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How To Use a Loofah With Body Wash

How To Use a Loofah With Body Wash

A loofah is an underestimated tool in most men’s bathrooms. You receive one from a loved one at Christmastime, only to cast it aside to the dark corners of the shower, never to be touched again. Perhaps some men think it’s too feminine of a bathroom product. The frills and puffiness make them cringe.

That’s a mistake. A loofah can completely change your body cleansing routine, taking things up a notch and leaving you cleaner than you ever thought possible. It’s not just another body scrubber like a wet rag or body sponge. It’s cleaner, easier, and more efficient than any other option available to you.

This unassuming tool carries the power to transform your skin into a soft, vibrant, shining landscape that looks cleaner and smells even better. At The Beard Club, our expertise isn’t just with beards. We know everything there is to know about grooming for men, from head to toe.

A Natural History of the Loofah

The name “loofah” originates from a plant with the same name (or at least a homophone of it). The luffa vegetable plant has been used for centuries by various cultures for everything from food to medicine to skincare to cleaning delicate surfaces. Now, it’s a staple in the shower.

The coarse texture of the luffa plant led to their use for sloughing off dead skin cells. Today’s loofahs are rarely made from the luffa plant, but the concept remains the same. While the plant is a great place to start, the dried luffa vegetable plant is a bit too coarse for human skin. That’s why scientists invented a synthetic version that caters better to sensitive skin, ensuring a powerful yet gentle scrub.

This modern loofah maximizes the benefits of body washes and soaps. It’s a classic, timeless form of scrubbing combined with modern, efficient engineering for the best outcome. Our offerings take this to a whole other level.

Why Does Every Man Need a Loofah?

Our beards can only cover so much of our bodies. This is why we need to take care of grooming every inch of the body, too. Whether it’s manscaping with a Body & Groin Trimmer or cleansing with a loofah, we’ve got you covered. Don’t stop at your chin.

The Art of Exfoliation

Beyond the invigorating sensation of scrubbing away the day’s grime, there are major health benefits to exfoliating with a loofah. In shedding that top layer of dead skin cells, you’re rejuvenating the skin’s surface and allowing for healthier skin growth.

The Dangers of Neglecting Exfoliation

We’re not just here to tell you all the benefits of using a loofah. We also want to make clear the dangers that come with neglecting exfoliation. 

If you’ve ever dealt with face acne, you know that cleaning your face is necessary to avoid breakouts. It’s the same with your body, so picture that loofah as your best tool for fighting body acne. If you don’t exfoliate, the trapped dirt and oil in your pores may very well make you pay for it.

Gentle Power of the Loofah

The modern loofah keeps sensitive skin in mind and allows for a gentler cleansing than its namesake. Contrary to popular belief, soft and vibrant skin doesn’t require aggressive scrubbing or harsh exfoliants. A cleansing ritual that involves a loofah leads to luxuriously smooth skin without any redness or irritation.

How Should You Use a Loofah With Body Wash?

How To Use a Loofah With Body Wash

You have every reason to invest in a loofah and body wash, so it’s time to explain how the two work hand-in-hand. Master this ritual, and you’ll master softer, more rejuvenated skin whenever you want for the rest of your life.

  1. First and foremost, thoroughly wet the loofah so you can see water droplets throughout its entirety.
  2. Once saturated, pour a generous dollop of body wash directly onto the loofah. 
  3. Rub the body wash into the loofah until a thick lather has built up.
  4. Scrub your body in circular motions and gently as you need. The pressure should typically be firm enough to exfoliate but gentle enough to avoid irritation.
  5. Focus on your arms and legs first before scrubbing your front and back.
  6. Rinse off the loofah to get rid of any potential soap buildup.
  7. Rinse off your entire body with lukewarm to cool water.
  8. After you dry off, don’t forget to moisturize with your choice of lotion!

The Impeccable Quality and Thoughtful Design of Our Loofah

We strive for impeccable quality and thoughtful design in every one of our products. Our loofah is no exception to this golden rule, and you’ll be glad to know it holds up to all of our other products.

This Loofah Is Made With Soft, Effective Materials

Our loofah’s design marries together the best of both worlds: thorough cleansing and gentle touch. The synthetic materials used in the loofah’s construction are safe for your skin and mimic the exfoliation of the luffa vegetable plant.

This Loofah Is Where Durability Meets Conservation

At The Beard Club, we understand you’re eco-conscious, and we are committed to helping you keep to those convictions while still giving your body the attention it deserves. Our loofah is crafted to be long-lasting, so you won’t have to frequently replace it. Its eco-friendly nature aligns with your conscience by minimizing waste and championing sustainability.

This Inclusive Loofah Can Be Used By Anyone

Whether you work from home, in the office, or outside all day long, our loofah can fit your needs. It’s universal in usage and can tackle rough, weathered skin as well as soft, sensitive skin. And it’s perfectly fine for women’s skin as well! You and your girlfriend can share if neither of you are germaphobic.

The Perfect Partner for Your Loofah: Body Wash

Behind every man is a great body wash. The ingredients are everything, and not just for health reasons. The right body wash can be the difference between a second date with the girl of your dreams and her ghosting you because when she went in for that goodnight hug, she did not love what she smelt.

Choose a Body Wash With the Right Ingredients

The right body wash starts with the right ingredients. You need options that will clean, soothe, and moisturize your skin, along with smelling great. Here are our top picks:

  • Jojoba Oil: You see this ingredient a lot across many of our products, and that’s because it’s not just another ingredient. Jojoba oil is hydrating and quenches your skin's thirst while also helping combat dandruff.
  • Olive Oil: This oil doesn’t have to stay around the waters of the Mediterranean. It can also stay around the waters of your bathroom! Apart from offering a deep cleanse in every use, it’s historically known to contain age-defying properties.
  • Coconut Oil: To finish out the trifecta, we have coconut oil. This ingredient helps replenish as well as retain moisture. That’s why it’s so popular in many lotions. Also, who doesn’t love the subtle scent of a coconut?

Choose a Body Wash With an Unforgettable Scent

Speaking of scent, we don’t solely rely on the subtleties of coconut. Many of the other ingredients in our product help create that pleasant scent, but we also tap into a secret fragrance that brings out the masculine side of you. Your colognes and body sprays might just be redundant after using our body wash, so don’t waste your money on them.

Stop Waiting, Get a Loofah and Body Wash Already

Gone are the days when men's grooming is simply an afterthought. We’re proponents of holistic care here at The Beard Club. We recognize that your cleanliness and grooming needs to extend beyond that luscious mane you’ve been growing on your face.

Take care of your body by giving it the products it deserves. Comprehensive, luxurious self-care tailored for the modern man is just a click away, and we hope you’ll join our community that spans across the globe.

Get off the sidelines, grab your loofah and body wash, and join The Beard Club revolution.


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