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How to Find a Good Barber for Your Beard

How to Find a Good Barber for Your Beard

Our beards are a very personal affair. The thought of relinquishing control to another person after growing out your beard for countless weeks or even years on end is a tough call to make. Whether you’re deciding to start a new trend of monthly or quarterly trims of shape-ups with your barber, or need to groom for a special event, you’ll need to have a clear vision of what it takes to find a good barber for your beard. The Beard Club has created this guide to teach you how to pick a beard barber.   You’ll want to go in armed with the right information, know what you want out of an appointment and identify your desired style and have the  ability to choose the right barber for the job.

How to find a good beard barber

bearded men in handshakes
It’s important to first have a checklist before even thinking about going to the barber. There’s a few things to look out for to make sure you have a bearded barber connoisseur on your hands.
  • Must offer beard trims.
  • Licensed Barbers
  • Passing Review Score
  • Personal Referral
All of these should be met before going out to get the trim. Check on either the barber’s website or take a stroll inside to see that they have all of this. You want someone who has been in the business for a while, is professional and constantly delivers. If you know someone personally who said it was a good deal for them then that is another plus. Once you get into the shop have a look around. If it’s a bunch of beardless guys and the barber is sans beard, then think twice about proceeding. If you walk in and it looks like a 19th century civil war convention, then you might be in luck.

Steps to Find A Quality Beard Barber

man getting a beard trim in salon
The ability to search and find a barber is just a few clicks away on your phone. But you still need to be diligent when it comes to finding a barber. To start, create a list of all of the barbers in the vicinity who cut, trim and groom beards. Start heading over to their shops and you’ll be able to quickly weed out the best from the mediocre. As beards march on towards in greater numbers and increased popularity, a lot of regular barbers are starting to offer beard services. Make sure to ask around from your other friends with beards. Once you find a place, make sure to check out the barber’s beard if he’s got one. Picking your barber is just the start of a hopefully long and bearded friendship of wonderful growth.   Now you are going to have a lot of questions for both the barber and yourself. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind.
  • How much does beard trimming cost from a barber?
Don’t expect a great cut for anything under $15. Most barbers will charge about $15 for a shave or beard trim. Typically, you'll want to have grown your facial hair past at least one month of growth before a professional barber service is worth it.
  • Can a barber shape my beard?
You’ll need to be specific about the difference between a beard trim or shape up. These are relatively two different things. If you haven't been growing a beard for long, a shaping is just what the bearded barber ordered. An experienced barber who knows what they're doing will be able to keep your beard looking sharp.

Good Beard Barber Tips

beard trimming tools on table
You’ll want to be armed with some solid expectations of what you want your beard to look like. Being able to communicate this to your barber is key. Avoid flimsy requests like “I need a beard trim, line up the neck or clean up the beard a little bit.” There isn’t much direction here and you could end up having a pretty messy beard trimming mistake. Say things like: “I need half an inch off the chin and everything blended evenly. Line up the cheek without cutting too much into the beard. Remember that the better direction you give, the better the cut will be.  Bring in a picture of how you’d like your beard to look. When you’re sitting down in the barber chair, point out the specifics of what you like about the style, cut, or length of the beard. Point out things like how the neckline is rounded or there is a slight fade and taper in the cheeks. Check out how your barber or some of his clients have their neckline angled. This is a big area for a lot of mistakes and it can cause an awkward beard look sometimes. Some of the most common mistakes is shaving your neckline too high. A good neckline will be done in the following way:
  • Imagine a curved line between the ears that’s connected right on top of the Adam’s apple.
  • Place two fingers right in the middle spot. The trimming should follow along this line.
  • A barber will trim your beard neckline with a low clippers setting. Everything under this imaginary line from above will be cut off. This space needs to be targeted every few weeks or so.
Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself and tell your barber what needs to be done. Make sure your beard is getting the proper care and grooming it deserves.  

Beard Barber Styling  

bearded man in salon

Aside from the regular shape-up or beard trim, there is room for styling to be had whilst in the magical barber chair. Keep in mind that we all have different face shapes. Some of us have smaller chins, squarer faces or rounded and oval shaped heads. Different beard styles will fit all of these accordingly. Determine the shape of your face for a style. If you have a more rectangular face, you’ll look better with shorter sides for your beard and help even out your features.   Round faces are great for a slick and tapered angle beard. This is something a barber can really pull off with their tools. Add in a couple of straight razor cuts and you’ve got a magnificent beard style. This will add more of angular and sharp look to the jawline. Oval faces usually fit well with any style of barber cut. Have fun and let your beard barber guide the way to a new day. Bearded excellence and growth are right around the corner brother.