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How to Recover from a Beard Trimming Mistake

How to Recover from a Beard Trimming Mistake

Wearing a beard means occasionally performing some upkeep on your whiskers—a little maintenance work goes a long way toward keeping your whiskers sharp and stylish. Straight razors and electric shavers make for powerful grooming resources… but as a famous uncle once said, with great power comes great responsibility. Sometimes, these tools of the trade can lead to mistakes. Horrible mistakes. Life-altering mistakes. In one fell swoop, you can undo months (if not years) of facial hair progress.

What do you do when what should be a routine procedure results in a beard-trimming mistake? You might think the only option is to shave it all off and start fresh, but that might not be the case. Believe it or not, you can recover from all sorts of mane mishaps. All you need to set things straight is some willpower and a little finesse.

Disasters and How to Fix Them

When you’re straightening up your cheeks, neckline, or mustache, it’s easy to slip into “autopilot” mode without even noticing. After you’ve gone through this routine so many times, you may start to depend on muscle memory and kind of zone out while tidying up your beard. But if you don’t pay attention to where that razor-sharp blade in your hand is going, you can make some messy mistakes. You might cut a nick into one edge of your beard line, or trim one cheek line lower than the other. Don't worry, though. These goofs might cause a moment of panic when you first notice them, but it should be pretty simple to get things back on track.

For starters, it’s important to remember that a mistake that stands out like a flashing siren on your face probably won’t catch most other people’s attention. We tend to be extra particular when examining our own beards: Hyper-sensitive to anything short of perfection. What you view as a major problem may be completely invisible to everyone around you. If you've shaved one portion of your beard a little too short or trimmed one section of neckline too high, the easiest thing to do might be… nothing. Play it cool and let your beard heal itself by growing back naturally. More often than not, the problem will work itself if you simply give it time to grow.

Taking Decisive Action

But what happens if you wait patiently and the accident is still noticeable? What happens if your mistake turns out to be a little too eye-catching for others? Should you start from scratch and go babyface? No! The total shave-down is always the last option you should choose—the nuclear option.

No, rather than giving in to desperation or fatalism, you should see your setback as an opportunity. A beard accident could actually turn out to be a happy mistake. You just have to be open-minded and willing to experiment.
Think of a beard trimming mistake as an excuse to try something new. No one likes to mess up their standard look, it’s true, but far from being an abject failure, these goofs can instead open the path ahead to a different style. There are all sorts of options available for you that can turn your error into an all-new look. Mustaches. Goatees. Lowered top lines. The Fu Manchu. Mutton chops. And those are just the beginning! Get creative with your mistake and own it. If you've been too shy to express a different side of your personality with your whiskers until now, well, you now have the perfect excuse to go for it.

Beard Trimming Tips

Consider an alternate scenario: Instead of cleaning up your lines, perhaps you've gone in to trim down your overall growth. Your beard has sprouted into a bushy behemoth that's a bit too out of control for your liking, and the time has come to tame it. An inch or two trimmed off this forest on your face is all you need to prune it back to fighting condition.

You fire up your trimmer. You set the guard to an appropriate level. You grab a pair of scissors for some extra cleanup. At first, things are going just fine. You take it slowly and your beard starts looking better and better with each pass-through. You keep lowering the guard, slowly working your beard into the shape you want, and then—disaster strikes.

You go too low. Veer off course. You cut too deeply in the wrong direction. You’ve created a beard nightmare. Before you know it, your home improvement efforts have left you with a beard trimming mistake in dire need of repair.

You might want to rush right back in and start hacking away at the untouched portions of your beard, to remedy the situation by cutting the rest of your whiskers to match. But let’s not leap into rash decisions, here. Instead, we recommend you follow these simple steps to tackle the mishap with the attention and dedication it requires rather than doubling down in a moment of frustration and panic.

Simple Steps to Recovery

  • Step away from the grooming tools. Don’t touch them for at least five minutes.
  • Take a deep breath, and then give your beard a thorough visual inspection.
  • Calculate exactly what needs to be done to fix the damage.
  • Resume trimming in a calm and collected manner.
  • Focus on evening things out, creating a new, uniform style.

Once you've reworked your mistake into an updated look, take some time to let things sink in. Come back to the bathroom an hour later to reassess the job you've done. You may have had to sacrifice the beard fullness and thickness you prefer, but some beard is better than no beard at all.

Once you've reworked your mistake into an updated look, take some time to let things sink in. Come back to the bathroom an hour later to reassess the job you've done. You may have had to sacrifice the beard fullness and thickness you prefer, but some beard is better than no beard at all.

Use the best tools

It should go without saying, but for the best results you should use the best equipment, and hacking away with a dollar store trimmer and a pair of kitchen scissors is a sure-fire way to end up with beard problems.

That's why here at The Beard Club we decided to invest in designing and manufacturing our own branded trimmer - the PT45. It was created to help avoid exactly the sort of mishaps described above, with maximum control and a long battery life so there are no low-power beard snags. With its different trim settings and complete set of guides, it offers 45 cutting lengths right out of the box - and can be purchased in two special offer packs that include all the oils, creams and balms you need for fuss-free grooming.

If you have nightmares about beard disasters, the PT45 gives you peace of mind for a low price.

Share Your War Stories

Don’t feel bad if you mess up from time to time. Everyone who’s spent any time grooming a beard has made their share of beard trimming mistakes. We've all been there—it happens to the best of us. Do you have a horror story of trimming gone wrong? Tell us about the fiasco you experienced, and share the story of how you salvaged your look. Inspire those who have recently suffered a whisker setback. There's light at the end of the tunnel, friends.