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Circle Beard: How To Grow and Trim Circle Beard Styles

Circle Beard: How To Grow and Trim Circle Beard Styles

Ready to redefine your style with a classic yet contemporary beard look? Meet the circle beard — a sleek and manageable option for anyone aiming to sharpen their facial aesthetics without the full commitment of a heavier beard.

In this article, we’re looking deep into everything you need to know about the circle beard, from its basic definition to expert styling tips. If you're curious about transforming your look with a neat, circular beard that accentuates your jawline and polishes your appearance, read on.

What Is a Circle Beard?

The circle beard is where precision meets panache. It’s the ideal mash-up of a mustache and a rounded goatee, masterfully uniting just around the chin and mouth. This isn’t your random weekend stubble — it’s a deliberate, sharply defined loop that enhances your face’s architecture by accentuating the natural contours of your chin and jawline. 

Why Choose a Circle Beard?

Choosing a circle beard is like opting for a tailored suit. It's all about fit and purpose. Here’s why this beard style might just clench your grooming goals:

  • Streamlined Maintenance: This style, which demands less time and fewer touch-ups than fuller beards, keeps your grooming kit lean.
  • Flexible Style: Whether you're nailing a presentation or chilling on a weekend, the circle beard transitions smoothly across your life's diverse scenes.
  • Defined Aesthetics: It carves out a distinguished jawline and frames your smile, making it a focal point of your facial features.
  • Patch Coverage: Struggling with uneven growth? The circle beard offers strategic coverage, making sparseness a non-issue.
  • Elegantly Mature: This beard style is a mark of maturity without the old-school feels, striking a neat balance between being classic and contemporary.

Needless to say, adopting a circle beard sets a high standard for your style, establishing a signature look that is both refined and deeply resonant with your personal character.

Set on the Circle Beard? Let's Get You Growing

If you're all in to level up with a circle beard, here's how to lay down the groundwork. Just a heads up, this isn’t an overnight miracle. Think of it more like brewing your favorite craft beer. It takes time and the right ingredients to get it just right.

Prep and Patience

Kick things off with a clean slate. Give your face a good wash with our Beard & Face Wash to eliminate any oil or grime. This preps your face to support healthy, even growth. 

You'll want to let your facial hair do its thing for about four to six weeks. Keep your skin hydrated and your emerging bristles soft with a dab of our Beard Growth Oil, which is packed with nutrients to boost those budding hairs.

Check the Mirror

Here's where you play the waiting game and watch as your beard starts to fill in. In this phase, you’ll want to resist the urge to trim or shape. Let the beard grow enough, so you have something substantial to work with later. Patience during this stage really pays off.

Daily Dose of Care

As your beard begins to take shape, it's important to keep everything healthy and hydrated. Introduce our Beard Growth Vitamin Spray into your routine. A quick spritz in the morning can invigorate your beard growth with essential nutrients, keeping your beard thick and your skin underneath nourished.

So, You've Finally Grown That Beard — Now What?

Alright, you’ve let your beard grow out, and you're sporting a serious mane. It's time to sculpt that wilderness into a sleek circle beard that’s sure to turn heads. Here's how to tame and trim your facial hair into that perfect circle around your mouth and chin, step by step.

Step 1. Define Your Circle Beard

Grab your tools because precision is key here. Use a quality Electric Beard Trimmer to outline the shape of your circle beard. This includes a neatly trimmed mustache connected to a rounded goatee, framing your mouth and chin. Carefully remove any hair outside this line to keep the focus on the circle.

Step 2. Trim for Uniform Length

Once your outline is defined, it’s time to even out the length. Set your trimmer to the appropriate length — typically shorter for a cleaner, more defined look. Trim the hair within your newly defined circle beard area, ensuring that the mustache and goatee blend smoothly into one another.

Step 3. Detail Work for Crisp Edges

Now, refine those edges. Switch to a detail trimmer or a finer setting on your PT45. Clean up the edges of your circle beard, focusing on sharp lines that define the mustache and the curve under your chin. This is what sets apart a good circle beard from a great one.

Step 4. Apply Beard Care Products

After your trim, your skin might feel a bit exposed, and your beard could use some TLC. Apply some of our classic Beard Oil to soothe the skin and give your beard a healthy sheen. This oil helps to soften and condition the hair, reducing itchiness and supporting healthy growth.

Step 5. Regular Maintenance is Key

Keep your new circle beard looking its best with regular upkeep. Trim and tidy up the edges every few weeks, and wash regularly with our 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner to prevent buildup and keep your facial hair looking sharp and clean.

What Are Expert Tips To Master Circle Beard Maintenance?

Keeping your circle beard in prime condition goes beyond regular trimming and shaping. Here are some expert tips to ensure your circle beard remains the envy of the crowd:

Shield from the Sun

Before you step out, slap some facial sunscreen around your beard. It's not just your skin that needs protection. UV rays can toughen up that under-beard skin, messing with your beard's vibe.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration isn't just about drinking water. Applying our hydrating Beard Balm after washing your face can help keep the skin under your beard supple and prevent flakiness.

Dial Down the Scrubbing

Clean is good, overwashed isn't. Too much scrubbing can strip your beard of its natural mojo. A few times a week with lukewarm water is all it takes to keep things fresh without drying out.

Comb Regularly

Invest in a high-quality beard brush, like our Boar Hair Beard Brush. Regular brushing helps distribute natural oils evenly throughout your beard, encouraging a healthy shine and reducing knotting in your facial hair.

Towel Tactics

When drying your beard, go for a gentle pat-down with a soft towel. This keeps things smooth and reduces the risk of annoying your follicles and skin.

Diet Matters

Your beard reflects your diet. For strong beard growth and skin health, incorporate plenty of proteins, vitamins, and minerals into your meals. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish and nuts, can particularly enhance the look and feel of your beard.

Lower Stress Levels

High stress can also mess with your beard’s thickness and growth. Kick back with some downtime activities like meditation or your favorite hobby to keep both your mind and your beard at their best.

Mind the Mustache

The mustache part of your circle beard needs special attention. Keep it neatly trimmed and styled with a dab of our Mustache Wax for a sleek finish and an inviting scent.

Hands Off

It can be tempting to stroke your well-shaped beard but try to keep your hands away from your face. Touching your beard too often can transfer dirt and oil from your hands, leading to skin issues and potentially messing up the beard's styling.

Consistent Trims for the Win

Even if you’re in the growth stage, regular trims are key. They help avoid split ends and maintain the clean lines of your circle beard. It’s about keeping everything looking intentional, not accidental.

FAQ: All About the Circle Beard

Still have questions? The Beard Club has you covered.

What's the difference between a goatee and a circle beard?

While both styles focus on the chin, a circle beard includes a connected mustache, forming a "circle" around the mouth, whereas a goatee generally does not include the mustache.

Can circle beards work for any face shape?

Absolutely! Circle beards can be flattering on various face shapes by enhancing the jawline and elongating the chin, making it a versatile choice.

Are there any common mistakes to avoid when first shaping a circle beard?

One common mistake is trimming too much too soon. Always start with longer settings on your trimmer and gradually reduce the length until you achieve the desired shape and length.

Wrapping Up

At The Beard Club, we're all about giving your grooming game a serious edge. Rocking a circle beard is a signature look that screams both sophistication and boldness. From the initial growth phase to the detailed trimming process, every step is an opportunity to refine your personal style. 

Your beard is your statement to the world, and we're here to make sure it's as sharp as you are. So, keep your trimmers ready and your beard oil closer because, with The Beard Club, you’re crafting your legacy.

Check out our full line of beard products today to get started.


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