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How To Use Beard Oil: Amount and Frequency

How To Use Beard Oil: Amount and Frequency

Welcome to the inner circle of beard mastery, courtesy of The Beard Club. We're about elevating your beard to legendary status. 

We want your beard to go from just "there" to "there it is!" That's where beard oil enters the chat. It's an essential tool in your arsenal for that sleek, healthy-looking beard that commands attention. 

Whether you're battling the wild bristles of the untamed or nurturing the sophisticated suave of the refined, beard oil is your go-to for a beard that looks and feels as good as you do on your best day.

Why Use Beard Oil?

Beard oil isn't just another step in your grooming routine — it's a game changer. Here’s why every bearded gent should have this elixir on their bathroom shelf:

  • Hydration: Beard oil moisturizes both your beard and the skin underneath, preventing the dreaded beardruff and keeping your facial forest lush and comfortable.
  • Itch and Irritation Reliever: Say goodbye to the incessant scratch-fest. Beard oil soothes the skin beneath your beard, tackling irritation head-on.
  • Style and Shine: Beyond health, beard oil adds a touch of class, giving your beard a subtle shine and making it more manageable for styling.

How To Use Beard Oil

How To Use Beard Oil: Amount and Frequency

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of applying beard oil, ensuring your beard goes from looking "meh" to "heck yeah" in no time.

Step 1. Clean Slate

Every great beard oil journey begins in the shower. Kick things off by thoroughly cleaning your beard with our Beard Shampoo. It's crafted to clean without stripping away those essential natural oils, setting the perfect stage for beard oil application.

Step 2. Dry It Right

Gently pat your beard dry with a towel after the wash. You're aiming for damp, not wet — this is the sweet spot for beard oil application, helping the oil spread evenly and absorb effectively.

Step 3. Pour, Rub, Apply

Pour a few drops of beard oil into your palm. Think "less is more." Warm it between your hands. it's like you're about to give your beard a spa treatment it never knew it needed.

Step 4. Get to the Root of It

Work the oil into your beard with your fingers, touching the skin. It's not just the hair that needs love but the skin underneath too. Massage it in — your beard should feel like it's being treated to a five-star dinner.

Step 5. Style It Up

Grab our Beard Brush and work your way through that magnificent mane. Spread the oil evenly, ensuring every strand gets a piece of the action.

How Often Should You Use Beard Oil?

The frequency of your beard oil application plays a huge role in maintaining that lustrous mane. It's not one-size-fits-all: It's tailored to your lifestyle, your beard, and, yes, even your environment.

  • Short Beards: Just starting out with a beard? A daily dab will do. It keeps things soft and lays down a foundation for healthy growth.
  • Medium Beards: Got some length? Your beard's thirst starts to increase. Morning and night applications keep it quenched and happy.
  • Full Beards: For the Gandalfs among us, your beard requires more oil to maintain its majesty. Twice a day keeps the dryness away, especially in harsh climates.

How Much Beard Oil To Use

Ever poured way too much hot sauce on your taco? Yeah, we're not letting that happen to your beard. 

Here's how to get the amount just right:

  • Starting Out: A few drops are your best friend. Your skin and beard are still getting used to the new guest.
  • Getting There: As your beard grows, so does its need for oil. A dime-sized amount should suffice for that medium length.
  • The Full Monty: Rocking a full beard? A quarter-sized dollop is your starting point. Work it in and see if you need more.

Remember, beard oil is strong stuff. Start small, you can always add, but you can't subtract.

What Are the Types of Beard Oil?

How To Use Beard Oil: Amount and Frequency

Picking out beard oils can feel like being a kid in a candy store — exciting yet overwhelming. 

At The Beard Club, we've curated a selection to cater to every beard's needs. Let's discuss our top picks and determine which elixir will elevate your beard game.

Cedar Beard Oil

For the man who thrives outdoors and appreciates the raw essence of nature. Our Beard Oil is like a wilderness retreat for your beard.

Infused with the earthy scent of cedar, this oil tames and deeply conditions your beard, leaving it with a natural, woodsy aroma that's hard to resist. It's perfect for those looking to keep their beard soft, shiny, and smelling like a walk through the forest.

Sandalwood Beard Oil

Imagine the smooth, rich notes of sandalwood enveloping your beard with every application. Our Sandalwood Beard Oil epitomizes sophistication, designed for the refined gentleman. 

On top of its luxurious scent, it’s also packed with nourishing ingredients to moisturize your beard and skin underneath, ensuring your mane stays as suave as your personality.

Beard Growth Oil

On a quest for fuller, thicker facial hair? Enter our Beard Growth Oil. Think of it as fertilizer for your face garden. This blend encourages growth, soothes hair follicles, and protects our face against itchiness. 

It's your go-to for accelerating your beard's journey from patchy to plentiful, ensuring every strand thrives to its fullest potential.

Beard Oil Tips for the Perfect Mane

Discovering the full potential of your beard oil routine means going beyond just the basics. 

Here are some pro tips to ensure your beard gets VIP treatment:

  • Timing is Everything: Apply beard oil when your pores are most receptive, ideally after a hot shower. The steam opens up your pores, allowing the oil to penetrate deeply.
  • Combination Play: Don't shy away from mixing oils. Our Cedar and Sandalwood Beard Oils can be combined for a scent that's uniquely yours, plus the benefits of both.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Adapt your beard oil use to the seasons. Winter calls for more frequent applications to combat dry air, while summer might need a lighter touch.
  • Patch Test: Especially when trying a new oil, do a patch test to ensure your skin agrees with the blend. Better safe than sorry.
  • Listen to Your Beard: Pay attention to how your beard responds. It’ll tell you if it’s thirsty for more or if you’re going overboard.


At The Beard Club, we understand that a great beard results from dedication, care, and the right products. From the invigorating scent of Cedar to the sophistication of Sandalwood and the growth-promoting prowess of our Beard Growth Oil, we offer the essentials to elevate your beard from good to legendary.

Remember, the secret to a majestic beard lies not just in the oil you choose but in how you use it. Embrace the ritual, revel in the routine, and watch as your beard transforms into a testament to your style and dedication.

Welcome to the club — where every day is a good beard day.


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