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How to Overcome the Challenges of a Big Beard

How to Overcome the Challenges of a Big Beard

man with thick beard

Three crucial feats you’ll need to master in pursuit of a truly mighty mane

Let's make one thing clear right from the start: No matter who you are, no matter what life you lead, beards are for you. Want to rock some facial hair? More power to you! The style you choose belongs to you and you alone—and whatever your look, you’ll want an upkeep routine that keeps you looking your best. The Beard Club is here to be you companion for this adventure, and we promise many happy returns on your journey!

Now, some of you will feel emboldened to follow the path all the way to grow a big, bushy beard. As connoisseurs of facial hair, we salute you—there may be no pursuit more noble. We’d like to share our own experiences about some of the things you’ll encounter along the road ahead. While it might seem a cinch to grow out a massive mug-warmer, there’s more to adopting a full beard than simply not cutting it for a few months. A big beard is a commitment! It’s one we heartily feel will be worth the effort, but before you set off, you’ll definitely want to be aware of some challenges that may arise during your mission for ultimate beard glory.

Bearded man screaming

It can be a little itchy

It’s true: Beards can feel a little itchy when they first start to grow in. You’ll be happy to know this is simply a passing phase, and the solution is to keep ahead of the itch. With the right routine, you can beat the itch before you even feel it. The Beard Club offers specially formulated Beard Oil and Beard Cream precisely for this purpose—they help keep both your face and your new whiskers moisturized and soft.

As your whiskers grow longer, you’ll want to develop a regular beard grooming and trimming routine. “Trimming” doesn’t necessarily mean cutting it shorter, just keeping things tidy. It’s a bit of preventative maintenance that helps keep the itching to a minimum. You might experience a day or two every once in a while where things get scruffy, and that can lead to some minor irritation. No big deal: Just take out your clippers to shear away the trouble, and don’t be stingy with the Beard Oil.

The itchiness will fade once you get past those first early days. Just like a jet pilot breaking the speed of sound, it can be bumpy at first—but before you know it, you’ll be sailing smoothly. All you need is a bit of time, patience, and a good grooming routine to get you through. And again, there’s no better way to keep those early whiskers comfortable and soft than our All-Natural Original Oil. Work a few drops into your beard when you feel the irritation begin to kick in and let the soothing oils lessen your torment. If Beard Oil isn’t your thing, there’s also our Beard Cream, which helps moisturize your beard and your skin—and leaves it smelling great!

You'll find yourself in a hairy situation

You're a mild-mannered man who keeps his beard in check. You shave every few days, keep your lines sharp, and always present your facial hair in a well-groomed manner. The most cleanup you ever have to tackle comes from a few whiskers left in the sink after trimming. Life is good, and you're looking even better.

Now you’ve decided to upgrade to an epic beard, and you may be surprised by how much clean-up is involved. Maintenance involves shampoos and conditioners, but also vacuum cleaners and brooms. If you’re not careful, you’ll think the amount of hair on your face is only by the hair you leave on the floor, on the couch cushions, and even in bed. It's almost as if your entire house has decided to grow a beard in solidarity!

Shedding is a factor you’ll definitely want to bear in mind when you start gunning to grow a big beard. Pets aren’t the only ones who shed—once your beard enters “fur” territory, you’ll find that you shed, too. The good news is that you can stay ahead of this problem. Once again, Beard Club’s Beard Oil and Beard Cream will help soften your beard and make it less likely to shed. Daily grooming with our all-natural boar-bristle Beard Brush helps prevent your home from becoming a hairy mess, too… and it will prevent your beard from becoming tangled up in itself. Take care of your beard and you’ll never have to worry about finding man-made tumbleweeds behind the sofa cushions.

Bearded man with hands on his temples

You'll be caught in the act

When your facial hair starts reaching the length of mythological gods and comic book heroes, you'll look just as mighty as they do. But you’ll also experience a new challenge: The whole world suddenly seems out to get you. A long beard can get in the way of things you've never even imagined. Even if you think you're 100% aware of where your beard is at all times, it’s tough to keep it from getting stuck in, on, or around something.

As your beard grows out, you may snag it in your jacket’s zipper, close it in the refrigerator door, or accidentally get it caught in another person’s clothing when you go in for a hug. It may sound inane, but the challenge is real. The best you can do is smile and laugh... then make sure to untangle yourself gently!

Honestly, the best advice here is to rely on the greatest teacher of all: Experience. Those first few uncomfortable first encounters with seatbelts and zippers will help you develop an instinct for how to avoid getting your beard pinched or pulled at unexpected moments. And needless to say, Beard Club’s beard care supplies—such as our Beard Cream, Beard Oil, and Beard Brush—will help minimize these unhappy encounters by keeping your hair more pliable and reducing entanglements.

So yes, growing a big beard can be a challenge! From the initial discomfort of new facial hair to the tendency of long facial hair to entangle itself in the environment, it’s best to know what you’re in for. But with a little patience and our expert beard care tips and products, all that effort will pay off with the greatest reward of all: Facial hair that everyone around you will envy. Your beard is a badge of honor and proof of your grooming skills! You've definitely earned it.

What daily struggles have you encountered with your big beard? Hit us up on our social channels and share your stories!