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4 How-To Tips for Shaving Your Pubic Hair

4 How-To Tips for Shaving Your Pubic Hair

Manscaping, a 21st-century term, is the art of shaving, trimming, and grooming your body hair. The focus is typically on the groin area where pubic hair resides and is a process used to make oneself more attractive to a partner.

Throughout history, manscaping has gone in and out of style. Back in the day, most men chose to grow out their hair down there because it was a sign of virility. However, some ancient cultures, such as the Greeks and Egyptians, saw men shaving off everything

Manscaping does refer to grooming the entire body these days, but for now, we will just focus on the pubic region. For a more general overview of manscaping, see our article, “How to Manscape: A Complete Guide.” This article will take you through grooming your whole body head-to-toe.

While the general view of manscaping below the belt is completely shaving off your pubic hair, many men choose only to trim their bush to keep it groomed but not completely shave it bald. There is no one correct style when it comes to manscaping your pubic area — there are plenty of different approaches to this weekly habit.

In this guide, we will lay out the safest and most efficient way to get all your hair down there looking how you want it to.

What Are the Benefits of Manscaping?

4 How-To Tips for Shaving Your Pubic Hair

The main goal of manscaping, as mentioned in the introduction, is to look more attractive when your clothes are off. Perhaps you want to impress your significant other, boost your confidence, or get that clean-cut aesthetic. Either way, manscaping may help.

However, there are more reasons than confidence and attraction to trim down or even completely shave off your pubic hair. Health, hygiene, and comfort are all valid reasons for wanting to manscape.

Pubic Hair Can Irritate Your Skin

For much of history, we did not fully understand bacteria and infections and how they work. While pubic hair helps prevent infection to an extent, we are now advanced enough in medicine and technology that hair down there isn’t as necessary as we once thought. In fact, pubic hair can cause skin irritation if not properly dried.

Pubic Hair Can Be Stinky

Since pubic hair easily traps sweat and moisture, it can begin to stink. This is why the hairy areas of your body tend to smell bad quicker than other areas. Getting rid of pubic hair often gets rid of that funky smell.

Clean-Shaven for Comfort

Another major reason why many men shave down there is for comfort. Some men are just uncomfortable having hair down there. Pubic hair often causes itchiness and can even get caught on zippers, which is always a nightmare.

As you can see, there are plenty of legit concerns over letting your pubic hair grow freely. This is why many men in the 21st century have decided to cut their losses — literally — and trim the hedge.

Tools of the Trade: What Do You Need To Manscape?

We’re talking about manscaping in one of the most sensitive areas of your body, which means you’ll need special tools to get the job done right. 

Whenever a professional does a job, you’ll notice they always have everything they might need on hand. This is as true for manscaping. You don’t want to be halfway through shaving your balls only to find out you’re missing something important.

Electric Trimmer

An electric trimmer is the first and most important item on this list. 

Even if you plan on shaving off everything entirely, it is essential to trim it all down first so you can easily shave and see where you’re going with those blades. We’re talking about putting spinning blades by your future dynasty right now, so make sure to invest in the best groin trimmer you can find.


Scissors are ideal for making little changes that the trimmer can’t quite get. Buy a pair of beard-trimming clippers to accomplish this task, and they’ll help you work around the nooks and crannies down there. Remember: always use caution. 


A mirror gives you a different point of view and helps you make sure you’re not missing anything down there. 

Shaving Cream

Along with that razor, invest in shaving lubricant so that your razor doesn’t leave any burns. If you don’t like them on your neck and face, you’re going to hate them on your crotch. Shaving cream or shaving gel works fine to prevent razor bumps.

4 Tips for Pubic Hair Removal

This is a delicate process, so patience will be your best friend in the long run. Manscaping is often time-consuming, so set aside at least an hour if this is your first time attempting to tame the jungle down there.

Now, it’s time to shave and trim your pubic hair.

1. Clean Your Groin Area

You don’t need to shower, but you definitely need to wipe down and clean up your entire groin area before manscaping. The last thing you want is to make all your tools smell like funky pubes. Plus, this step will help avoid any irritation caused by the process and protect you from infection if you accidentally cut yourself.

2. Start With a Body and Groin Trimmer

Grab your electric trimmer and set it to your desired setting. The best piece of advice here is to give yourself plenty of room to work with.

Start with a longer setting for your guards and work your way down. Even if you’re planning on shaving later, put on a guard; it will help protect you from nicking your sensitive skin.

The better your trimmer, the less tugging will take place. Dull razor blades could leave you feeling extremely sore even if you didn’t cut yourself. This is because they will pull on your hair as it cuts them. 

Take the trimmer into your strong hand and use your weak hand to hold your parts out of the way as you work on the top area right below the waist. Next, pull your shaft out and trim its base all the way around. Finally, stretch out your scrotum and slowly, gently trim away hairs on it. 

If you only want to trim, then you can skip the following step. However, make sure to shape up your shortened hair into your desired style before putting away the trimmer.

3. Shave Away

This would be a good time to take a warm shower and rinse off any loose hair. Also, it’s easiest to do this kind of hair removal in the shower because you have constant access to warm water. Shaving in the shower will keep your skin slippery and hydrated, with the water acting as a lubricant to keep everything smooth.

Once you’re rinsed off in the shower, take your razor and gently shave in the direction of the hair growth. This trick is called “going with the grain.” Going against the grain can prove to be exceedingly painful and cause ingrown hairs by irritating the hair follicles. 

Shaving the Shaft and Scrotum

Begin with the groin area below your waistline, holding your shaft and scrotum out of the way.

After you finish shaving that area, ever-so-gently shave around the base of your shaft. Once again, go with the grain. Take your time to avoid any nicks or razor burns. Once that step is complete, it’s time to finish the job by shaving your scrotum.

Shaving your scrotum is difficult because of all the loose skin down there. You will need to stretch the skin and gently shave little by little. 

You can just get the outside of the scrotum, or you can shave underneath as well. If you shave underneath in your perineum area, this is where the mirror will come in handy. Using your mirror, you can check in on your progress and make sure you’re not about to nick yourself. Pull the scrotum skin taut to shave this section.

This part of the process is a challenge, but it’s less painful than waxing and costs less. That’s why we vote that you trim and shave at home rather than having an aesthetician do the job for you — and end up recreating a scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

4. Post-Shave Aftercare

After you finish shaving your crotch and are satisfied with the amount of hair you have removed, make sure to rinse with cool water. Those sensitive parts of your body are not used to shaving and will feel a little sore no matter what, but rinsing off can help. A good hydrating moisturizer or aftershave is vital after you pat dry with a towel. 

Taming the Mane Down There

4 How-To Tips for Shaving Your Pubic Hair

We hope this guide helped! You’re a self-made body groomer at this point! Remember, you don’t have to shave everything off unless you want to. Trimming with our PT45 beard and body trimmer will get the job done, along with the Body and Groin Grooming Kit of your choosing.


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