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How To Clean Your Beard

How To Clean Your Beard

No matter the style or look, we here at The Beard Club are big fans of facial hair. A beard, mustache, or some combination of the two makes for a perfect way to define your personal style and amplify your personality. Obviously, you want to make sure you're putting your best foot—or is that “best face”?—forward when it comes to wearing a beard, and that means keeping things clean.

As much as we love to see beards of all varieties, we also know they can get grimy and gross if they’re not treated well. If you've been feeling in a bind and worry your grungy beard might be better suited for the gutter, don’t despair! We have both tips and tools to get your beard back into top form.

Do the shampoo

You'd be surprised at how often the simplest steps turn out to be the most important ones—and how easily they can lead to the best results. It doesn't take a genius to know how important it is to wash your beard. That holds true for any facial hair style: Small, medium, or large. Whether you have fuzz on your face or a full-sized mega-beard, you’re going to need to scrub it regularly.

Every time you hop in the shower, make certain to lather up your facial hair. We suggest using our Beard Shampoo. It happens to be our best-selling product for a good reason: It’s essential. Our Beard Shampoo will not only wash away dirt and oil, it can take care of dandruff problems, too. It’s also great for detangling knots and keeping your face and whiskers moisturized in general. We have no doubt your beard will come away looking and smelling better than ever before after a single wash.

And if you want to give your whole body the same treatment? Grab some of our Body Wash as well in order to get an all-over clean.

Spray, delay, walk away

While we're sure everyone reading this showers on the regular, sometimes you can't make it from one wash to the next without picking up a little extra beard grime. When you're at work or play and find yourself feeling gross, it can be tough sneak away and rinse your mane. If your beard has taken an unexpected beating, you can at least perk things back up with a little of The Beard Club’s own tactical refresher.

Our Beard Spray is a fantastic item to keep with you wherever you go. When your beard is looking a bit rundown, all you have to do is spritz it a bit with our Spray, and watch it come back to life. Our Beard Spray will help rejuvenate your look, while adding in some almond, ginger, and coconut fragrances to the mix. It'll be the boost you need to make it through to quitting time.

The brush-off

Your facial hair looks great! But there’s no avoiding the fact that some days it’s like a war zone out there for your whiskers. At the end of a long day filled with messy meals and hard play, you can find some awfully nasty items caught up your beard. Who among us has found a few lunch crumbs tangled in there before? Or a few stray bits of grass from one two many tackles following a game of pick-up football? Our advice is to think tactically and head off these awkward situations as soon as they happen by hitting up the closest washroom with a few of our clean-up products.

The Beard Club offers a variety of different beard accessories to clear away unwanted beard debris, whether it’s the remains of a tasty meal or the mess from few rounds of outdoor play. Carry one of our facial hair brushes like the boar’s hair beard brush or mustache combs wherever you go so that you can run it through your whiskers and clean things out when the world around you tries to make a mess of your mane. While it's not the same as washing your beard, a little on-the-spot maintenance will certainly help keep you looking tidy until you find time for deeper cleansing. If you wet your beard a bit once you’ve worked out the tangled debris, you can run our comb or brush through a second time and get things back into shape.

Combine all these elements and you have the ultimate plan to keep your beard fresh and clean. You don't want a beard giving others the wrong first impression! Beard care is a must, and once you get into the routine, you won't know how you ever went without.