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What Does Sea Salt Spray Do?

What Does Sea Salt Spray Do?

No matter where you go in the world, you’re likely to encounter him: The Perfect Hair Guy. Never to be seen with nary a split end or misplaced strand from his coif to his beard, he’s an absolute menace to fellas all over the world, with his perpetually perfect mane and slick, shiny beard. And because he oozes more cool than an open refrigerator, you know there’s no way he spent more than a few minutes running his fingers through it, shaking it out, and calling it a day. 

Man. Some guys just have it…or do they? 

Sure, it could be thanks to good genes, good luck, or inherent swagger that his face fleece is so on fleek. Or maybe he’s just spritzing it with a few pumps of sea salt beard spray each morning.

If you’ve never heard of sea salt spray and you’re asking yourself, “What does sea salt spray do?,” prepare to be enlightened. Let’s dive in.

But Hold Up: What Is Sea Salt Spray?

If you went off the name alone, you’d be forgiven for thinking that sea salt spray is pretty much what it sounds like: sea salt in a spray form. But that understanding belies the true complexity of this wonder serum—and severely undervalues the benefits it can have for your beard and your hair. 

Facts: far from mere salt water in a spray bottle, sea salt spray is a special mixture of water, sea salt, and a battery of other essential oils, compounds, and fragrances that target your hair and infuse your follicles with lift and vitality.1 Although the additives in a given sea salt spray are likely to differ from brand to brand, the best sea salt sprays include hair-healthy properties like:

  • Glycerin
  • Glycols
  • Nutrients like magnesium
  • Natural clays2
  • Sea kelp or algae extracts

Interesting, So What Does Sea Salt Spray Do For Hair?

Think back to the last time you went swimming in the ocean. Do you remember how good your hair looked after a day or even a few hours of splashing around in the surf? You weren’t just having a good beard day. Instead, your locks were so on point because they were just treated to a prolonged saltwater shampoo. 

When it comes to your hair, sea salt spray is like having the ocean in a bottle. It’s a quick and easy way to accomplish the casual, carefree, surf-kissed look of the coolest beachcombers without a special trip to the shore. 

So, what does sea salt spray do for hair? There are three primary ways that sea salt spray makes hair look excellent. A sea salt spray can: 

  • Add volume – Sea salt sprays can give limp, lank hair a lift. How? The salt and other compounds are excellent at absorbing excess oils that can weigh your hair down, leading to lighter, more buoyant hair. Whether you have fine or thick hair, sea salt spray enhances your natural texture and gives you that extra volume. 
  • Add texture – Those excess oils can also leach your hair of definition and texture. Sea salt spray promotes separation so that each of your strands has a chance to shine.
  • Refine finish – And shine they will—but not in a greasy, unshowered kind of way. Instead, sea salt spray can freshen bland, lifeless-looking hair by giving it a smooth matte finish that shines without looking greasy, glossy, or overprocessed. It’s also a handy styling agent you can use to keep your hair in place all day long.
  • Volume, texture, and finish might be the marquee reasons why you should start using sea salt spray for your hair, but they aren’t the only reasons. You can also use sea salt spray as a dry shampoo when you’re in a pinch and need a quick wash. 

    Who Should Use Sea Salt Spray?

    Because sea salt spray is mostly composed of water, salt, and additives that promote stronger, healthier hair, almost anyone can use sea salt spray. 

    That said, certain hair types respond better than others to the ingredients commonly found in sea salt spray. You’ll likely have the best results if you have:

  • Medium/long hair – The effects of using sea salt spray tend to be most noticeable on guys who keep their look on the saggy side. If your hair’s super short, you probably won’t see much of a difference.
  • Straight hair – As an effective texturizer, sea salt spray can put a slight twist on straight hair. Don’t worry; it won’t have you looking like Napoleon Dynamite. Instead, it’ll amplify your natural curl pattern just enough to give you a wavy, breezy look.
  • Oily hair – If your hair runs dry, you should probably avoid sea salt spray, or at least be moderate about how often you use it. This is because salt attracts and absorbs water molecules. If your hair is already on the dry side, this will only make the problem worse. But if your hair tends to get oily, a sea salt spray is the way to go.
  • Happy male with long thick ginger beard

    Can You Use Sea Salt Spray On Your Beard?

    More volume, better texture, definition, and a sleek, grease-free look. If all of that sounds good, you might be wondering if you can use sea salt to give your beard a boost.

    The answer is yes, but with a few relatively minor caveats. 

    It’s true that sea salt can help make your beard richer, fuller, and shinier, just like it can do for the hair on top of your head. However, the hair that grows on your face isn’t identical to the hair you sprout up top. In fact, your beard is composed of an entirely different kind of hair than your mane is composed of. 

    If you think about it, it makes sense. In most cases, your head hair starts growing shortly after birth—in some cases, even in the womb. By contrast, men don’t begin growing facial hair until puberty, thanks to the development of a hormone called androgen.3 For that reason, compared to your scalp hair, facial hair, known as androgenic hair, tends to differ in terms of:

  • Texture – In general, your facial hair is a bit more curly or wiry and coarse than your head hair. Often, it’s substantially thicker as well.
  • Moisture level – Your facial skin doesn’t produce the same kind or amount of oils that your scalp produces. This means that your facial pair is usually a bit drier than the hair on top of your head. 

  • The key to using sea salt spray on your beard? Making sure your beard is moisturized. That starts with keeping the skin on your face moisturized, so if you aren’t already using a quality face lotion, go out and get one.

    You should also use a beard oil, like the Beard Growth Oil from The Beard Club.  Beard oils offer necessary moisture to the follicles on your face, helping to:

    • Keep your beard and the skin beneath moisturized and hydrated
    • Keep your facial hair soft 
    • Reduce itching
    • Promote beard hair growth 
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        How Do You Use Sea Salt Spray?

        Unlike some hair products that require hours of preparation and involve several steps to use, sea salt spray is a hassle-free way to boost your beard to its full potential. When it comes down  to how to use sea salt spray, there are two simple methods::

      • On wet hair – Sea salt spray interacts with your hair’s natural oils, so it’s a good idea to skip a couple of washes before using it. But that doesn’t mean your hair has to be completely dry. If your hair is wet, partially dry it with a towel before applying the sea salt spray; you want damp hair. Then, finish the job using your hair dryer. This step will help you achieve a variety of beard styles that are sure to hold strong all day long.
      • On dry hair – For a quick styling solution, you can use sea salt spray on dry hair. Just spritz your head evenly, then run your hair dryer over it on the coolest setting for a look that’s ready to go.
      • Give the Best To Your Beard With The Beard Club 

        Every man is different. But if there’s one thing that all bearded men have in common, it’s the desire for a beard that’s healthy, full, and under control. Wondering how you can change up your beard care routine and achieve the beard you’ve always dreamed of?

        Welcome to the club—The Beard Club.

        When it comes to beard products, just consider us your most faithful wingman. From beard wash and beard oils to our forthcoming sea salt spray that gives your follicles a fun-in-the-sun look, we’re making it easier than ever for you to grow and maintain the beard you and your face deserve. Browse our collections of men’s grooming products and join the club today.


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