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Beard Shaping 101: How to Shape Your Beard

Beard Shaping 101: How to Shape Your Beard

Growing a beard is a little like magic. It can take awhile to get to where you want to be, but every time you catch a glimpse of your mane in the mirror, it's hard not to marvel at how it flatters your face!  But impressive as it is to cultivate your facial hair, the real magic comes from shaping what you've got. Watching any professional barber turn an unkempt mess into a top-notch beard will show you that! Want to get that magical look for yourself without spending time in the barber chair? Well, you're in luck. We have some tips and tricks to help bring your beard up to pro status. Pick a style you feel comfortable with and let the good times roll. Check out the style guide below, find a shape that speaks to you, and then follow along with our step-by-step instructions for locking in the perfect look.
Man in shower

1. Proper Prep Time

The path to getting the shape you want starts with the simplest of steps: Wash your beard thoroughly. It's always easiest to deal with fresh facial hair rather than one loaded down with product or a day's worth of grime. Grab some Beard Shampoo and work it through your whiskers to get that just-out-of-the-shower cleanness. Rinse your beard free of the shampoo, and then pat it dry (don’t rub it or blow dry it!) to prepare for the next step. Oh, and don’t forget to work in a little Beard Oil before moving on—it’ll make your whiskers that little bit more manageable.
Man combing his beard

2. Best the Nest

You’d be surprised at how badly a beard can bunch up into knots during the course of a day. A long beard can get so twisted that it looks like it’s shed a few inches! These bunches of hair are worse than unsightly; they can also hide more serious issues, like split hairs. This is why it's extremely important (no matter how big your beard becomes) to brush or comb it out on a regular basis.  Luckily, whether you prefer a Beard Brush or a Beard Comb, detangling isn’t as difficult a process as you might expect. Work a little Beard Oil into your whiskers to soften and lubricate it, then take your tool of choice and work it steadily through your beard from top to bottom. Take care not to force things when you encounter resistance, as forceful combing can hurt the healthy hairs that have gotten caught up in the tangle. Instead, take care of these troublesome spots by moving your brush back at the top of your beard working through the tangle again, and repeating as needed. Slowly but surely, the knot will unravel, and you'll be able to move on with your grooming.
Man getting beard cut with closed eyes

3. Scissor Time

Time to take your snips and go to town. Grab a pair of Scissors and put them parallel with a flat comb against your face. These two tools should be stacked one atop the other in order to cut an even shape at a consistent length. They’re a dynamic duo will help you weed out any split ends as you steadily work your facial hair into the shape you aspire to. Start from your sideburns and hold the comb vertically against them, parallel to your jaw. Cut your way across your beard, working top to bottom. Since you’re leading with the comb, you can just follow along with the way you'd naturally comb your beard.  Once you get to your neckline, you’ll want to comb downwards, then snip off any parts that jut out from the desired shape. Continue to run the comb through your beard in order to catch the stragglers, then trim the loose hairs that pop up in order to get closer to the shape you want.
Man in mirror shaping his beard

4. Meticulous Shape-Up

Speaking of your neckline, the border between skin and whiskers beneath your chin is one of the most important yet most commonly neglected considerations to trimming a beard. It helps define your beard’s shape, and without a proper neckline, the entire look of your beard will be thrown off. Unless you're going for a very extreme or avant-garde look, you'll want to avoid sculpting a pointed or squared line along your neck. A rounded approach works with almost any shape you're going for and gives everything a very natural finish. Switching over to a beard trimmer (or even to an old-school razor) will help you achieve pinpoint accuracy for your neckline. Shave along the natural curve of your neck, and feel free to use your thumb and index finger to cup your jawline as a guide. After your first pass-through, you’ll want to look and see if you need to do some clean-up around your ears. You’ll want to go through this process on a weekly basis (if not more often) in order to maintain a clean neckline.

5. Finishing Touches

Now that you're combed, trimmed, and shaped, it's time for the finishing touches. Once you perfect the look you want, and you’ll want to do everything you can to keep it looking as crisp as it did on day one. Beard Balm or and Beard Wax can do wonders for daily maintenance, flattening loose hairs and locking everything in place. Beard Cream is also a great choice here, as it helps feed your whiskers to keep them healthy while leaving you smelling fantastic. It’s natural to be concerned about shaping your beard. Hopefully, this guide has demonstrated just how easy things can be. These steps are simple enough for even the most inexperienced beard-wearer. They’ll have everyone looking like a professional when all is said and done. Take your time, follow these tips and tricks closely, and the final result will be a real showstopper.