’t have to look perfect or be without mistakes. Just bring some rustic reality to and put pen to paper and write. The honesty of a handwritten letter is a gift that will keep on growing. Here are some ideas about the types of letters you can write.
  • Write a letter to a parent you haven’t spoken to in a while or a sibling.
  • Have you tried something new or is maybe just the act of writing this letter is something you want to talk about! Go ahead and send it!
  • Write a letter to a grandparent or long lost mentor with updates on how you’re doing in life.
  • Send a letter congratulating a friend or family member if they’d recently gone through a big milestone in their life like a wedding or engagement.
  • Congratulate someone on something they’ve recently accomplished.
  • Write to someone about something profound  you’ve recently learned about.
  • Just write something to show that you care about them and they’ve been in your thoughts lately.
The connection of a handwritten letter is an expressive and powerful emotional gesture that is timeless.

Healing grief through writing a letter

Man visiting old man in hospital smiling
Sometimes we hold deep seated emotions in and we let them get ahold of us for far too long. It’s important to unmask this pent up anger that is hiding more vulnerable feelings like grief or fear. Until these feelings are let loose, nothing will be gained for our mental and spiritual well-being. One such way to get over grief or come to terms with difficult events and relationships with our life is to write it out. We’ll be able to integrate this part of our self and create healing regenerative new emotions. Here’s how we can do this:
  • Write a letter to someone who has passed away or a loved one who is very ill. Tell them everything you’d ever want to tell them about what you love and how you appreciate them. If these people are deceased and you’re writing the letter to yourself – this can act as a healing moment in which you can imagine telling them something you never got the chance to.
  • Go on and write about your most favorite memories and talk about yourself a little bit on how you’ve changed and grown up over the years.
  • Reach out to someone who may be grieving and be their support.
Life is too short to not go out and take risks and let people know how you really feel. It’s only writing a letter after all. This is something we can all do.