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How to Recover from a Beard Trimming Mistake

How to Recover from a Beard Trimming Mistake

It just so happens that every once in a while we find ourselves using tools of the enemy. Straight razors and electric shavers can be great resources for grooming while you grow your beard. But sometimes mistakes happen. Horrible mistakes… like months or even years of hairy bearded progress circling the drain. What started off as a routine cheek lineup has ended in tragedy. A tuft of failure rests between your fingertips and now you think there’s only one option left – you’re going to end it all. The beard that is… But this does not have to be the case! You can recover from the most harebrained cut if you have the willpower and finesse to keep your beard growing and showing.  

Beard trimming mistakes and how to fix them

Most of the time we’re using some kind of razor or trimmer to clean up our cheeks, necklines or to get that mustache in check. We can sometimes fall into habitual routines when it comes to our beard and not pay attention to the process at hand. If you shave your top line regularly, you’re bound to cut one side lower than the other eventually. For early beards this is much more noticeable, but still not a cause to start over. Remember that not everyone looks at your beard as close as you do, so if one side is a bit lopsided – don’t fret, you can bet it’ll recover within the next week.   Though, we’ve all been there when the razor has gone astray and all you’ve got left is a newfound trail of skin tracks where your glorious mane used to be. Should you restart? No. Revise.   There’s mustaches, goatees, lowered top lines, Fu Manchus, hell even mutton chops. Get creative with a mistake and own it. Maybe you’ve been too afraid to try something a little bit on the wild side. This could be the unconscious jolt you needed to switch things up for your beard game.  

Beard Trimming Tips

You have a different mindset when you’re going in for a trim. Maybe one side of your beard has grown into a galactic whirl and you can’t tame it for the life of you. An inch or two trimmed will set the whole thing straight. This is also the most common time when calamity can strike. You’re actively going in with the intention to trim the beard a little bit. Yes, blasphemy but it does happen. You have your clipper guards set to a certain level or your scissors are on hand. It’s time to go to town. The first few purrs of the electric razor feel pretty good. You’re about to whip this beard into shape. The groove feels nice and you’re going down level by level.    Chop.. slice.. Nice… Wait! – Woops, uh oh. You’ve cut too deep! This is the time where a lot of guys will just finish the job or panic and screw it up even more. The simplest thing you can do at this point is to just walk away. Put the trimmer down and walk out of the bathroom.

Simple Steps to Recovery

  1. Step away from the grooming tools for at least five minutes.
  2. Take a deep breath and look at your beard.
  3.  Resume trimming or grooming in a calm and collected manner.
  4. Even out the cut and let your beard take over from there.
Always come back a little later to assess the bearded situation. It’s still there, albeit a bit thinner. Having something on your face is better than having nothing.  All you have to do is adjust the length and your beard will do what it does best… keep growing. Learn from our fallen beard brothers locked in grooming battle. Tell us about your worst beard trimming disaster and how you recovered from it!