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Yoga Basics for Beard Health

Yoga Basics for Beard Health

Yoga as a discipline is a beneficial force in many aspects of your life. It can give you massive strength gains, flexibility, body awareness and peace of mind. There are hundreds of different types or schools of yoga throughout the world. Originally an Eastern way of life, it has spread to all areas around the world. Yoga is a fundamental part of realizing your fullest potential. You’ll have increased flexibility, be stronger and have improved energy and vitality. Aside from the usual round of increased physical attributes, you’ll find mental and internal health benefited as well. Relaxation techniques in yoga can assist you in dealing with back pain, muscle soreness, headaches and more. The more you practice, the more feats of strength you’ll be able to perform.

Yoga and a New Well-being

bearded men in yoga meditation
Yoga is great for your overall being, but it also aids in a better looking appearance. Along with a proper diet and smart beard regimen, you'll reduce your stress so you can grow out a spectacular beard. There are poses out there that will assist in benefiting your blood flow and getting rid of stress. Here is one such pose to get you warmed up and wondering about the joys of yoga.   One such pose called Uttanasana, a forward bend pose is supposed to bring blood flow to the scalp and overall face. It eliminates stressors which is a big factor with overall hair growth.
  1. You start by standing upright with your feet placed right next to one another.
  2. First inhale deeply.
  3. Then while exhaling  you lift your hands up and bend forward to either touch your feet or the floor.
  4. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds.
  5. Release.
There are so many places to begin when starting a yogic practice. Don’t be surprised to see many fellow bearded brothers already getting their yoga on.    In many ancient sanskrit texts, the Raja yoga is something that refers to the goal of yoga. One such passage speaks about the importance of Yogis growing their beard and hair. They believe that it draws energy to the brain as they describe the body as an inverted tree. The hair and beards acting as the roots. This is why you’ll see so many traditional yogis with such long beards and hair. Maybe they’re onto something here!  

Basics of Yoga

man in tree pose yoga by the beach
Let’s go back to the roots of Yoga so we can truly appreciate this beautiful and healing practice. It’s a roughly three to seven thousand year old practice. So naturally, there is a rich tradition associated with the community and practice. A lot of local yoga studios do their best to bring the spirituality and positivity into Yoga teaching. Let’s start by giving some basics of yogas and clearing up some common misconceptions. Practicing asana (physical postures) is the most popular form of yoga. First off, you don’t need to be flexible. Yoga is in a sense preparing you to become more flexible! You’re not going to go to the gym and rack a couple 45s on the bench press right away. You have to work your way up to the good and hard stuff. Don’t let your lack of flexibility stop you from yoga. Yoga is meant to be a lifelong practice. Feel free to join a local place, practice from the web or go seek out your own guru. All classes are different with variations - sometimes you’ll flow from one posture to the next or be required to hold poses for a certain time and focus. Kick off those shoes and socks. You’ll usually never see shoes worn inside a practice room nor socks as those can get slippery on the yoga mats. Barefoot to the bare earth is a good way to be for at least a little bit of time everyday. Try not to eat before class for at least an hour to an hour and a half. A full stomach doesn’t mix well with strenuous physical activity. Bring your own yoga mat so you can practice wherever your body goes.

A Primer on Types of Yoga

man with beard in lotus pose
With such a long and rich history, yoga has grown and evolved through the years. New practicing yogis can decide what they want to get out of this new journey. Maybe you’re in need of a spiritual path and some meditation or a blend of both with physical practices at the forefront too.  

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga incorporates both movement and dynamic breathing techniques. Along the way you’ll begin to meditate and learn how to chant mantras. One such mandra is San Nam, which means “truth is my identity.” The goal behind this type of yogic practice is to build physical strength and spiritual consciousness.  


Hatha is a generic term that refers to different types of yogas that teach physical postures. The majority of all classes found in the west are Hatha yoga. These types of classes will help introduce you into the most basic yoga postures. They might not be that much of a workout in the beginner level, but will help you gain flexibility, calmness and become more relaxed.


Iyengar yoga was created by B.K.S iyengar. It’s an interesting type of yoga that focuses on attaining proper alignment within a pose. This type of yoga is very detail oriented and a studio focusing on this will add a lot of straps and bolsters to help get you into alignment with all of your poses. While there isn’t a lot of jumping around, it can be very challenging to stay perfectly still in these types of postures. It’s a great type of yoga for recovery of tight muscles, soreness or even injury.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is not for the faint of heart. It’s similar to something called Bikram. Hot yoga is done at a studio that is heated. Be prepared to sweat like mad and let that beard drip.


Also known as yin yoga, restorative classes use a variety of extra accessories to create an environment of complete calm and restorative energy. Bolsters. Blankets and blocks help students go into passive poses without much effort. It’s a lot better than a nap and offers tremendous opportunity for active rest.   These techniques can make you much more relaxed. It’s also a fun pursuit as you can test your physical and mental fortitude. There are so many demanding yoga schools and subsequent poses out there that will test your skill. When your body begins to adapt to these new forms of movement and positions, you will become much more comfortable in your own body. Meditation is a great form of getting rid of stress and that might even show in your beard. Start your yogic journey brothers!