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Beard Style for Face Shape: 14 Beard Styles for Face Shapes

Beard Style for Face Shape: 14 Beard Styles for Face Shapes

When you say that someone is in a “hairy situation,” it denotes that something bad is about to happen. 

However, we think when it comes to hair on your face, that doesn’t matter at all. Sometimes, the hairier the “situation” on your face is, the more freedom you have to play around with a beard style that feels right for you. Plus, growing a beard is no longer just about staying warm.

Going into 2023, we’re about to see some major changes to male style and fashion, and beard types are among those variations. If you need some pointers, here are the top 14 trending beard breeds that every guy should know.

What Are the Best Facial Hair Styles for Square Faces?

Being a blockhead has its perks, with the biggest being that your jawline is cut. Show it off in style with one of the best beard styles for square faces to let that killer jaw shine.

Circle Beard

It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all through despair and hope. 

You can look like a Lion King yourself by showing off that jawline with this classic circle beard. A circle beard is a mustache and a chin beard that connect on the sides of the lips — making a circle. This style is also sometimes called a beard-stache.

Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith pull off a circle beard with ease thanks to their distinct facial features and iconic haircuts, and you can do it too by just taking a beard trimmer to the beard hair on the sides of your cheeks all the way down to the length of your mustache. 

The only thing you’ll need to make sure of is that the hair that runs from your mustache to your chin actually connects to one another.

Royale Beard

    Are you looking for more of that hipster chic sort of look? The royale beard look makes you seem like you’re ready to hustle the jackpot out of an unsuspecting blackjack dealer. 

    This type of beard is a mustache anchored by a chin strap. That means that there’s space between your mustache and your chin beard. There’s also a little patch of hair right under the bottom lip to complete the look. Picture Robert Downey Jr.’s signature short beard style.

    Look like Iron Man and feel like a real superhero by pulling off this classic beard variation. All you’ll need is this beard shape, a hat, and a pipe, and you’ll be looking pristine.

    In addition, this look is perfect for guys with a small beard or a stubble beard that doesn’t really grow out much or connect around the lips.

    Goatee Beard

    A goatee is an umbrella term used for lots of different beard growth styles. 

    It’s defined as a style of facial hair that incorporates hair on the chin but not the cheeks. It resembles the beard that goats have under their mouths, hence the name.

    A classic goatee doesn’t have a mustache; you just have hair on your chin area. This style is ideal for a square-shaped head because it shows off that killer jaw in all facets. However, you can also get a petite goatee, which is a smaller variation that serves to elongate the chin.

    Not to mention, you can connect the beard to your mustache for a circle beard or royale beard. At the end of the day, as long as you don’t have hair on your cheeks and you’ve got some on your chin, you’ve probably got yourself a slick goatee.

    What Are the Best Men’s Beard Styles for Round Faces?

    If you have a round face like living-legend Justin Timberlake, you’re in luck. Let’s talk about how to style a beard that is the talk of 2023. 

    Short Boxed Beard

    Boxed beards are short, full beard styles with neatly trimmed sides. 

    This is a look that shapes your entire face and makes your jawline look chiseled and macho — even if it’s not actually that slender in real life.

    Think of these as full beards; the only difference is that it’s an ideal look for guys with short hair rather than long hair. Hollywoodians like Chris Pine, Johnny Depp, and George Clooney love to pull off this popular beard style when they’re not clean-shaven for an upcoming role.

    Van Dyke Beard

    Goatees aren’t just for people with a stellar jawline. 

    You can style your facial hair to look angled on a rounded face, and a Van Dyke beard does just that. It’s essentially a classic goatee, except you’ll have a handlebar mustache that curls out on the sides. It has a classic early 1900s feel that is coming back around for 2023.

    This beard was inspired by Anthony Van Dyk, a 17th-century Flemish painter. Like Van Dyk, you’ll need to have long hair on your mustache to be able to curl it out on the sides. You’ll also need some seriously stiff product to get it to hold. 

    Beard Club’s Mustache Wax is the ultimate sculpting gel to give your handlebars that all-day hold. Rein in those flyaways and style to your heart’s content. Pair it with beard oil or beard balm to make sure you’re covering all the bases.

    Balbo Beard

    A Balbo beard is a beard without any sideburns and a floating mustache that doesn’t connect. It’s similar to a Royale Beard, but the major difference is that the hair follows along the bottom of the chin towards the ears a little further than it does with a Royale variation.

    The Balbo shapes the face, almost like a natural, hairy contour. Christian Bale is a frequent wearer of this style, so you can always gain some inspiration from him.

    Most of the time, people will use clippers to shape the beard into a pointy shape that makes the jawline look more angled.

    Anchor Beard

    An anchor beard is nearly identical to other goatee styles. However, there’s one key distinction.

    What makes this a different beard is that the chin strip meets hair on the chin in a pattern that looks like a ship anchor, swooping up on the sides. 

    Brad Pitt often sports an anchor beard, so you can use him as inspiration if you want to give this style a try.

    What Are the Best Beard Styles for Oval Face Shapes?

    Congratulations — you’ve got a ton of options, so let’s get into all the beard and mustache styles you should try:

    Here are some of the best variations for 2023:


    A Chevron beard isn’t a beard at all. In fact, this style refers to a mustache that covers your entire top lip. Essentially, it’s a thick mustache that makes it clear you like to drink whiskey and smoke cigars.

    A Chevron stache is a divisive look by many. You either love them, or you can’t stand them. This is a style that typically only certain face shapes can pull off with ease, so if you have a longer, oval-shaped face – this is the move for you.

    Get yourself a nice trimming kit to make shaving a breeze: lumberjack flannel shirt and pick-up truck not included.

    Horseshoe Mustache

    It can be tricky to pull off a horseshoe mustache, but when you can make it work, trust us when we say that it can steal the show. This is a mustache with long bars pointing downwards all the way down to your chin. As the name implies, it looks like a horseshoe.

    Hulk Hogan’s got the quintessential horseshoe stache, but you can make yours just as iconic with just a little bit of oil and careful shaving.

    Stubble Beard

    There’s something about stubbleor scruff that just feels right

    It shows that you’re the type of guy who’s laidback and doesn’t care too much about looking perfectly professional all the time. Stubble is as short as your beard can go, and it gives your face a nice shadowed appearance on all fronts.

    You’ll want to use an electric razor to cut that beard down as close to the grain as possible without completely clean-shaving it. It’s like a stylish version of a five o’clock shadow.

    Classic Mustache

    It’s a classic for a good reason. 

    Mustaches are timeless, and especially if you have a nice long oval-shaped face, you’ve got the perfect shape for a classic stache. If you have a patchy beard that just doesn’t seem to want to grow in, shaving it completely and going with a mustache is never a bad idea.

    What Are the Best Beard Shapes for Rectangular Faces?

    For long faces with a chiseled jaw, you’ll want to highlight the sturdy structure of your face. You can do that by keeping your beard shorter on the bottom and longer on the sides.

    Check out these examples:

    Mutton Chops

    Listen, we know Mutton Chops get a little bit of a bad rap — but have you seen Hugh Jackman in Wolverine? 

    It’s undoubtedly a classic style as long as you do it right. Mutton chops are sort of like a reverse goatee, with hair all down the sideburns – shaving at the chin. Most of the time, mutton chops do not include a mustache – but they certainly can.

    In order to pull off proper mutton chops, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got some beard oil to tame those hairs before they start looking too crazy. Beard Club’s got plenty to choose from.

    cross the chin. It's as simple as that. Vin Diesel is a role model for this variation.

    Chin Strap 

    Sometimes, a mustache just might not be your thing. 

    A chin strap styled beard circles the chin all the way up to the ears and then slices off that mustache, leaving your upper lip clean. This is an excellent choice for shorter beards.

    Gunslinger Beard and Mustache

    If you’re about to take a trip to the wild, wild west for a duel, you’ll want to make sure you pack your razor and shaving cream because this is the style meant for you. This style incorporates flared sideburns paired with a horseshoe mustache. 

    It’s sort of like you’ve got hair all over your face except for your chin. If you think of a cowboy, then you’re already envisioning this style.

    New Year, New Beard

    Beards never go out of style, but you’ll want to be engaged with current trends to make sure your face is always on-point. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so choose one of these styles to make a memorable one.

    Beard Club can help you grow, groom, and gratify your beard with ease. Manage monthly renewals so that you’re never without the products you need. Learn more and join the club today.


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