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Beard Trimming Tips: How to Trim Your Beard

Beard Trimming Tips: How to Trim Your Beard

Trimming your beard with confidence

There’s something rugged and wild about a beard left free to grow. It invokes a feeling that hearkens back to a time when brave explorers and fierce warriors traveled the lands. The untamed nature of it all gets the blood pumping and makes you feel alive! While we’d all love to embrace that bold approach with our beards, sometimes such a vision doesn’t fit in with the modern world. Inevitably, most will hit a time when having unrestrained facial growth will conjure up images of a bear-ravaged Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, rather than a man not held down by society. Alas, that’s the way the world works, and sometimes it’s necessary to kowtow to the so-called “norms.” Whether you like it or not, having the necessary skills to give your mane a proper trim is essential. That said, taking a pair of scissors to your beard can cause worry and stress. It's natural to have some concerns, but thankfully, there are a few easy ways to guarantee you won’t accidentally mangle your facial hair masterpiece.

Tool of the trade

First and foremost, before attempting to trim your beard with clippers, invest in a pair of quality Stainless Steel Scissors. No, you shouldn’t run to your kitchen junk drawer to pull out the scissors you use to trim knots out of the dog’s fur. You’re going to need something that’s a considerable step up. How do you know what makes for a good pair of barber scissors? There a few simple elements that you’ll want to check off.  First up, go with a blade length that best fits your beard. If you have facial hair that’s a bit on the shorter side, smaller blades will do. If you have a bushier beard, go with longer blades. The length of blade you choose will also relate to the overall scissor length as well. In most cases, a pair of scissors ranging from 5 to 5.5 inches should do the trick. Second, take note of what steel the scissors are made from. Most often, you’ll find German and Japanese steel being used. German steel tends to take longer to dull, and gets a better grip on the hair when cutting. Japanese steel will be the more delicate of the two, making for a more refined cut.  Last, and certainly not least, get a pair of scissors that you can actually use! Yes, there’s such a thing as left-handed and right-handed scissors. Unless you’re ambidextrous, it’s not a great idea to try and force yourself to use scissors meant for your non-dominant hand. You could end up trimming a lot more than a few whiskers!

Wash and comb

You’ve picked out the perfect tool for trimming, but it’s still not time to dive head-first into the beard reckoning. Your beard needs to be prepped for the shape-up, which means you’ll need to both wash and comb your whiskers. You don’t want to start hacking away and discover the remnants of last month’s barbecue feast still hanging out in your mane. Grab your favorite Beard Shampoo and get to work. Once you’re completely lathered up and rinsed clean, make sure to dry your beard completely before moving on. If your beard is still wet when you trim, it’s very likely you’ll cut things too short. Finally, use a Beard Comb to brush your beard in a downward motion. You should be conscious of how your facial hair naturally grows, and follow that direction as you’re combing downward. This will help get everything in order for when you grab the shears.

Let the cutting commence

This is it, you’ve made it to the point of no return! It’s time to finally put metal to hair and cut away. At this point, you’ll need a large mirror and some sort of small garbage receptacle to collect the mess you’re about to make. It’s better to trim over a garbage can than a sink, as you don’t want to clog your drain. Start at one side of your face and pass a comb gently through your beard at a slight tilt. Take your scissors and cut the hair that protrudes out of the comb’s teeth. Remember, there’s no need to rush the process. Take it slow while working your way down the first half of your beard, and make sure you don’t have the comb too close to your skin. The closer you are to your skin, the more hair you’ll be cutting off. It’s easy to do a second pass on a beard that’s still too long, but it’s pretty much impossible to fix a trim that’s too short! Once the first half is done, comb it in the same downward motion you first used, and give a look in the mirror. If you’re satisfied with the results, repeat the process on the other half of your beard. Again, as long as you take your time and remain focused, the trimming should go off without a hitch.

Finishing touches

With both halves of your beard trimmed, you hopefully have a finished product you’re proud of. Now all you’ve got to do is lock in that look and you’re good to go. Grab some Beard Oil and work it in generously to nourish that new style. This will lead to a better-looking beard overall, and an even easier trimming experience next time around. Honestly, that’s all there is to it! You’ve tackled your first beard trim, and came out looking like a million bucks on the other end. Keep up the routine, and you’re sure to get all sorts of compliments from the wonderful people in your life. You definitely deserve those words of praise, too. You’ve put together a killer beard, and you worked your butt off to make it happen.