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Why Is My Beard Patchy? Advice for Overcoming Uneven Growth

Why Is My Beard Patchy? Advice for Overcoming Uneven Growth

When you're growing in a new beard, nothing can be more demoralizing than the dreaded sight of patchy hair. All you want to see on your face is a nice, full beard, but instead, you're met with bald spots that seem like they won't fill in. Don't worry; you're not the only one who deals with this. Plenty of first-time beard growers constantly ask themselves why their beard looks so patchy at the beginning. It's a normal part of fostering a beard for most men, and there are multiple explanations as to why.

Don’t be fooled by appearances

Do you ever catch yourself staring in the mirror, trying to figure out why your beard looks so patchy at the beginning? You might be your own worst enemy here. We naturally expect everything to come in uniform and look exactly the same across our entire face. That may be how a painter works, but our faces aren't flat canvases. Growing a beard is an art form, and sometimes art takes unexpected directions! Our faces are full of bumps, twists, and turns that can create the impression that your beard hair isn't growing in right when, in fact, it looks just fine to everyone else. Your disappointment may just be a matter of perspective. 

Facial hair grows differently on your face depending on where it sprouts. The hair on your cheeks grows straight out and falls. The whiskers on your chin will grow straight down. This dynamic variety can give the false impression of patchiness in the early days of a beard, as your beard hair may be sprouting evenly but falling differently due to its direction or the inevitable power of gravity. Depending on how you shift your sight and move your face, spots causing concern might disappear. In other words, you may be fretting about something that no one else even notices!

Give things time

One of the simplest explanations for patchy beard growth issues is "time." Just as with the hair that grows on your head, you may find that some portions of your beard grow in slower than the rest. Yes, this can be completely annoying, but the good news is that there's an easy cure: Patience. If you have a spot that looks a little barren, you may just need to give it some time to fill in on its own. After a few weeks, you may not even notice that troublesome patch anymore.

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You may need a lot of patience, though. It can actually take up to a full month for your beard to grow in fully. One month in tends to be the point at which those patches finally get their act together and begin to grow out properly. Again, don't be discouraged at a little unevenness early on in your beard journey. There's no sense in pulling your hair out about a spot that'll grow in on its own.

It looks patchy because…it is

Sometimes the answer you get is the one you don't want to hear. If all else fails, it's possible your beard looks patchy because that's just how it is. Your beard genetics play a major role in how your face’s furry friend will turn out. Millions upon millions of men suffer from patchy beards, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. We know: It can be disheartening news.

But you don't have to give up hope. Unless you’ve got a condition like alopecia barbae, or hair loss of the beard, there's no need to admit defeat and accept a lifetime of patchy facial hair. There are ways to stimulate growth, and The Beard Club is all about conquering basic beard struggles like this. That's why we've come up with a selection of beard accelerators to try and remedy the situation.

The Beard Club offers a great array of growth accelerator products, including Growth Vitamin Spray, Beard Growth Oil, and Growth Vitamins, all of which work to promote healthy beard growth and create the perfect environment for stimulated facial hair growth. If you feel you need a little support in conquering your patchy spots, or you just don't want to deal with the annoyance of looking at that little awkward place on your face, our products may be the key to a happier life.

It's hard not to be your own biggest beard critic. You could be fixating on areas that no one else can see, or worrying about a bald spot that'll fill in on its own after a few weeks. But it never hurts to call in reinforcements, and our products may just be the facial fill-in you're looking for. At The Beard Club, we've got you covered with all the essential men’s grooming products, offering beard wash, beard oils, beard balms, beard brushes, beard trimmers, and more to help you in your quest to healthy hair growth.

Ultimately, any beard is worth being proud of. You decided to grow out your facial hair and make it a part of your look, and whatever form that takes gets a round of applause from us. Even if you find it doesn't grow in the way you'd like, all it takes is choosing the right beard style to turn your patchy spots into a custom look to make everyone swoon. Don't give up! We believe in you―and your beard.