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How To Clean A Beard Roller in 5 Steps

How To Clean A Beard Roller in 5 Steps

Before using a derma roller, you probably weren’t taken for a Jason Momoa stunt double. Now, after a few magical micro-needling months, you’re beginning to see a mane dense enough to make all of Atlantis swoon.

But did you know cleaning your derma roller is just as important as using it regularly?

That’s right—a well-maintained derma roller is the gift that keeps on growing. Here are a few simple tips for cleaning your derma roller so you’ll never have to hair into the abyss again. 

#1 Use An Alcohol-Based Cleaner

If you’ve ever wondered how to sterilize a derma roller, you’ve probably imagined a lab full of bushy-bearded scientists sealing the tool in an airtight container for a week.

However, the best way to clean a derma roller involves disinfecting it with an alcohol-based cleaner (like isopropyl alcohol) specifically formulated to remove dirt and bacteria. For the best results, sterilize your derma roller after each use with a proper derma roller cleansing spray.

After using and rinsing your derma roller, sterilize it by completing the following:

  • Spray the derma roller 2-3 times to make sure the entire roller head is sterilized

  • Rinse the roller before applying to your skin
  • Following application, spray the derma roller again 2-3 times around the entire roller head
  • Rinse and dry the roller and store safely until your next use

#2 Know When To Use Your Derma Roller

Before learning how to use a derma roller for beard growth, you’ll need to know how to properly clean it. Step one in how to clean a derma roller involves knowing when to use this beard-enhancing tool in the first place. In short, you don’t have to use your beard roller every day to craft a beard as luxurious as James Harden's (jump shot not included).

Depending on your derma roller head’s needle size, you may only need to use your derma roller twice a week to stimulate hair follicles. If you have tiny needles, say, smaller than .5mm, you could derma roll daily if you wanted to, though not necessary. For derma rollers with longer needles larger than .75mm, once a week is plenty. Any derma roller with a needle length greater than 1.0mm should not be used on your face, but rather on your scalp, as your facial skin is thinner than the skin on your scalp. Additionally, only using your derma roller when needed will save you sanitizing time… which might render this tip the most important on the list! 

#3 Rinse With Warm Water

Before and after derma rolling, rinse each component with warm soapy water to flush out dirt, bacteria, and dead skin. Ensure it’s not hot water, as this can irritate your skin if used before rolling. While running water makes this step easier, watch the temperature so that your warm water doesn’t start to feel like boiling water without you realizing it.

The components you need to rinse include:

  • The handle – Just as in golf, handshakes, and life, a good grip on your derma roller is vital. A clean handle allows you to comfortably hold your derma roller as you groom your way to success. Some handles are straight. Some handles are curved. But all need to be cleaned to make living with a purpose look good.
  • The rolling wheel – Home to the micro needles, the derma rolling wheel is the tool’s focal point. This is what makes the micro wounds in your skin that help promote collagen production, resulting in increased facial hair growth. While some rolling wheels are covered in stainless steel needles, others feature titanium-coated needles perfect for stimulating beard growth. Whatever the rolling wheel’s build, it’s important to carefully rinse this component before and after each use.

For a rinse befitting even the most adventurous shaving rebels, consider a derma roller with a replaceable wheel. 

That way you can rinse all the hard-to-reach parts for a cleanse that would make Mr. Clean envy your scrubbing—and scruffy—power. 

#5 Store Roller Properly 

Your Rome of Beards wasn’t built in a day. Bacteria, however, can arise quicker than a 5 o’clock shadow. To that end, properly storing your derma roller is just as important as sterilizing it.

In which case, it’s paramount you do the following to keep your derma roller in tip-top shave shape:

  • Make sure your roller is completely dry before storing it
  • Store in its original airtight container
  • Keep your roller container in a moisture-free space

#6 Keep It Sharp

Like a chef’s knife, the microneedles on your derma roller need the occasional sharpening. 

Fortunately, the best derma rollers come with replaceable derma roller heads, meaning you don’t have to find the world’s smallest whetstone to increase your roller’s piercing power.

Simply replace your roller’s head once a month to prevent blade dullness and improve beard volume. 

How To Clean Derma Roller Before Use: Supplies

Cleaning your derma roller shouldn’t leave you stroking your beard like a philosopher and pondering quantum physics (although we definitely understand if you do).

Instead, it should be a simple, cost-effective process that never hamstrings your daily beard care routine. To give your derma roller the TLC it deserves, have the following on hand:

  • Rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide
  • A large glass
  • A sink faucet
  • A towel to air dry your roller
  • An airtight container

Beard Roller Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We have you covered.

Is it safe to use a derma roller if I have sensitive skin prone to breakouts?

If your skin is prone to breakouts, use a derma roller with caution. Ensure the roller is sterilized with isopropyl alcohol before use to prevent exacerbating skin issues. Consider consulting with a dermatologist to tailor its use to your skin type.

How do I prevent my derma roller from causing hair loss while promoting hair regrowth?

To prevent hair loss and encourage hair regrowth, use derma rollers with needle lengths appropriate for your skin type. Avoid applying excessive pressure during use, and ensure the roller is always clean and sanitized to prevent damage to hair follicles.

What should I do if I experience side effects from derma rolling, like increased sensitivity or redness?

If you experience side effects such as sensitivity or redness, pause derma rolling and consult a professional for skincare advice. Using a clean towel, apply a mild, cooling cleanser to soothe the skin. Avoid aggressive treatments and give your skin time to heal.

Groom Your Way To Success With The Beard Club

We get it—not everyone has a beard (yet) that would make the strongest Vikings turn to Valhalla in spite. That’s why The Beard Club is on a mission to make the growing and grooming process as seamless as possible. If you’re wondering, do derma rollers work? The answer is– absolutely. And with a derma roller, you can increase collagen production and trigger beard growth.

When it comes to the best way to clean a derma roller and maximize its potential, heed these five helpful tips. That way, you can keep your derma roller looking as superb as your scruff. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out beard products and beard growth kits for the best artistry in the beard universe.