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How To Take Care of a Beard: Quick and Easy Tips for Daily Maintenance

How To Take Care of a Beard: Quick and Easy Tips for Daily Maintenance

Picture this:

You look in the mirror at those bare, lonely beard hairs on your cheeks. They long for some nourishment and hydration. Perhaps it’s time to go full balls to the wall and try to grow a full beard. 

You put in the work, do the daily steps, have the patience of a saint, and before you know it, you’ve got the great beard you’ve dreamed of for years. As you admire your progress, you realize you’ve reached the pinnacle of your life thus far. This beard is your magnum opus. The entire world should be giving you a standing ovation.

It’s true! You deserve praise for that healthy beard. You should be extremely proud of your progress and the effort involved in achieving the beard of your dreams. 

So, now that you’ve gotten there, let’s keep you there! Beard maintenance is essential if you want to keep your facial hair healthy and see it get even thicker, fuller, and softer.

With a few easy and quick tips, we’ll maintain that kick-ass beard. It all starts with using the right products and tools for trimming and daily nourishment. 

How Do You Grow a Healthy Beard?

Having the best beard on the block is no small feat. It takes a lot of work, commitment, and care to make your beard look the way you want. That’s why we at The Beard Club work around the clock to provide you with all of the tools and products you need to get the job done.

Taking care of your beard doesn’t just mean growing hair on your face and using beard wash from time to time. No matter how thick your beard may look, making sure it’s healthy is what matters most — and that starts from the roots (literally).

So, where do you start when you want to grow a healthy beard? Well, simply put, you’ve got to prep. Preparing your facial hair and skin is the first step toward a good beard.

Here are a few tips for beginning to grow that majestic full beard:

Keep Your Face Clean 

One of the biggest roadblocks that may be standing between you and the beard of your dreams is a lackluster skincare regimen.

If your skin isn’t healthy, your facial hair won’t be, either. Skin concerns like acne, dryness, chronic irritation, and ingrown hairs can all seriously affect your beard growth, leaving you with facial hair that looks patchy and half-baked. That’s the opposite of what you want.

Avoiding these skin issues starts with a hard-hitting daily routine. To start, make sure to use a gentle facial wash to remove bacteria, stop the buildup of dead skin cells, and prevent itchiness. In addition, you can exfoliate a few times a week using a gentle exfoliant to slough off dead skin and leave your face smooth.

Finally, make sure to moisturize your skin after washing your face. You can’t grow a proper beard without hydration, and dry skin is often more prone to major issues.

Growth Supplements

Trying out Beard Growth Vitamins can be a quick and easy way to kickstart your beard growth.

Beard Growth Vitamins are full of vitamins and nutrients essential for body and hair growth. When hair follicles are nourished, they’re way better at producing healthy, resilient hairs that fortify a beard and keep it growing.

Use Beard Oil

Beard oil is essential for keeping your beard and skin soft, as well as eliminating tangles and split ends. Keeping your hair and skin soft with beard oil sends waves of hydration into your pores and promotes healthy growth. 

Our Beard Growth Oil works on all beard styles and lengths and will help you get the facial hair of your dreams. Like our signature Beard Growth Vitamins, our Growth Oil is specially formulated to nourish your beard and stimulate your hair follicles.


If you want to keep your outline and beard neat while growing it out, trimming is an absolute must.

Using the PT45 Beard Trimmer, remove any unwanted stray hairs on your cheeks, Adam’s apple, and neckline so that you look as clean as possible. 

You may find that you need to implement trimming into your everyday morning routine to keep those stray hairs at bay. However, some beard growers don’t necessarily need a daily trim to keep the strays in check; a few times a week might suffice.

We know everyone's hair grows differently and not at the same speed, so patience is key. Keep trimming and taming your beard, and your hard work should hopefully pay off.

How Do You Keep Your Beard Healthy?

Once you’ve achieved your beard-growing goals, it’s time to maintain that healthy beard. The tips below will help you consistently nourish and hydrate your beard while styling it to achieve your desired look.

Use Beard Shampoo Often

Continue using your facial cleanser to remove bacteria, but also implement a softening Beard Shampoo too.

Unlike regular shampoo, this beard-specific product does not strip the natural oils from your face. Instead, it conditions your facial hair, leaving it soft and pliable. 

When shampooing your beard, use warm water to open up your pores and soften your skin. Water that is too hot can irritate your face, so we recommend keeping an eye on the temperature to avoid any itching or dryness.

Get Your Beard Dry

As a rule, it’s best to towel-dry your face thoroughly before using any tools. You don’t want to start using a trimmer on a wet face.

If your beard is wet, you can’t exactly tell if your hair is uneven. As a result, you could end up trimming too much — or too little, leaving you looking like a poodle (unless that’s what you’re going for).

Keep Shaping Your Beard

After making sure your hair is completely towel-dried, begin to shape your beard’s outline again. You can use your PT45 trimmer or a Straight Edge Razor to maintain those sharp, clean lines. Either one of these tools can ensure a clean-shaven outline and remove those random hairs on your cheeks and neck.

Trim for Growth

Trimming your beard helps promote proper growth and prevents dryness. Using one of the interchangeable guides from your trimmer, trim your beard to the length you desire and remove some thickness (if need be).

While it might sound counterintuitive, trimming can also promote consistent growth. When you trim, you’re removing split ends that would otherwise hinder growth. So, even though your beard might get (temporarily) shorter when you trim, it’s a worthwhile sacrifice in the long run.

Apply Beard Oil

Now you can apply beard oils (Cedar Beard Oil or Sandalwood Beard Oil) for an enduring scent that also helps prevent breakouts and beard dryness or redness by providing proper hydration.

Next-Level Tips for the Ambitious

If you’ve already implemented the moisturizing tips listed above, it’s time to take your beard care game to the next level. 

Maintaining your beard is something that can be done daily, but what about keeping your beard in place, taming it, or even using your new maintenance skills to create new looks and styles? 

If you’re not sure where to go from here, keep reading. We’re about to share some next-level maintenance and grooming tips for the ambitious beard growers out there.

Hold That Beard

You may have one of those beards that grow unruly stragglers — the flyaway hairs that go in every possible direction. 

If that sounds like you, you’ve been blessed with ample beard growth, but we know all of that growth comes with plenty of struggles. Understandably, you want a way to have your long, voluminous beard without all of the stragglers. Beard oil is an excellent tool in this case, but beard balm may be even better.

Our Beard Balms have the same scents as our oils (Cedar Beard Balm and Sandalwood Beard Balm) and have the same properties as them as well. The key difference is the hold that beard balm provides. 

Just use the back of your thumbnail or index fingernail to scrape a small amount of the balm onto your palm, rub your palms together for a few seconds, then evenly apply throughout your beard. You can use our Beard Comb or Beard Brush to distribute the balm and smooth your beard for an orderly and elegant beard.

Tame That Beard

Want to try a new style, but your beard or ‘stache isn’t cooperating? Nothing is impossible! We’ve got you covered.

We’ve gone through how to use oil and balm, but let’s talk beard wax. This beard care product is the perfect way to shape and tame your beard or mustache into any style.

Handlebar mustache? You got it. Want to be creative and go for a forked beard? No problem. Wax can get you these looks and more. It will keep your shape and hold all day without any irritation, all while taming your beard to naturally take the shape you desire.

Maintain Your Dream Beard

You need a strong foundation to grow your beard and maintain it properly. The Deluxe Grooming Kit has all the essentials listed above and more to help you get the beard you want — and groom it to perfection. Depending on the way your facial hair grows, daily maintenance is a must for a sharp look. We know it will take dedication, but it’s worth it.

With our tips for growing your beard, maintaining it, and taking its look and feel to new heights, you’re set up for success. We know that not all beards are the same, and everyone has different preferences. Whatever look you want, we’re here to enhance your beard and give it the look you’ve always wanted. 


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