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The Chevron Mustache: How to Trim, Shape, and Maintain

The Chevron Mustache: How to Trim, Shape, and Maintain

Your beard is really only as good as the mustache that’s attached to it, and making sure your whole entire face is looking its best is important for your appearance as well as your overall confidence. While there are many different mustache variations, the Chevron is one of the most iconic. 

Let’s take a look at everything there is to know about the Chevron mustache, as well as how you can trim it, style it, and maintain it to look its best every given day.

What Is a Chevron Mustache?

The Chevron mustache (or as we like to call it: the “Chevy Stache”) is a mustache style that is angled downwards towards the corners of your mouth. It’s sort of like a horseshoe mustache, but it’s a bit more nuanced, though the general direction of growth is the same. It gets its name because it is shaped just like a Chevron insignia, which resembles an upside-down V.

Chevy mustaches are thick and full, covering the top of your upper lip while still maintaining a clean trim so that they do not fall over any portion of your lip. Notable fictional characters sporting the Chevron stache include Ted Lasso and Ron Swanson, but perhaps the most famous real-life Chevy stache belongs to Freddie Mercury.

A Chevron stache is sometimes paired with a beard, and some men will let the mustache connect to the beard on the chin. Others will just allow the mustache to look great on its own, shaving their beards entirely to let the mustache steal the show.

Let’s get into the stache. 

How To Shape a Chevron Mustache

A Chevron mustache requires a little bit of grooming and trimming to turn out how you want it, mostly because facial hair doesn’t grow in the same uniform pattern that a Chevron mustache requires. The good news is that shaping it isn’t too bad.

The Chevron Mustache: How to Trim, Shape, and Maintain

First, get a quality trimmer like the PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer and choose your length depending on how long you want your mustache to appear. We recommend keeping it fairly long if you’re going to rock the mustache without a beard, but be sure to keep it the same length as your beard if you want it to match up.

Next, use a styling comb to comb the hair downwards so all the hairs face the same way.

The mustache will be the fullest in the center of your upper lip — achieve this by trimming the ends of the mustache, keeping it angled down towards the outside of your lips. Trim off just a little at a time. You can always trim more, but you can’t put hair back once it’s removed (unless you try to glue it … which we don’t really recommend).

We also recommend using a Straight Edge Razor on the edges to get super crisp and defined lines at the edges. Finally, be sure to use some shaving aftercare to hydrate and soothe your skin and reduce the feeling of that post-shave tenderness.

If you don’t know where to even start with some of these products, join the club. The Ultimate Growth Kit and Trimmer Kit has everything you need to help your Chevy stache grow out while also ensuring it’s maintained and looking its best.

How To Grow a Chevron Mustache

In order to flaunt a Chevron mustache, you first need to be able to actually mold one to look how you want it. That starts by growing a thick, full stache without any patches. Of course, this is sometimes easier said than done.

There are a few different reasons why you might not be able to grow a beard. It could be because:

  • Age
  • Underlying conditions like Alopecia Areata,
  • Unhealthy habits like smoking or a vitamin-poor diet.
  • Genetics — this is most cases. So if you’re not able to grow a beard or a mustache, you can probably blame your grandfather or father.

But if you can’t grow your mustache out as long as you need to to get a great-looking Chevy stache, hope isn’t lost. Try using our Beard Growth Oil to nourish your hair follicles and the skin underneath to promote healthy hair growth while eliminating that annoying “beard itch” sensation that can make you want to shave entirely.

As your beard starts to grow in, keep up with your beard care routine to keep your beard soft and supple while also making it easier to style in the long term. Simple items like a Sandalwood Mustache Comb can go a long way.

How To Trim a Chevron Mustache

As you allow your mustache to grow, it won’t magically turn into a Chevron stache on its own. Instead, you need to trim it properly to get it into the right shape and form. Grooming your stache is the best way to maintain it and make sure it looks good for months and years to come.

Depending on how fast your hair grows, you’ll probably need to groom your mustache once every few days. Banish flyaways with Beard Trimming Scissors to make your mustache look super uniform. You can also do this with a trimmer, but scissors will help you be extra careful to fine-tune problem spots.

Additionally, be sure to use a mustache or Mustache Wax to help your hair run in the direction that you want it to. You want the hair in your Chevron mustache to move down to the outside of your lips for a clean look.

Some men choose to have a mustache gap, which is a space in the center of the mustache right under the nose. This isn’t necessary, and it’s entirely your decision as far as whether or not you’d want to incorporate this into your look. Check it out with a full stache first, and then you can always trim it off if you feel like it would suit you better.

Similar Mustache Styles

If the Chevron stache is close to what you’re thinking of for your next facial hair adventure, but it’s not totally perfect, there are some similar styles that might do the trick.

Dallas Mustache

The Dallas mustache is basically the lazy man’s Chevron. It has all of the components of a Chevy stache, but it’s just a bit more unkempt, with a bit more fluffiness and frizziness. It gives it a bushier, rugged appearance that would look great on a cowboy or any boy. It’s best for square faces that help to embrace a strong jaw.

Horseshoe Mustache

If you’re looking at your Chevron mustache and you’re thinking, “Wow … I wish this was a lot longer”, then a horseshoe mustache is the choice for you. This stache is like a handlebar that extends all the way down to your chin, popularized by the likes of celebrities like Hulk Hogan. It’s good for round or square faces as it can add some length.

Pyramid Mustache

This is a sophisticated mustache that is characterized by a wide base that narrows as it reaches the nose. As the name implies, it looks like a pyramid growing above your lips. This is one of the easiest styles to grow and can look good on pretty much any guy, though it tends to look best on men with rounded faces.

Military Mustache

This stache style looks super similar to the Chevron mustache, though its main difference is that the edges are rounded to make the upper portion of the stache look flatter; the outer edge of the stache looks more pronounced. The military mustache looks excellent on faces with a defined jawline.

In Conclusion

A Chevron mustache is a commandeering style that can make any man look a lot more pronounced with just a few snips and trims. It’s an iconic look that looks just like the Chevron logo, which also makes it pretty easy to maintain and trim.

The hardest part is growing out your mustache to make it long enough for this stache to look full and hearty. And if you need a little bit of help, we’ve got you covered. Join The Beard Club and take an additional 15% off on your first item, as well as a free gift, when you take the quiz and get your personalized beard care plan.


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