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How To Trim Chest and Stomach Hair: Grooming Guide for Men

How To Trim Chest and Stomach Hair: Grooming Guide for Men


Growing some hair on your chest is a sign that you’re becoming a real man. But sometimes, it can start to feel (and look) a little too overwhelming for your own good. 

Go from caveman to shaved man with ease with this grooming guide for shaving those wiry chest and belly hairs.

Why Do We Have Chest Hair?

Evolution: Nature’s Stylist

When you look back at paintings and depictions of men back in prehistoric times, the one thing that pretty much all of them have in common is that they are covered in hair. At one point, this obscene amount of hair is the purpose of keeping the body cool in warm climates and warm in cold climates.

Your hair still has that function today. When you sweat, it adheres to your hair and helps you cool down your skin more quickly. On the flip side, your hair works to insulate your body when it is cold out, providing you with a nice layer of heat.

Evolution is pretty prompt at getting rid of features we no longer need, and ever since the invention of clothes, body hair has started to dwindle down since we don’t need nearly as much of it. Still, some men have chest hair that seems to protrude from all over.

Genetics: Major Influencer

The amount of chest hair you have is mostly due to genetics. So if your dad and your grandfather both had some fluffy chests, there’s a great chance you will too.

Chest Hair: Matchmaker Extraordinaire

Chest hair may help you attract a mate. While not everyone loves the appearance of a hairy chest, your body hair does allow you to make use of your pheromones. Pheromones are a chemical that is secreted by the body that certain individuals may find sexually attractive. Your pheromones latch onto your hair and help your scent extend even further.

Should It Stay, or Should It Go?

While there are plenty of benefits to having body hair, there are plenty of benefits to having none at all. Namely, shaving all of your hair can give you more pronounced muscles and make you look more physically attractive in the modern day. 

How To Trim Your Chest Correctly

Giving your chest a trim isn’t as easy as firing up the trimmer and going at it. There are a few things to know before you go:

Select Your Trim Length

Select which size blade you want to use on your trimmer. This will decide how much hair you want to take off. In some circumstances, you might only want to trim a little at a time. If that’s the case, go with a higher razor head to get your hair a bit shorter. If you want a super close shave, just use the bare blade itself during your trim.


Take a shower to soften the wiry, curly chest hairs and make it easier for you to remove the hair. If you use our Body and Groin Trimmer, you can even accomplish this task in the shower since the trimmer is entirely waterproof.

Showering helps remove dirt and oil to make it easier to trim without your trimmer getting caught on bumps or skin. Plus, it clears pores and makes it overall more efficient as you start your shaving session.

Be Gentle

Even though our Body and Groin Trimmer uses skin-safe technology to help prevent nicks, you still want to take some care to make sure that you’re safely trimming from start to finish. This is especially true as you start to shave around your nipples.

Your nipples are bumpy and lumpy compared to your skin and are a lot more sensitive. This means that if you’re not careful, you run the risk of nicking them. Use gentle, small strokes, trimming away from the nipples once you reach that section of the chest.

When trimming the belly, you’ll want to shave all the way down to the waistline so that there are no extra long hairs protruding from your shorts or bathing suit at the beach or the pool. As you’re shaving around your belly button, use this time to get in there and give it a good clean (since we know you probably haven’t cleaned it out in a while).

Most people can stop after a trim, but if you’re determined to get that baby-smooth look, then you can take a razor and get even deeper. Lather on some shaving gel beforehand to moisturize the area and make it easier for the razor to glide over your body. Also, rinse the blade often.

Best Trimmer for Chest Hair

The technique you use to trim your chest hair is important, but the trimmer you use might be even more essential. You want a trimmer that is gentle enough to cause no harm, but you also want one that is effective enough to get the job done.

Bear Club’s Beard and Groin Hair Trimmer can help you look your best in half the time. With interchangeable magnetic heads, you can get precision trimming in every single area of the body with a quick blade swap. Plus, its waterproof design lets you get the job done in both wet and dry conditions, inside and outside of the shower.

It uses skin-sensitive technology to help you get around those sensitive areas, like your nipples, with ease and comfort. Also, over two hours of battery life means a cord won’t limit you as you try to reach every area of your chest, stomach, and all over.

Discover your best self with 15% off and a free item after you take the beard quiz and get your personalized beard care plan. Join the club to start feeling and looking like the best version of you.

Other Ways To Trim Your Chest Hair

Using an electric trimmer is by far the safest and most effective way to get the hair off your front side.

If you want to get a closer shave or if you want something that takes a tad less work, there are some other options.

Wax Removal

Wax removal has major benefits in that it can get the closest shave compared to trimming and using a razor. This is because it rips hair directly out of the follicles, giving you some of the smoothest skin possible.

If you’ve ever seen the 40-Year-Old Virgin, then you already know what you might be in for when it comes to getting your hair removed via waxing. Waxing is uncomfortable, to say the least. If you decide to get waxed, we recommend getting help from someone else who won’t be afraid to “rip off the bandaid” and make your experience end just as soon as it started.

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams are the easiest ways to remove hair from your body. These work by breaking down the protein structures of your hair, dissolving their base, and making them weak enough to be wiped away with just your hands alone.

While depilatory creams work fast, they might do more harm than good. This is because they may actually increase the number of hair follicles you have in the first place. So it’s possible that if you use hair removal creams, you’ll grow more hair extra quickly the next time around.

In Conclusion

Your chest is one of the first things someone will notice when you rip your shirt off at the beach or at the pool. And if it’s shrouded in wiry, curly hair, then it might not help you land the partner of your dreams. All it takes is time and patience for you to get the perfect trim.

Use an electric trimmer to get the job done, using gentle strokes (especially around the nipples). And if you need a closer shave, be sure to moisturize and use shaving cream before getting in there with a razor.

Lastly, use a product built with body hair in mind. Our body and groin trimmer from The Beard Club is the end result of years of research and innovation. With magnetic removable blade heads, two hours of battery life, and skin-sensitive no-nick technology, it’s a standout trimmer for every occasion.


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