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10 Video Game Characters With Amazing Beards

10 Video Game Characters With Amazing Beards

There have been a lot of great video game characters to grace our screens and an even greater amount of great beards in video games. In the realm of gaming, beards are definitely not under-represented. These are some great beards and mustaches that stand out for our most beloved characters. Our characters would be incomplete without their facial locks. Here are the 10 best video game characters with beards.

Barret Wallace

bearded Barret Wallace character
The Final Fantasy series has some really out-there storylines and equally compelling characters. The seventh iteration of this series for example, follows an amnesic genetically engineered super soldier and his gang of rebel freedom fighters. Our beardless leader is Cloud and he wields a sword that is about twice his size. One of the first guys Cloud and the player meets is Barret. He's a no nonsense leader of an eco-terrorist group called AVALANCHE. Barret is brash and ready for a fight to protect his world. He also has a machine gun for an arm. After an accident  — a badass fighting one at that — in his home town, he decided to replace his hand with a gun.

Captain Price

bearded captain price
Our favorite guide from the Call of Duty franchise. With his British wit and superior gunsmen skill, he’s led countless first person shooters through the terrors of modern warfare. Sporting a hearty mustache and a mean pair of mutton chops – this is someone you’ll want by your side in-game.  


bearded Olaf character
In the immensely popular game League of Legends, Olaf stands as a champion with a hell of a Viking beard. Reigning from the fjords of mythical viking lands, he’s a warrior through and through. Not to mention he’s a rarity with a ginger beard that covers most of his face that flies madly about from underneath his helmet. A bearded warrior like this wishes for nothing but glory and honor in the battlefield.

Guan Yu

bearded dynasty warriors
Nicknamed “Beautiful Beard” by his in-game peers, Guan Yu is the powerful general of the Shu empire. Based off of a real warrior in ancient China, Guan Yu in the Dynasty Warrior series is a revered and respected fighter. Towering over his opponents and clean shaven counterparts, Guan Yu seems more god than man. If you see that cleaving Guando coming your way - a six foot long metal pole with a heavy blade attached to it - well then say goodnight.

Cranky Kong

donkey kong characters
The eponymous bearded grandfather of Donkey Kong has made a number of appearances throughout the game’s long-running franchise. With his long flowing grey beard and ever-present temper, this bearded monkey isn’t one to be trifled with.   


Mario mustache
Hey ah... it's ah Mario! It's your favorite plumber Mario. While he doesn't have a beard per say, his mustache makes up for it. This character has been with us for three decades and before you know it will be almost 40 years old! There really isn't a gamer out there who hasn't played Mario in one of his many forms. Mario is a classic man and also one of the prototypical heroes in our early gaming generations. He was our favorite character to outrun ghosts with and race to save the princess. Later you fought with him against other legendary characters and spun him out countless of times on the Super Mario Racetrack. This is a character that will be with us for many years to come.


bearded Muradin character
In a game that’s filled with video game legends, stretching from the vast multi-game lore of Blizzard Entertainment, it was no easy decision to pick just one bearded character. But in Heroes of the Storm, the dwarf Mountain King Muradin reigns supreme. With a beard reaching down literally to the floor, Muradin wields both a battle axe and a hammer. Hailing from the Warcraft universe, Muradin instructed and taught other legends of the land. He now fights in the Heroes universe slaying his enemies with a wild stunning jump throughout the battlefield.


bearded Zangief character
Another one that we're kicking it back old school. Zangief was part of the massive armada of fighters in various Street Fighter games. He's an absolute beast made of pure muscle. Legend has it his beard could fight off leagues of his own. Zangief is one of the most popular characters among many gaming audiences and he's a cornerstone to the Street Fighter franchise. His beard style is simple and well groomed above the chin. Like many of our best characters of all time, this isn't a guy you'd like to mess with.


bearded Kratos character
The god slaying Kratos, of the God of War series is not one to be trifled with. As he decimates the gods of the world, he does so while rocking one of the meanest beards around. Pair that with his bald head and red striped mark split through his face… well you know you’ve got trouble on your hands.


bearded trevor philipps character

In the wildly popular and what’s considered one of the most popular games of all time, Grand theft Auto V, allows you to play as Trevor. One of the craziest characters to ever come our way was none other than Trevor Phillips. While he doesn't have a beard when you first meet him, the player has the option to equip him with a bushy facial forest. This crazed psychopath will look all the more menacing. Feel free to free fall from a helicopter mowing down the denizens of San Andreas, while Trevor manically enjoys every minute of it. We all love a good cop chase down GTA boulevard. Trevor is your best player to use when you're ready to cause some mayhem. Trevor is voiced by a phenomenal actor , Steven Ogg, who’s appeared on popular shows like The Walking Dead and Westworld.