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The Top 9 Trending Beard Styles for Black Men

The Top 9 Trending Beard Styles for Black Men

With beards making an enormous comeback in recent years, the Black community is looking to its trend-setters to see what’s what. Black celebrities have experimented with beard styles from classic to modern, and a lot of dapper looks gained traction as a result.

Chin straps, goatees, full beards, less-than-full beards, and many other styles are all on the table if you’re a Black man looking for a beard that fits you. A beard can make or break a look since it’s one of the first things people notice about you, so it’s essential that you get it just right. 

Finding the Beard for Your Face Shape

One factor that directly affects your choice is your face shape. An oval face shape is an ideal canvas for a beard, but not everyone is blessed with this genetic feature. Square face shapes need a beard that rounds them out more, while circle face shapes need a beard that gives them some length and angles. For longer faces, less equals more.

Many factors can determine the best beard for your face, so we did all the work for you and gathered several of the most popular beard styles currently trending for Black men. 

With the 60s and 70s clothing styles back in fashion, it makes sense that all the beard styles of your parents and grandparents are making their comeback. We selected some of the best comebacks and fresh modern looks for you to choose from.

9 Trending Beards for Black Men

The biggest challenge with growing a beard is doing it alone — so join our community and get yourself set on the right path with a beard growth kit! This set of high-quality accessories and tools eliminates many of the uncertainties that come with growing a beard.

It’s not just about growing hair on your face. It’s about doing it right and looking great while you do it! Check out all your choices below. Happy beard hunting!

1. The Ducktail Beard

A phenomenal example of this beard done well is James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers. His beard is one of the best in the NBA.

The goal of this style is to grow out your chin hairs as long as you are able. The subsequent ducktail that appears is the heart and soul of this style. You can also add a goatee element or an artfully curved mustache. 

2. Five O’Clock Shadow

It’s always five o’clock somewhere, and that somewhere happens to be your face if you choose this style. 

When you grow out of a shadow for a few days, you’ll start to notice that it's growing in places that are less than ideal. All that neck scruff starts to take its toll on your professional countenance, and the higher up it is on the cheeks, the less attractive it looks.

Luckily, there’s a solution. Grab a straight-edge razor and give your five o’clock shadow a line-up like you just left the barber on the morning of prom. 

Make sure to shave back those cheeks and that neckline to go from unruly to unstoppable. Slap a bit of beard growth oil on there to keep it nourished, and you’re good to go.

3. Mutton Chops

Whether you’re bold and seeking out the original retro mutton chops look, or you’re fine with a more easygoing style, you’re in good company. Mutton chops made their comeback — it’s like they rose from the dead, and they’re here to stay.

The original retro style takes your sideburns to places you never thought sideburns could go. Cut them off at your jawline for the full effect. What’s more manly than looking like the Black Wolverine?

If you want a calmer style of mutton chops, then go the “friendlier” mutton chops route. The placement is the same, except instead of growing them out bushy like a beard, you keep them groomed. Another essential element is that the mutton chops connect via your mustache.

Mustache wax and a mustache comb would be ideal investments for this style.

4. The Short Beard

This is the “something-more-but-not-too-much” style that we see gaining traction in Hollywood because of stars like Will Smith, Lebron James, Drake, and Michael B. Jordan. Its definition varies, but the hairs need to be at least one inch long. 

Most men need a few weeks to get it to their liking, but it will look good as long as you push through the awkward weeklong stage after it’s too long to be called stubble.

This look is not for those with patchy beards. There are ways to remedy that patchiness, but it might be easier to roll with a different look, such as a goatee or mustache.

5. The Goatee

Here is one of the most classic looks for Black men. 

This style can be rugged or professional, manly or suave, or anywhere in between. Pair it with the outfit of your choice, and you can bet that your fit and your beard will be in sync. The look is universal and works for most face shapes.

The best part about the goatee is that it is remarkably simple to grow and maintain. Do patchy spots plague your cheeks? Don’t worry; the goatee is your best friend.

For those with softer or circular features on their countenance, this style gives you a much sharper look. All you need to grow out is your mustache, chin hair, and the connector on either side of your mouth.

There are other versions of, and accessories for, the goatee. A couple of these variations include the soul patch and the mini-goatee. A soul patch is the little tuft of hair that grows between your bottom lip and chin hair. It can be worn by itself, with a mustache, or with a goatee.

The mini-goatee cares much less about those connectors and shortens the chin hair. All the hair is cropped much closer to the skin and faded from thick to thin and long to short. Typically, a thin mustache is worn for the mini-goatee.

6. The Garibaldi Beard

Who is Giuseppe Garibaldi? He was a popular Italian military figure in the 19th century who gave us an amazing beard style. The renowned warrior dripped with masculinity, and so did his beard. This is still one of the most powerful-looking beards to this day.

Essentially, the beard needs to be grown out long and groomed outward. There is a delicate balance between containment and business, but if you find the sweet spot, you’ll never return. The bottom of the beard should form a wide, rounded point. Excellent examples of celebrities with this beard include Donald Glover, Chadwick Bosman, and Conor McGregor.

7. The Classic Full Beard

If you just want a beard that blends in with others but still looks great, then classic full beards are always a solid choice. 

From the 70s until now, this look has remained popular. It is grown and shaped and maintained just like the short beard, except obviously, you want it to reach a thicker, fuller, longer look. 

8. The Bushy Beard

The best example of the bushy beard in recent years has to be Donald Glover in the Childish Gambino music video for “This Is America.” 

The virtuosic celebrity is known for his music and comedy roles in movies and TV shows, and that beard made him as manly as can be. If you dislike your face shape, this look solves that issue for you by literally covering it in its entirety. There is only one rule: Don’t brush it too much.

9. The Carved Beard

This style of beard is the catch-all name for several unique facial hair looks. Getting a carved beard starts with abnormally shaping your medium–to-long facial hair to get a chiseled look. However, this beard style is pretty high-maintenance, so your success will depend on how much time and patience you’re willing to put into the upkeep.

Whether you shape your beard long or wide or sharp or round, it’s up to you. Some men trim down the mustache and grow out a bushy beard, while others keep the beard short and then trim designs into them. Overall, a denser beard is better here.


No matter your height, weight, face shape, or style, there is a beard out there for you. 

It may take some grooming, but with the right supplies, you can step up your facial hair game. Take your time, experiment a little, and get some feedback — because once you find that perfect beard, you are set for life.


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